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6/12 c31 Kebarton
Okay on Chapter 31 right now.

1) I agree multiple Shikai is possible and can seemly be made by purposefully messing up the incantation. For example I remember Yumichika Ayasegawa once said that he purposefully insults his zanpukto when going into Shikai so that it’s more Kido-like abilities manifest into melee focused form.

2) It was the white pebble, oh lord. I think in Hisana’s haste to get her out Rukia instinctively pickpocketed the Hollow bsit she was examining at the time. Then when she was looking for extra money she dropped it in the first district of Rukongai.
6/12 c36 MadhatterZake
This story...no this masterpiece was phenomenal while it lasted and I can take a hint that it might never be completed
5/8 c36 Lord Fifth
It has been 2 or 3 years since the last update so i assume it has been discontinued
Author if you are still there, please keep writing we love your work
3/26 c36 Kazza
This is so AMAZING! The characters, the plot, the flow and ideas are just mind boggling!
2/24 c5 Potato
I rlly just imagine Hisana having the same personality as Shinobu and the way they talk like idk why but put some ara ara there and it will fit
2/21 c35 heleana1
This fanfic abandoned?
2/18 c36 Winterdream
Well, it was almost predicted in my last review about ch 26 that author was writing useless drama and not a proper story. He just basically wanted a fallen star. She was getting involved in things she shouldn't and attracting friendships and attention she shouldn't. It took her 50 years to become the "Angel of Inuzuka" and 1 year to make Aizen plan her murder thorougly ? Not to mention that she is Rukongai.. she should know better than to give herself away. What about Rukia, what about Byakuya ? She didn't hesitate to kill the killer of Tatsuya in 1 second, and here she is getting herself killed like a drama queen. It's just disgusting. Completely OOC . How can you make your own character OOC ? Of course,the author might have needed a plot device to have a reason to say "so that's why the story is like cannon". Simply disgusting. Leaving the review in hopes the author deletes the last 2 chapters and makes a proper story,not this undeserving thing. I was really happy with the story until up ch 26 tbh, very high hopes. Then it just went the way downhill. Summary : Aizen shouldn't be so interested in MC. MC shouldn't be suicidal for randoms she knows for 1 year. MC shouldn't make so many mistakes due to "duty and friendship". MC should have a steady progress and not this drama queen hollow takeover redemption arc. Don't kill MC and force 100 years of missing to justify cannon. Just. Don't . Kill . MC. I hate ch 26 so much. You could see author's intentions from there. It doesn't make me hate Aizen when he kills MC ,just disgusted with the discontinuity of the logic behind it. We all know Aizen is an #&#$&# ,but MC sbould know better. This is just like those disgusting scenarios in xianxia where MC is doing just freakin fine but then falls into a random portal to a different realm whose whole purpose is to make MC come back with a power up while making sure there's no character development and everyone's in awe. It's simply cheap. Well, I have little hopes of author rewrititing these failed last chapters but i hope we can get back to the state before author decided to make MC a drama queen with an epic comeback. See you in 1 year.
2/17 c26 Winterdream
This is too out of character . Aizen should not be taking so much personal interest in a girl he's barely known and ,most importantly, the talk about "breaking attachments" is simply in bad taste . Until the end of the SS invasion ark, Aizen has been extremely careful in maintaining his mask. Low-class on a whim manipulation simply attracts attention. In fact,there have been only 3 recorded cases when he was heavy-handed :the visored,the hougyoku and Kurosaki Ichigo's birth. To make this super grandmaster take interest in a girl has not been in Seiretei for more than year is simply OOC. Let's not forget too,that he didn't take "interest" in the super-genius kid who became Captain and just put some fail-safes for him not to interfere, so why would he take interest in a much more lowkey person who'd shown herself in a quite stereotypical way ? .. Aizen is simply too confident to care for a little girl, he barely even put the Captain-commander in his eyes(ch 26). I hate it when authors force plot like this...
2/14 c36 4Keeperofhounds
This is a great story and I hope to see how things go from here.
1/31 c36 Kynareth no Baka
I really loved this story, though the last couple chapters are quite the genre shift to tragedy/horror...

I hope you've been doing well and are successful in your efforts to become a medical professional of some kind.
1/18 c21 lastapril123
Ugh, this is the hardest part reading female mc. Horde of dude swarming into fmc, it's not horde but seeing jealousy bs drama is kinda pain in the ass. I've only read few female mc novelfic but it's all the same
1/18 c18 lastapril123
Did she just miss aizen shikai?
1/18 c12 lastapril123
Where is my pitchfork?
1/18 c1 lastapril123
Oh god I lost it when she guess the title detergent? Soap? Bleach?
1/6 c36 CypressofCyprus
Once in a while I return to read the author's note at the start of this chapter. Every time, I smile and nod and return to my anticipation. Still thinking of you, OP, and your breathtaking writing. Hope things are going well for you, especially these days. Keep well.
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