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1/21/2015 c1 black pearl
Really good beginning. I would advise you to expand upon the different powers because to me that was the most captivatig part of the story. This fic has potential. To me its success depends largely on where you'll take it from here as well as the character development. Keep up the good work.
9/24/2014 c3 magiosnicata88
That was a great chapter, but what confused me were those two siblings how didn't they get cought? I mean they practicaly made out witch is a little grous and where is otime-chan going? Rebekah on the other hand picess me off a little bit i hope kana-chan isn't going to be bullyed in the future! I'm waiting for the next chapter! :3
9/15/2014 c3 7Rose Rain 7
( and who said Illusion is Yoru, it might be someone else or not you will have to wait and see. )

:O it could not be him? Vima-chan! Nuuu, you can't do this to me.

(I'm afraid so they have started to move again those monsters, his bright red eyes narrowing angrily as the memories from the day's events.)

What the heck happened? Monsters? O.o I'm scared.

(What do you mean they are moving, do you mean Nue and Dark?)

Omg Nue! Of course! But who is Dark?

(Goodnight brother I really wish you would stop being so cold-hearted.)

Awwww :( I think that Yoru just wants to protect Rikuo.

(he knew his weakness that he was a human and he couldn't do anything to help his clan, he was a helpless, pathetic human that couldn't lift a finger against youkai. )

Wait! So Yoru is a yokai and Rikuo is a human? This story ain't normal that for sure.

(I got in the car and she looked at me with tears in her as she spoke)

What's wrong with her?

(I don't want you to ask me why, just know that I am doing this on my own your father has no idea what I'm planning .)

Why is Otome leaving here too :(

(Um yeah. She answered not catching the aggressive tone in her voice.)

This girl is up to no good U.U

(Fan club, Asked Kana blankly.)

Don't! Why does she want her to join a fan club anyway? ಠ_ಠ the only logical reason I can think of is that she will become any easy target that way.

(Like Awashima… She didn't even think about it…A dark aura covered her face, then you aren't allowed to talk to them.)

*sighs* obsessive fan girl alert!

(Rebekah's eyes burned with hatred towards the girl. You are not allowed to talk ill about either of them.)

Well, such a nice welcoming friend?

(She ignored it and placed her hands together with glimmering eyes: Ohoooooooo its okay Shoei-kun I accept your apology.)

AND she is a creep. Stay away from her, Kana!

Chapter review: Okay, what's with those two siblings that were hiding? They even kissed each other ewww. They basically made out so I expected them to get caught since they are in the enemy based but they didn't -_- does the Nura clan lack some security? They might need to consider installing some surveillance cameras around. And it seems like Rikuo and Yoru had some bad blood before they met Kana. I guess they are not getting along because of the human slash yokai stuff. I think that Kana will only tear them apart more lol

Rebekah on the other hand is a different story. The fact she have power means that she is an important member of the club *shiver* she is not safe! I can smell bullying in the future. Gee, I better prepare some weapon for the next few chapters.

I'll be waiting for the next update :3
9/11/2014 c3 8xLollipopLovex
Hey there, thanks for reviewing my fanfic, I Miss You To Death! :) And so, I'm finally here to read yours too!

First of all, I think that this story has an interesting plot to it. Zen and Shoei are attending high school too, that surprised me! And there's Yamabuki and Yoru too! And who is Star anyway? She kissed Yoru and calls him brother? Will I be able to find out more about her in the future chapters? Moreover, Yoru is Rikuo's night form right? You split them apart. :)

Try to proof read every chapter first before updating and I think you'll be fine. Overall this is a great story! I can't wait for the next one! :D
9/7/2014 c3 1vampireprincess141
D.T-chan,THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEW * blows kisses*,Trust me when i tell you that you wont find Rebekah funny at all when i post the other chapters or tsurara and some other characters, You will want to strangle them... because they are really going to do something really bad things to Kana-chan,and unfortunately rikuo will believe them instead of our favorite character Kana (pleas kana-fans dont't kill me yet i need to finish this story!)
Like i mentioned Dark and Star are siblings and they are going to be the evil characters in this story well at least until Nuse shows up.. AND YES THERE ARE Gonna be ALOT OF LEMONS In This Story, But i wont reveal between who it's WAY TOO EARLY FOR THAT ! Well Shoei, Zen, Kejoro and Awashima wil all be a part of the next chapters and yess they are my most favorite characters afte dark rikuo and kana! These are the tips I'm writing to you D.T-chan and Enyone else that wants to learn a little bit more about the upcoming chapters. :) :) :)
9/6/2014 c3 4Awesome D.T
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Shoei-kun, Kejoro-chan, Zen and Reira . . . . .
SO MANY AWESOME CHARACTERS! *w* Your fic is so fun to read!
Ne ne, will there be a lemon scene? ;)
Dark and Star? Who're THEY?!
EWWWWW! Incest alert!
Otome-chan, where are you going?
Hmm, feels like the happy days won't last forever. TT-TT
Rebekah is so funny XD
8/26/2014 c2 7Rose Rain 7
Yo :3 wassup! XD you could have copied chapter 2 part and gave it in another chapter even if it was late :P

Chapter 2

(Only after a few hours I will be meeting the most famous and successful people in the world the Nura family.)

