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18h c36 lucifyr04
You can't do this to ussss. Pls updateee
10/3 c22 lucifyr04
I really like Ginrei. He's not as much of a stuck up as Byakuya during canon events.
9/17 c1 DarkFrost24
goddammit, I'm tearing up. Great first chapter.
9/6 c36 11AmantedelFemAU
It's been 4 years since walking two lives was updated and I really hope you can come back, it's one of the best reincarnation stories I've had the chance to read and I really wish I could see its ending or at least Hisana's reunion with everyone, Byakuya and her, god, just imagining it makes me nervous. I understand that I explain your reasons but things can't end like this please, I updated even with a jump in time, even Bleach is over! I didn't leave us halfway
9/5 c36 The Walt
I enyoyed the story, good luck in your carreer as a Doctor.
But man, not gonna lie, I wonder if the MC can still achieve Bankai, maybe that's still an option with Aaroniero using Nejibana in canon.
8/26 c36 A Fan
Even if its been a few years, this chapter is still one of my favorites. Mostly because Aizen *done fucked up* and well... I think Hisana is going to enjoy messing with him and his lackeys (probably including Gin, though not sure bc it seems Gin is also starting to realise Hisana is back and given the few bits, I think he'd probably start to help her or something idk. Maybe get her to escape to the Living or something?) and I admittingly want to see the reactions of everyone who believed she was dead. Thank you for this fantastic story, Coolio, and I hope Covid has treated you well. Since you were starting Medical School and all. I seriously wish you good luck in that too!
8/24 c36 Satisfied Reader
There are so many places this story could go after this, and I can't see any of them being anything but great. While I hope you return to this story one day, I'll always be thankful for the story you've given us.
8/14 c9 Zerufuke
This is getting boring
she is a pretty much a goody two shoes altruistic mary sue in bleach
she shouldnt have let rin die and ignored the poison
she may have make so that it looks like she did her best to keep faces with byakuya and then seduce him during his guilt trip like she did now.
it would be more in line with her supposed rules than risking her life for stranger
8/11 c36 hipok
This was amazing, a shame there's no more updates.
8/9 c36 zeynep sevim mete
I miss this story
7/18 c6 Gliychra
I'm going to cry cause he never got to see what she's becoming
6/8 c36 Guest
This is beautiful. It's just about the best thing I've ever read on here, and I'm having trouble reading other fics since you've spoiled me with quality. Good luck with your life, and I eagerly await either your announcement of this officially being dropped or the next chapter.
5/27 c36 idyllic123
Leaving it here is actually pure evil, but thank you for the super high quality writing regardless… actually never mind I’m going to go cry in a corner now
4/29 c36 Lepidoptera
Well, that was quite the read. Of course, the story doesn’t say discontinued, so I’ll hold out hope for a continuation at some point. Until then, though, this has been a very emotional rollercoaster. Long-running, high-quality fan fiction like this is hard to come by.
4/27 c36 M1stymix
I can't believe it was stopped when things are heating up I hope this get resumed or picked up I skipped this chapter since things were getting to interesting
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