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7/27/2017 c18 cake0108
this is sooo awesome
7/27/2017 c1 cake0108
noooo why did u interrupt sakura?
7/27/2017 c12 cake0108
omg love casanova Naruto
7/26/2017 c10 cake0108
aaah love Gaara but I love Sasuke more :p
7/26/2017 c6 cake0108
Naruto is so hot
7/26/2017 c5 cake0108
omg to the panic
7/26/2017 c4 cake0108
omg love the flirting between gaara and naruto
5/29/2017 c18 3smoleren
I'm so enthralled in this story! I love the plot and the story it self! Every chapter I'm more and more interested in how Sasuke will react or what Naruto will do or what is going to happen next. The tension between Naruto and Sasuke is so suffocating but I love the drama and yet I feel so much pain for Sasuke. I always find myself both sympathising and empathising with Sasuke more than anyone and everytime him and Naruto have a fight my heart achesss for him. I also find Naruto's character is so intriguing in this story! His relationships and his bonds are exciting to see and I can't wait for one of the two boys to finally realize each other's feelings. Well, I can't wait to read the next update :)
5/28/2017 c18 19CrimsonxXxRabbit
Please update soon TnT
1/31/2017 c17 BlackKiryuu
It has been a long time since you updated.
Glad, you didnt abandon the story.
Great chapter! It gets very interesting.
1/29/2017 c16 Guest
I'm annoyed you think Sasuke got "destroyed" by Kurama during their argument. According to Kurama, Sasuke "ran away from home because he couldn't handle his grievances." Sasuke was the victim of a fucking genocide. That's not some petty grievance he needs to get over. He left to bring his family's murderer to justice, not because he's a spoiled brat who can't suck it up like Kurama is implying. If Konoha had been supportive of his goals, Sasuke would have stayed. But obviously they weren't. They caused the genocide, of course they weren't going to encourage his desires for revenge. Meanwhile, Shikamaru got to carry out his revenge against Asuma's killers with full Konoha support.

Calling Sasuke's leaving a traumatic betrayal makes it all about Naruto when it never was. Sasuke left for his own reasons, Naruto refused to try and understand those reasons, they fought, and Naruto got seriously injured. Sucks for Naruto, but he tried to force Sasuke to return against his will. He's not innocent in what happened. (People who dislike Naruto like to point out that it shouldn't have taken Jiraiya's death for Naruto to understand why Sasuke might be pissed about the deaths of his entire family. Basic empathy should've told him that much.) Sasuke had no obligation to Naruto whatsoever when he left. They weren't even friends at that point. They were only rivals and teammates. It was only AFTER he left that Naruto suddenly realized they were friends. The first time Sasuke ever heard Naruto call him a friend was during the Kage summit arc. So can we truly call Sasuke's decision to leave a betrayal? You can't betray someone you weren't friends with.

As far as I'm concerned, Kurama talked a bunch of shit and needs to STFU about things he doesn't understand.
1/29/2017 c17 2meow mew chan
Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one! :)
1/28/2017 c17 2yuuki56
I think in order to get back on track, and to avoid writer's block, you should reread your entire story closely, edit whatever needs to be edited, and look back on any notes so that you remember what it is you initially had planned for the story's outcome. That's what I do. This started out good but when you get busy and sidetracked and start losing the motivation, the chapters get shorter and more clumsy. This is still one of the fanfics I look forward to the most, so I hope you build up the motivation and ideas you had from the beginning. And most readers I think enjoy it either when the updates are fast (with short chapters) or take a while but still have long chapters. So, coming from me, feel free to take your time, but I hope the next chapter will be longer. Personally, I'm not critiquing you, but trying to get across your readers' hopes for such a promising story
1/4/2017 c16 werwolf-yasya
I love this beautiful story, thank autor.
12/9/2016 c16 theblackbird13
Please update :)
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