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for The Roboutian Heresy

2/27 c80 Maxamumdes
First judt eant to day excelelnt chapter. But damn Xenos and such judt keep being pawns. First Tau, now the Kin. Whats next? Orks going to be pawns of Khorne? The Necrons all work for Tzeentch?
2/27 c79 45Wacko12
Well now we know about the Dark King, so what's going to happen?
2/27 c80 Wacko12
so Perturabo is alive?
2/24 c80 Guest
Excellent chapter.
2/25 c80 5Generation Zero
So many things have occurred and yet the outcome is nearly certain, the fall of Olympia. But will it be the the triumph that the Dark Master believed and planned for or will other unseen hands divert his hand? Since one traitor Primarch has been cast down but his debased legion remains, Chaos will desire more during the Light's Emd. With the time of Ending, Perturabo like a few others, represented the Light that Chaos would do almost anything to snuff out. Tau is insignificant at this moment yes, but if the Tauva Goddess has been freed, then it might just be enough for the Imperium to avert the consequences of the few loyalist Primarchs slain. Nom matter what, Perturabo must escape this trap and prepare for the war to come.
2/25 c80 11John Spangler
Fantastic chapter, can't wait to see what happens next!
1/19 c79 L
I have a crazy idea, for a special like Halloween, what if Amberley in search of answers about Cain ends up arriving with someone or something that shows her and her entourage the Cain from your The Roboutian Heresy, I don't know but it excites me the idea a lot of how I would react to seeing that version of Cain
12/31/2023 c78 6ChaosQuartz
I love your concept of the King in Yellow. I have always been fascinated by the idea of the Emperor being forced into godhood, but your take makes it all the more tragic. Dan Abnett’s work has led me to question the nature of godhood as reflected by the Warp and its connection to the materium. I have been experimenting with the concept for some time and would be happy to share a few ideas. When it comes to achieving godhood through the Warp, I see it as the ultimate curse as no one is truly who they were once they started and it is all too easy for their goals to completely change. For even the smallest fragment of the Emperor, a man who rejects the notion of the divine, to become one feels like something unspeakably horrible is on the horizon.

For titles, what do you think of the Golden Conqueror? And for those who worship him, the Merciful One?

If there was a word to describe the King in Yellow based on the multiple perceptions of the Emperor, I believe it would be Ruin. I know it sounds too simple but it is a perfect fit for how he is seen. Plus, you stated that Vulkan would fill the position of Tyranny and Ynnead is Death.

For Xenos, the Emperor is the ultimate symbol of destruction, the figurehead for a race that will never stop until they and everything and everyone they ever loved are erased from existence. For heretics, his existence has led to humanity’s slow death, the prevention of everything they could have ever been under a brutal tyrannical regime. For the Imperium, he is literally their god; the one who lifted them out from the darkness and united them so that they may slaughter those that once hunted them in the dark. He protects them, by giving them the means to destroy all that may harm them.

The word Ruin can mean many things. But it generally is used as a term for destruction or to reflect how something will never be the same as it once was. Ruins can be used to describe the remains of buildings that have structurally suffered over the years or are in a state of decay; which can accurately summarize the Imperium regardless of the vast improvements from canon.
12/29/2023 c63 Scallywaag
Hey loving this story, but I’m very muck wondering if the Tear of Nightmares is tear as in “Rip and Tear” or “He shed a manly tear.”
11/28/2023 c79 Pocok
Any news about the next part or its on an indefinite hiatus?
11/13/2023 c1 Cooldude101011
So, a Herald of Ultramar from Canon gets sent to an alternative universe/timeline?
11/8/2023 c2 ZAIL55
love this the fact that you keep their failings true to the cannon lore and in the case loyalist twist it in a compelling way is awesome and the same with the traitors where you give them the chance the deserve I especially love what you did with Angron and the world eaters
11/7/2023 c29 1Ilireanwri
Well, the ork part among the death guard was pretty confusing...
11/7/2023 c27 Ilireanwri
Hah, yugioh WH40K-style
11/7/2023 c26 Ilireanwri
I like how you wrote Azraels fractured state of mind. I love that idea as it is something I definitively could see Tzeentch do for shits and giggles... almost makes me pity Azrael; imagine being so wrapped up in lies that you can't see the reality...
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