Time to look fabulous!

(there were all kinds of shelves and things that could fit the queen of England herself.)

LOL Queen of England *smiles*

(But like I mentioned it's a really old legend and nothing more.)

I wonder if it really is just a legend o.o

(Okay dad chill there not going to kill you for being late 5 min.)

B-but it's better if they come on time! If they came late, it won't leave a good first impression on the Nura family lol

(Nurarihyon sitting at the head of the table with Rihan and Yoru beside him waiting impatiently.)

I knew it xD they came late didn't they? And I expected Rihan to be as patient as Nurarihyon.

(Good afternoon my name is Ienaga Itaku and this is my daughter Ienaga Kana.)

*Spits out everything* WAIT! ITAKU AS IN ITAKU? :O or some stranger? Oh gee... O.O Itaku...

(- So I hear you can fix anything when you put your mind to it, is that true ienaga-san?

- Yes I can fix almost anything cars, computers, laptops you name it and I can repair it.

- Tell me are you any good with these devices?

- Yes I can use them.)

Is that even possible :O? lol I need to be like him!

(The two models started walking towards us and I panicked in my mind)

O.o models? *chuckles* I should have expected nothing less from him.

(That is when he finally spoke and the intense silence was broken.

- It's nice to finally meet you Ienaga Kana.)

*scared* I have a feeling that this will turn out really bad...

Chapter review: Phew! Nothing bad happened... at least not now.

We're finally meeting the Nura clan *-* but I feel like it was a bit rushed ._. Putting that aside, it seems like Kana would be attending their school o.o I don't have a good feeling about this! I'm sure these two have fan girls that will chase after her if she became to close to the brothers *shivers* they might even bully her for it! Hope she survive it. Oh well, good chapter.

Chapter 3

(I don't know why, but I always liked the rain, it's like it had the power to wash away all the guilt, pain and to end all of the suffering.)

I love this line! It's soooo true. I always felt like that for rain.

(I got up and hugged my dad; the emotions were too much for me to hold on too, so I let them go and started sobbing quietly.)

Awwww :'(

(After hearing those words we both started crying.)

Geez these two ;-; they are going to make me cry with them.

(It does not matter who I am or what I'm doing here, what matters is why you are in my dream?)

Lol WUT! what is he talking about! Isn't he just a dream illusion or something?

(You can call me Illusion and I'm here because I needed to see you, to feel you.)

*raises an eyebrow* feel you? XD this sounds wrong *coughs*

(You are what I want, what I need and what I desire, remember this you are MINE, and never forget that.)

WTF! He just claimed her his? No, don't touch my girl! *slaps him away* he just want her body HPM *angry*

(Thank goodness it was only a dream.)

I wonder how much of it was actually a dream...

(After forty-five minutes I had put on a sleeveless ocean blue cocktail dress that stopped at my ankles, black heels and a pair of dark earing and my silver bracelet for good luck.)

Isn't she dressed to freely? O.o I would love to go to such school!

(Good morning kana-chan, you look amazing. Are you excited about the new school?)

First day of school is always exciting!

(Yes, but I think I'm more worried than excited. *I hope they like me*)

It sad how she is worried over it.

(Oh he had a little bit of work with dad and grandpa so he is going to be late for school, the principal already knows so it's okay.)

Why is he working at such a young age o.O?

(what danger could be possibly hidden within these walls?)

More than you could possible think.

(Bye see you soon kana-chan, he kissed my left cheek and ran off.)

Good job, Rikuo ;) you learned well xD

Chapter review: This story have potential! I think the most important part right now is putting quotation mark whenever they are talking so we can know that they are talking :) This is step one for improvement! Along the way I'll help you through it.

Anyway, the story is really good! It seems like the family is still affected by Kana's mother death :( seeing them cry was emotional. It's good to know that they are not holding it back anymore, letting those tears free once in awhile is good for them.

