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for Walk Two Lifetimes

4/7 c36 Guest
This was an amazing read/find. I hope to see it continued in the future. I hope your doing well and are taking care of yourself.
3/23 c36 1The Twilight Trickster
are we ever going to get a update for this.
3/3 c36 2Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
well, this has been an amazing read, really really good.

its been 5 years since the update, but since you said you would continue this unless you said it was specifically stated discontinued, ill be waiting for the next one eagerly :p

if it happens that you dont end up commin back...

well tyvm for an awesome fic!
3/2 c27 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
as per the end of this AN: I dont even want and update

did it work?
3/1 c11 Walkmanapprenticewordsmith
As per AN at the start of the chapter. im fine with the pacing of this ship, most people just jump into it after like 3 days of knowing each other and thats annoying af. enjoying the pacing here.
2/17 c12 blazingwolffang
this whole thing seemed contrived the moment her head healed she should have easily killed all of them 5 thugs do not compare to even the weakest hollow if she beat any hollow she could beat them
12/31/2023 c1 Master777vip0000
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12/14/2023 c21 clynnis
12/14/2023 c13 clynnis
:( bro, why ;-; they never needed to die and then you give us an omake where they celebrated Rukia's birthday in the past :(
12/14/2023 c8 clynnis
Isn't Ichiraku from Naruto?
12/6/2023 c36 Jenna Gem
You can't, cannot, ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT! Stop there for years and just... ugh! I'm so invested! ive LOVED this journey, and you ca- no WILL NOT stop there! I'm assuming we've reached the Bleach timeline (which, funfact: I'm not versed at, at all! so this is my introduction rn!) but I dunno where. but Hisana just spent 100 years gathering herself from itty-bitty pieces! she deserves her kickass moment rn! or whatever she plans...omg she's probably so OP rn, since she remembers all the victims, does she get like intel and powers?

I'll stop being pushy, and I really hope to see more from this... good god, how am I going to move on enough to actually read another bleach story without this character and the ship ... the SHIP!
12/2/2023 c36 jodezaca
I read this knowing it would be unfinished, but I don't regret it. It was very enjoyable. Thank you.
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10/14/2023 c36 3laelruin
Fantastic story! Its been loads of fun to read and is extremely interesting. :)
Keep up the awesome work!
10/4/2023 c36 lucifyr04
You can't do this to ussss. Pls updateee
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