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9/28/2022 c74 10AraelDranoth
Another fantastic, masterful chapter. Keep up the frankly jaw-dropping work. Love every second I've spent on this fic.
9/28/2022 c73 AraelDranoth
Wow... just wow. This chapter was a wild ride. Loved each and every word of it.
9/28/2022 c76 33neverdie
Todo un exelente capitulo, muchas gracias por publicarlo.
Tengo una duda, ¿los marines primaris harán su aparición? Porqué después de la destrucción de macrage creo son la única oportunidad de que gulliman se levanté de entre sus hermanos.
Espero que puedas responder a mi pregunta, en todo caso gracias por el nuevo capitulo y a esperar el próximo bye.
9/28/2022 c72 10AraelDranoth
Oh yeah, here we go!
9/27/2022 c76 11John Spangler
Fabius always has a trick up his sleeve. That's why I like him!
9/26/2022 c76 booker68
Honestly I thought that alpha legionnaire was just there to to act as a guard and Jurgen replacement, but this mentioning of him being alpharious so much and the fact his body was never found, makes me think he is actually a squat in disguise!
9/26/2022 c76 CittingAlmond42 it weird that I cannot picture Cain without Jurgen?

Your sense of humor still needs work by the way. If Cain can't say it to you himself I figured I would.

Fantastic chapter as always and I am now bloody terrified for what comes next.
9/26/2022 c76 9Antony444
I agree with Bile, if the full Eighteenth Legion is coming, running away is the soundest strategic decision...
And now I want a showdown of Vulkan and Dorn...
9/26/2022 c76 SolarxBlack
Wow, Dorn is going to throttle Sigismund if he ever gets back.
9/22/2022 c75 Axccel
Okay, but you know if the Emperor dies he just regenerates a moment later like nothing happened. If anything, killing him in a fight is a bad idea as he'd just pop back up good as new to continue fighting while you're still exhausted and injured. The only reason he hasn't done that after the fight with Horus is because he was the only being able to direct the Astronomican and so ho he had no choice or else the Imperium's logistics and military wound almost completely disappear instantly, lost to the Warp.

And, contrary to popular belief, he doesn't power it, the psykers maintaining it power it (and no, not at the cost of their lives that's just a change made to it to keep him alive). That also means that in any Horus Heresy alternative in which Magnus remains active and loyalist, the Emperor being mortally wounded or killed is totally irrelevant and in either case he'd be totally restored shortly after instead of interred on the Golden Throne. Which in turn would mean the psyker sacrifice would be ended, too.

This aspect of what powers the Astronomican has been canon for a long time, and still is, and the writers of the Horus Heresy novels showed their ignorance of the lore when writing the books covering the War in the Webway as they treated it as the sacrifices powering the Astronomican when the Emperor wasn't on the Golden Throne, which is totally incorrect.
7/13/2022 c75 1GodsgiftFires
Oh God, does that mean that Sulla will literally worship Cain? I mean it's true that he is now the Saint of loyalty, rational thought and the biggest imposter syndrome in the entire universe, but he isn't someone who enjoys the attention of everyone around him. Now he is one of the most dangerous foes of the enemies of mankind and he might go in the history books as example of the peak of human values and strength.
7/5/2022 c18 Iron Marine
This is very good, but there is one thing that had been bothering me ever since i read this. What happened with the exiled Raven Guard and Arkhas Fel? Did they simply die a unknown death in the deep reaches of space, did they still ended up joing the traitors, or has a loyalist came across them and convinced them to join him. Maybe Alpha Legion or Thiel sometime during the heresy found out about they existance and decided to get them to join their ranks.
Do you have an idea as to what happend with them or not? If so i do have some ideas of what could have been their fate if you wouldn't mind hearing.
That's all i wanted to say. Keep up the good work and can't wait for more of your stuff to come out.
6/30/2022 c3 Anderioan
Such an incredible reworking of the 3rd Legion friend!

I know I'm only two legions in so far, but you have made something beautiful here, well done.
6/22/2022 c75 33neverdie
Hola, soy un fan de tu fic, y me hago unas cuantas preguntas; ¿Los marines primaris aparecerán? ¿Estarían del lado del caos o del orden? ¿Donde están los cuervos sangrientos?
Espero puedas leer este mengaje y responderme.
Gran fic y espero el siguiente capitulo.

Perdón por escribir en español, pero no confió mucho en mi ingles como para dejar un comentario.
6/3/2022 c1 Daniel Tran
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this take on the warhammer lore. Keep up the good work!
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