One of the MOST unpredictable part I have read in many stories was her meeting Yoru in her dream. I swear I didn't expect that. This isn't a normal high school story! There is more depth in it than I thought. This is so interesting... so they will be communicating through their dream? That would be really COOL! but Yoru is scaring me. It looks like he doesn't care about her at all. He may hurt her in the future... stay away from him Kana-chan!

Rikuo is kind in here. He seems like your normal kid that you can date. Him kissing Kana was cute! *-* I'm looking forward to the next chapter!)
8/16/2014 c2 4Awesome D.T
Rikuo! Don't you dare try to steal Kana-chan from Yoru! (Though actually, I don't mind if she even ends up with you XD)
Why do I feel this is not a NORMAL highschool fic and there is some danger lurking in the air? -_-
Ah, friends! Thank Goodness Kana-chan isn't bullied!
8/16/2014 c1 Awesome D.T
A new story to the RikuKana fandom!
*checks the name of the author* OMG! It's you, Vam-chan!
Ah, a highschool fic! If I'm not wrong, this is the only RikuKana highschool fic!
Ah, Rikuo and Yoru! I like what you've done with them! It' very creative!
Looking forward to this!
8/8/2014 c2 magiosnicata88
You have a good story, keep up the good work. Nexxxttt! 3
8/8/2014 c2 R.M
There are some mistakes , but I like it :) I'll continue reading your stories :)
7/30/2014 c1 7Rose Rain 7
Omg girl! You finally decided to write one? :3 you know I'm reading this! *-*

(ever since we lost mom things haven't been so easy for the both us.)

Awwww :( it will be okay!

(I looked a little a bit petrified to see a big apartment with ten bedrooms in it.)

10 bedrooms? Holy crap! I thought they were poor! Also, are you sure it's an apartment and not a house? XD

(Hey dad I know that in the past we didn't had so much money so can you tell me where all this came from, not that I'm not grateful for this but...)

See! Even she was perplexed by it! Lol

(My employees are the Nura's and they are the richest people in Tokyo probably the whole world so I asked if they could rent us an apartment and I would pay them back the money by working with them.)

Oh my god! That makes sense but 10 bedrooms? That is... the amount you will pay is just... millions, man!

(Dad are you crazy they are like the biggest shots In Tokyo they own every company in this town. Do you even now what you have gotten yourself into?)

Ikr! Tell him girl! Wait, no! That is not the point lol the point is the money.

(But I ask myself how can I forget my mother, how can I forget her gentle smile how do you forget something like that?)

Nayrael's Araya will disagree with me in this but yes you can! You can forget those stuff when years passes by.

Chapter review: I like the plot. It's really good but there are lots of mistakes in this chapter. I would suggest to put the quotation marks whenever they are speaking. Also there are a lack of comma's too but I'm not in any position to be correcting them since I, myself, make those mistakes xD

(The real reason were going to Japan is because my dad was given the apart unity to have a new job and a new life,)

We're*, Opportunity* I almost thought there was something as apart unity if I didn't reread that sentence. (Getting a beta would be better)

(Once we arrived in front of the big building we went to the alleviator and got to the twenty second floor. )

Elevator* and twenty second floor? O.o just say the twentieth floor.

(Nura Rihan is next, he is there father he has pitch black hair and yellow eyes.)

Their*. Knowing the difference between there and their will help you in the future :3

I think you should make sure you check the spelling constantly in case you got it wrong. If you got yourself a beta, it will be even better :3

Putting that aside, it seems like Kana will be meeting both the Rikuos'! It is actually very interesting to have them split into two. I'm guessing they will live with her since they have 10 bedroom and *dramatic pause* fight for her love U.U And damn! Rihan got two ladies! XD are his wives fighting for him too or are they very neutral about it? What about the brothers? I feel like there is some hate going on between them *nods*
Not much is going on in this chapter since it just an introduction to the story but I'm liking it so far. I really am :)
7/28/2014 c1 1vampireprincess141
Thank you so much for the reviews and the hints i will try to correct myself.
Yes This is a Kana and Rikuo fanfiction, but that is not all like it says in the summary it's a dark rikuo and kana fnfiction so don't be confused when i post the upcoming chapters because there will be chapters of the day rikuo and Kana too but is only temporary. i will update the story today at night time probably because i have to rite the second and third chapters. Thank you again for your support! :) :) :)
7/27/2014 c1 10FireEmblemLugia
So is this a Kana x Rikuo fanfiction?
7/27/2014 c1 Fede194
you split Rikuo in two
wow the apartment has ten rooms, incredible
Kana's father is just an employee because he has to go to lunch?
I do not believe, however, another story Rikuo x Kana

could you put the dialogues between brackets?

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