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3/31/2016 c12 Guest
Nice to see that your continuing! I always wanted to read Leaf's POV when he finds out Sun's blind.
3/16/2016 c12 6tsukiyo haruna
Eh? I always thought that the eyes test is when they're back to Leaf Bud city...

And I thought you only write about one volume?
11/17/2015 c9 7the freelance dreamer
Really enjoyed this chapter, especially Leaf's explanation for knowing the difference between a murderous glare and a look of affection xD I thought he was going to say he knew it from personal experience from how he alternately looked at her but... his explanation is infinitely better xD
10/22/2015 c1 13Yuki-Infel
Whoa, this version of Leaf is a sadist *sweatdrop*
It's still nice to see some changes from canon, though. After all, no one is completely kind.
10/20/2015 c11 6tsukiyo haruna
aww leaf, don't turn him to a porcupine yet~ haha

lol about that demon wolf part, i laugh so hard...! haha i bet it's the demon wolf that sun froze and the ice melt only to be froze again... lol

i also love the letter... and the way leaf replying it in his mind...
5/4/2015 c10 tsukiyo haruna
She didn't 'affectionately gaze' at those two anymore,

Who are "those two"?

Oh I love the chapter but too short! I want more
2/25/2015 c9 tsukiyo haruna
Oh so leaf like to tease
1/27/2015 c8 Fandoom-strikes
thanks for the update !
and stone and ice are allowed to be nice behind closed doors .
mostly because sun says that stone normally takes care of diplomacy between the two fractions . ( omg , my english sucks ... )
I already imagined judgement packing sun's stuff . the demage is done . judge is the only one sun talks to about his essential oils and creams and stuff ( even if judge does not want to ).
1/14/2015 c8 tsukiyo haruna
haha! lol checking the heart beat, that part is a bit funny. oh, i could imagine judge packing the sweet into ice's bag for sun, it's a very sweet scene to imagine. please write more!
1/13/2015 c8 Gimei
I feel like you had a higher typo level during this chapter, apart from the large number of typos I can't complain. I enjoyed the chapter xD.
12/31/2014 c1 Guest
dude!awesome! write more
12/30/2014 c7 tsukiyo haruna
12/18/2014 c6 Gimei
Tries once again to add story to alert list. Thx for the update and thx for the notice :D. Still enjoying it.
12/14/2014 c6 7the freelance dreamer
may i just say that i really enjoy your characterization of Leaf? he may be "nice," but i like that he suffers a much broader range of emotions - he's become very dynamic in your version. also, i love the reference to "A Vice Captain's Tale" and how leaf's V-C has to look after Leaf's finances to keep him from going completely broke xD
12/13/2014 c6 Fandoom-strikes
thanks for the new chapters !
I really love leaf commenting on what ann says " probably the result of befriending a necromancer " XD
oh scheming ... I'm soory leaf you're not gonna beat sun at that even with the help of your princess. ITt just starts with her not even calling you " despicable bastard "

can't wait for the next chapter ,
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