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for On The Shores of Oblivion

4/30 c2 25Kyuubi's Angel of Darkness
WOW I wish we could see an update for this. An absolutely unique concept, I'm fascinated!
3/25 c1 2Faircrown
Came back to check on this fic and really hoping for an update. It's such an interesting premise and the writing is just so good and thrilling to read! Dropping a comment, still hoping to be able to read more. Hope all is well
2/13/2021 c2 LA
Oh my god.

Was it either Sasuke or Naruto who killed her?

Any chance we'll get to meet Hashirama the Elder?

To be continued...

In reality, it looks like this will never be continued.

Rip to an amazing albeit incomplete fic.

2/13/2021 c1 LA

Your writing is stunning. The descriptions on everything from the living lake to the grotesque monsters are literal perfection.

Ugh feeling this sense of mystery along with the eerie atmosphere is amazing. So sad to see this wonderful fic hasn't been updated since 2014... :(

Also was that my man Hashirama playing coy in the woods by ignoring Sakura's cries?

Alas we'll probably never know with this amazing fic having been abandoned..

5/17/2020 c2 liasora
Definitly shipping Minato and Sakura here.
3/16/2018 c2 Last Alice
Woah this fic is really creepy but interesting.

I like it so far :)

Do the Hounds look like frog summons or are they some other creature?

Ive never read about this pairing but Im definitely curious to see where you go with it.

Btw was the man in red armor Hashirama?

Its been like four years but please don't give up on the story!
2/1/2018 c2 3camelia-chan
I like how this story goes so far. Its unique. Please give us a New chapter!
6/2/2017 c2 wolfstars
The concept of this fic is so interesting. I like the whole set up of a small group of humans having to survive amidst a bunch of scary monsters - who by the way totally creeped me out. I really want to know more about Minato's past and the way in which the daily life in the village works.
I hope to see more of this, if you ever decide to pick up writing again.
6/2/2017 c2 watersnake
I LOVE THIS SO FAR! I hope you get the time to continue this one day :)
6/2/2017 c1 watersnake
Really intrigued by this premise
3/21/2017 c2 19Elena Parker
This sure is an interesting story. I loved how you portrayed Sakura's amnesia and Minato's personality. Even though she cant remember anything, her personality still is the same as when she had been 'alive'. I'd love yo read more! So, UPDATE SOON!
5/21/2016 c2 nadeshiko-yuna
Do continue! It's new and refreshing! I like it!
4/28/2016 c2 Guest
Please continue ! This really cool and very original!
4/24/2016 c2 6LoonyTuned
Oh my God I love this
4/6/2016 c2 mythaeology
This is very interesting. I hope you haven't set this story aside.
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