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9/13 c1 Guest
About Leman Russ Tank: Lucius Pattern Lasgun is a legit lasgun even if Lucius is a traitor.
9/13 c79 Puffy Harp Seal
Well, this is going to be an interesting arc. Hope to see more of it soon!
9/11 c79 8Antony444
Very good return for this story.
9/11 c79 11John Spangler
You know, I feel kinda sorry for how the Tau have been used.
9/10 c79 Guest
Peak as always
9/10 c79 Guest
Tis a good day when the Roboutian Heresy is updated.
9/10 c79 33neverdie
Un excelente capitulo, no me convence que los ethereos supiesen del caos y demás, ellos siempre me parecieron mas como un mal menor, pero algo aparte del caos.
Aun asi esta excelente tu historia. Y me gustaría mucho ver un Perturabo vs Guilliman.
por favor continúalo cuando puedas.
9/10 c79 Rockcrusher22
This chapter was insane and absolutely mind-blowing! So many shocking discoveries and potential foreshadowing in the next chapter!

I had suspected Shadowsun would be corrupted by Chaos long before this battle and Farsight be forced to fight her and the Tau forces under her control. But, the twist being the Ethereals were Chaos puppets who are pulled by another mysterious shadow's hand. This is bound to be among the best arcs of this AU thus far in my opinion even overtaking The Cadian Apocalypse arc.

Also Mr. Zahariel...(And who wiped out the Interex ten thousand years ago?) You sneaky, deceitful, agent of Tzeentch...just what are you planning?
9/10 c79 5Archaon the Everchosen 1999
Oh shit this was well worth the wait! Is very interesting forts glimpse at the tau and we get to see the Lord of Iron himself right from the start! The foreshadowing worked great and I guess it’s not too surprising the Ethereals are chaos considering the circumstances. I have to wonder if the fact Farsight and Shadowsun have not really spoken since they woke up is due to their own guilt or the Ethereals own mind control; it wouldn’t be too far off considering they only woke one of them up at a time.

Now what does this have to do with the Interax? Did the Ethereals have a role in its destruction? Considering they just showed up in society out of nowhere and took control they may not actually be Tau given their psychic ability. Or perhaps they are something made by the Ravenguard who Italians their craft to modify them for their needs. Guiliman was manipulating Dorn so maybe something similar is going on… Ok I need to stop before I go down the rabbit hole I may just be seeing connections where there are none and going mad. Loved the chapter can’t wait to see what happens next.
8/31 c20 Scallywaag
Fuck the Tau. Seriously, that level of dumbass surviving the galaxy must have a Chaos God behind the Ethereals.
7/4 c28 Guest
okay, Ur-Pharezon and his house are DEFINITELY inspired by Ar-Pharazon and Numenor. there's no way the naming similarity is a coincidence.
7/4 c27 Guest
Man-Emperor, this game of Paradox-Billiards-Vostroyan-Roulette-Fourth Dimensional-Hypercube-Chess-Strip-Poker is getting intense.
5/20 c14 1Dragon Bone Z
Very well done. May I know why their recruitment is so little?
5/20 c11 Dragon Bone Z
I think it is great. I always liked Angron and his son's and seeing this amazing rendition of them is awesome. Though my only greviance is the death of Kharn as they aren't many notable World Eaters in canon. Or not as distinguished as Kharn. Honestly, he could've been a rallying figure like Marneus Calgare to the Ultramarines or Sigismund to the Imperial Fist.

Or something like that.
5/8 c1 SantiagoW300
Good morning, I would like to ask if you could translate this story into Spanish, given that this story does not have the deserved merit in this part of the community and the little interest they have in reading it in English. (because part of the Hispanic community is on Wattpad)
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