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11/23 c20 Guest
Ooo no cliffhanger. Santana is gonna go Lima heights on someone! Please update soon! Can’t leave us hanging like that
11/23 c20 Guest
Oh man I love a CM au. What a cliffhanger! Had not kept track of this story in forever. Read it from the start and no regrets. Loved the development of our ladies.
10/26 c20 Guest
Oh man came back to this story. Happy to see you updated. Can’t wait for you to come back and update. It’s getting good. Hope they find Brittany and to see Santana in action to save her girlfriend
10/17 c20 angelfan462
So glad that there is a new chapter. The cliffhanger is a big one, looking forward to the next chapter! Loving this story!
10/9 c20 8Brittana3
Thank you for continuing this story! I love it!
10/8 c20 hometownbitches18
Thank you for always getting me to re-read this story and fall in love with it all over again. I hope you come back soon and I hope that you are safe too xx
10/6 c20 gator2076
Thanks for the update.
10/5 c1 1Batgirl21
Ok. I never thought I’d need a Glee version of Criminal Minds but I’m already all in! Quinn as Garcia is possibly the BEST thing ever! I cannot wait to get lost in this story!
9/30 c20 Guest
Please. Please please update
9/29 c20 Niki
YESSSS! Si happy to see you back and writing. This chapter had got me on the edge of my seat. As always love your writing and your stories. Can’t wait for the next update on the story!&
9/28 c20 rg521
I totally know this case! Forgot which podcast I heard it on. Hope Brittany is ok.
9/24 c20 19kp83
Oh no, they got Brittany! They are in a world of hurt right now! I hope the team (especially Santana) finds her soon.

Great job with the new chapter, I can't wait to see how this plays out! And thank you for still writing this story. You know we love it!
9/24 c20 Flmagic11
Thanks for the update!
9/24 c20 Guest
NO NOT A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THIS! i had an inkling that something was gonna happen to one of them eventually but i did not expect it yet and who knows when we’ll get another chap haha
9/23 c20 Jill
Glad to have you back
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