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2/18 c1 AestasWinter
Okay, im just saying this now but only read up to like chapter 12? It's slow af and should have been sped up but yeah... After chapter 12 it just goes down hill so fcking fast it's not even funny.

Most people who commented on the later chapters have to be brain dead. I am not trying to be harsh or anything but It's like they found a story that has decent grammar and proclaims it as the best story ever made... They miss out on so many gaping plot holes that the author ignores to forcefully drag the story along by its feet.

They literally make no sense and comes off as the author doing what he does because he can and not something following logic.

I mean take this for example. She is a healer mainly has trained for like a centery. She can face hollos etc a win. From where she lives she has killed before and easily. Then out of nowhere five souls normal souls who have no power. Basically, cannon fodder easily captures her, threaten her, grope her and somehow force her to experiment on others... Let's leave out she is the only healer from her whole district and everyone loves her and they take her from that place easily...

Like it's just a whole big massive joke rly. This is just one example and there are many more...

So yeah, I would flat out not bother reading if I was you. It is a waste of time
2/18 c12 AestasWinter
Seriously? This is bound to make tons of people drop. There is no way that she would be able to be this easily captured. This whole set up is so fcking forced it is not even funny.

This whole story is starting to get so fcking boring. Can you hurry up the plot at all? Nobody cares a flying fck about all these minor ass characters that appear from nowhere.

Plus do you think it is possible for them to even take her out of the place? No. She is like the jewl of that place... as soon as she said to ANYONE to help her she has the whole fcking place at her beck and call. And you think that five thugs can take her?

Its a fcking joke rly
2/13 c36 Gaddyboy
This turned fucking stupid real quick. I see why the author abandoned it.
I mean, what was the point. Honestly.
2/13 c21 Gaddyboy
Pretty good story so far. But mixing English and Japanese words is just immersion breaking. It doesn't make you sound cool, knowledgeable, or articulate. You just sound like a tool. But, I'm getting what I paid for. But seriously, googling the Japanese words for lieutenant or hell butterfly is just silly. Especially when you've used the English words already.
2/11 c2 Gaddyboy
This isn't filler. This is better writing than most of kubo's. Everything after they rescue rukia, because it was decent writing until then. But seriously, this is more interesting than rehashing the same half ass work that Kubo put in. I like characterization. And most of us do too
2/8 c26 6CrystalAris
That needs to be a shirt

“I’ve named your violin”
2/8 c36 GreatT'Phon1of4
Cliff-sama the Evil strikes again. Why do I do this to myself!? But nooo! I have to choose to read awesomeness that hasn't been updated in over a year...pah!
I would be elated if this was up-dated/but for now I've rated this as good/and would be ashamed if you thought I hated/but for now I'll read other books
2/8 c23 CrystalAris
I love the chase, it’s amazing I’m so glad it wasnt love at first sight that would have ruined this amazing story
2/8 c32 GreatT'Phon1of4
Great. Hisana's shikai is basically the Phoenix themed offspring of Might Guy's eight gates release formation and Tsunade's one hundred healings technique. Is it just me, or are there lots and lots of Naruto references?
2/7 c19 GreatT'Phon1of4
This Bleach fanfic has a Naruto one a few generations back.
2/7 c10 GreatT'Phon1of4
This fic reminds me of Sanitize and Of the River and the Sea (im 99% sure thats what they're called btw). Both are really great, and have female MCs who are not the top of the world physically, but have lots of, soft power? IDK what to call it exactly. Anyway, OC Hisana is awesome. 'Nuff said.
1/28 c36 St.Alessia
I’ve been wondering how you’ve been... take care of yourself xoxo
1/25 c36 Guest
oooh i've missed this and I'm sad it hasn't updated yet. I hope life is treating you well, what with the pandemic still afoot, and hope you will return someday!
1/22 c36 Guest
This story is amazing and so well written
hope to read more soon
1/20 c36 1amerdism
Gotta say, love this story, but hate what happened to Hisana the last two chapters, at the moment I'm hoping that its possible a character can somehow restore Hisana to her Shinigami self or to a state of being more like the visored so she can continue as a Shinigami, cause, as I stated, I hate how she died and basically the last 34 chapters and all her progress basically was pointless, its probably my biggest issue with killing a character and them becoming someone else in bleach stories, cause then they usually lose their previous positions, jobs and rank and thus the chapters spent with them getting said things become a waste of time, but that's mainly how I feel about killing and reviving main characters, to me it always feels like I just wasted my time reading how they progress up an organizations hierarchy since they lose said position upon death.

So yeah, that's my hang up, and why I hope what's happened to Hisana ends up being reversible, because if she stays a hollow then that will mean staying in hueco mundo after the war, cause no way in hell will Yamamoto or the new central 46 let her stay in either the living world or soul society if she remains in as a hollow, no matter her support, I seriously doubt that either will budge on that issue.

I'm guessing that your planning to reverse or alter Hisana's state to be more shinigami like, maybe revive Tenshi no Tsubasa (Hisana still has her powers so I imagine its possible), and to have her reinstated, and I'm basing this belief on the fact you didn't fill the lieutenant seat of the 4th division, cause to be honest, there isn't much reason for the seat to have remained vacant for over 100 years cause Unohana will have lost lieutenants before and it just seems abit AU of her to leave it open with the excuse that she doesn't feel ready for a new lieutenant.

All that said, what happens for Hisana after that? I imagine if you revive her zanpakto she will achieve bankai which will be interesting, been racking my brain over what her bankai could be but I imagine its op as hell considering her shikai. Also what about her other skills? Will her zanjutsu and other skills have improved any? She has had over a hundred years in her little inner world, so maybe she just has to train her body to be up to par, I dunno, just seems like a big gap will have opened up between her and other shinigami if she hasn't at least advanced some skills in the interim, especially her zanjutsu since that was lacking to my knowledge.
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