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9/28/2014 c2 3FanficLovingPerson
man fuck those people who call Samus a lot just because she stonger
9/19/2014 c1 Piper
I understand Lucina. :D I've had friends that have a twin of the opposite gender, people started bullying her. A LOT. Poor thing, Anyway, I LOVE THIS STORY! You continue to amaze me !
Yes, I am the Piper that commmented on your Kid Icarus Story involving Kite/The Blackhawk ((I'll think of the name eventually xD))
9/18/2014 c10 alcamoth
Other character?
Duck Hunt Dog.
9/18/2014 c10 7KirbyKnight65
Great ending! i will review your further stories :D
9/14/2014 c9 Guest
9/13/2014 c9 KirbyKnight65
god dammit marth XD
9/13/2014 c9 alcamoth
One more chapter?!
So in the next chapter...
1. Lucina dies.
2. Ike (or someone) comes in and saves the day or somethin'?!
9/11/2014 c4 Kairu08
Love this story so far. Feel so bad for Lucina. Anyways I don't really mind clones being in, I like characters even if they have the same move set.
9/7/2014 c8 KirbyKnight65
damn cliffhangers! XD Great chapter! Cant wait to see whats next
9/7/2014 c8 alcamoth
Link, the Hero of Time, always knowing what time it is. Haha! XD
And is the kidnapper Marth?
Watch it be someone completely random like Meta Knight or something.
8/30/2014 c7 alcamoth
8/30/2014 c7 9LadyLucina28
8/30/2014 c7 1Darth Sinox
im betting that the kidnapper is Marth. he doesn't want another clone, so hes trying to get rid of Lucina.
8/30/2014 c7 7KirbyKnight65
people who complain about ooc are stupid! its FanFiction! You dont have to freaking write how the characters really are! continue how you write pitta
8/24/2014 c6 2MelissaChao
This story is just...it's not a bad idea, just really bad characterization for certain characters. I know you already addressed this but maybe for future reference?
Marth, for one, isn't one who would turn away any help people woild offer him. In his games, he tries getting everybody and anybody to help him in his quest. Hell, he even hires the guy that fell in love with his to-be wife. But even if he sees someone as an enemy, he'd try pleading with them to join him even as they refuse his offer, as seen with Camus. And for a further look into his character to ppdsibly give you more insight, he's not always serious. He only ever is when speaking with Nyna, and even then he continues to joke around.
Lucina is a huge Marth fangirl. It's obvious because one, she walked around dressed as and calling herself Marth, two, she is striving to be as strong as Marth, and three, she constantly references the Hero-King Marth. I'm confused as to why she's so confused to see him. When confronted with a problem, she wouldn't run away or cry, she'd face it head-on and tackle it. And her joining because she needed someone to care for her? I don't know if you know this but Lucina's younger brother would be the one they should be watching rather than Lucina.
Link was so OOC it hurt. Link wouldn't be the one to swear. He's a silent character and judging from the new Hyrule Warriors stuff, he's a bit cocky. But throughout all his games, everyone agrees that he's a bit of a dork from all his actions and reactions.
But the writing and grammar is really good for someobe who's first language isn't English.
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