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10/16/2021 c71 3RohanVos
Wonderful update, the action, lore, and dialogue was spot on!
10/16/2021 c71 8Ultimate Hunter X
As soon as I read the confrontation between K’gori and the Damned Legionnaire, there was no doubt in my mind for a second at who he was, for what other member of the Death Guard could wield such psychic might other than Calas Typhon, who hid his gifts for fear of scorn from his gene father? Also the fact he had a Power Scythe helped a bit too.
10/16/2021 c71 Dasgun
10/15/2021 c11 JoshuaTheTraveller
The only qualm I has about this chapter is that... WHERE IS ANGRON'S PET DOG?!
10/15/2021 c10 JoshuaTheTraveller
Iron Hands? you mean, the boring Iron Warriors?
10/14/2021 c1 8Forum Explorer
So I’m disappointed that you went with a hundred percent swap between loyalist and traitors. I feel like some like the Salamanders going traitor was really forced. Or Logar being loyal.
9/25/2021 c70 Bruh.io82
Well...Rowboat's back. And the only guy who even stood a chance of beating him is dead.
We are f8cked so badly it isn't even funny.
9/21/2021 c8 JoshuaTheTraveller
Okay heres my review:

1) With less than 10 Paragraphs you made me cry from sorrow and happiness over the death of Kurze's parental figure, and Kurze's transformation from the Night Haunter to an Icon of Justice.

2) You missed the guy Kurze had visions over that will be his right hand man to bring prosperity and peace to Nostramo

3)This chapter was the most immersive you have written so far.

4) The details about the Eighth Legion was chock full of information. I love it.

5) So with Rogal Dorn being a traitor, Chapters wouldnt have existed?

This made me love the Night Lords more although Ive always been a simp for the Wolves and Thousand Sons.
9/20/2021 c2 J
Gonna be honest. I hate this. I hate that the Lion went traitor, and I hate that the heresy is just a Primarch swap. That being said. I love how you did it. Lion’s fall makes sense. This is clearly a well thought out story. Also I got major Obi-Wan vs Anikan vibes from the Luther vs Lion fight. So I hate you, but also love you. Congrats you shcmuck.
9/19/2021 c6 JoshuaTheTraveller
This was a par write up but Zahariel, you forgot to discuss the Curse of the Wulfen and how The Runes repel Chaos
9/12/2021 c59 Bruh.io82
9/12/2021 c58 Bruh.io82
9/12/2021 c21 Bruh.io82
Hey, maybe you could put Doomguy in there? Him and Cerebus fighting alongside each other would be really cool.
8/26/2021 c70 6Nemris
I have at the long last completed the monumental task of catching up to the end of Terran Crucible. I have to say, this "book" has been the culmination and critical mass of your long history of "longest chapter yet". It is good that you have made the wise decision to keep things more focused in the future. While the rich story bloat of many chapters detailing various corners of interest in this universe, it has now become too much at least for me, and I cannot muster the strength to look at it all with the same focus I once did.
If it is not too much to ask, I would like if you could maybe in future books add "summaries", kinda what people do with canon 40k books, when they don't have the will to read them but they want to know the important story beats that affect the wider universe. That would help me tremendously with keeping up and making sure I do not miss anything important.
Sanguinius, Sanguinius, Sanguinius. He and his legions were probably my least favorites back in the day, when we had received all indexes. But while his Legion has not done much to change my view, Sangunius as a character has earned my like and I would even consider him as a contender as my third best traitor primarch of RH. The two top ones are kinda hard to beat. His deception, true nature and goals of taking the throne of his father were simply magnificent. Which actually makes it kinda painful that he is gone now. The galaxy feels darker, not brighter, place now that a character like him is gone. The paradigm has indeed shifted, one of the immortal Demon primarchs is gone. It feels like the rules of the universe have been sifted. I would have loved to his final end to come with the destruction of Slaanesh if such a thing is even possible. I still cannot stop myself from hoping that we might see him again. What can be destroyed, can be undestroyed, if you will :). Would love to hear of still dark whispers of the Great Angel in the corners of the galaxy. Well, if anything, I am interested what becomes of the remaining Blood Angels now that their sire is gone. They have officially joined the dead father club. I wonder if this could provide any interesting, and may I say positive, changes for some Blood Angels, where they awaken to the fact they have to step up their game if they want to stay relevant in the great game of chaos.
Speaking of the great game, I really liked how Sanguinius acted as the avatar of Slaanesh in trying to claim victory over not just the Imperium but the rest of Chaos. It is my opinion that all the different chaos factions are very much in competition against each other in who can claim the final victory. Corax, Vulkan, Guilliman, the others shown here; in the end only one of them could truly do what Sanguinius tried and claim dominance of the galaxy. And I think they know it. So let all these champions of Chaos give their best shot, and will follow with interest.
Warmaster Lorgar, that has such a nice ring to it. Let the mini-emperor show what he can do.
Keep up the good work.
7/16/2021 c70 1Fire Rabber
You did a really great job with the Terran Crucible. I've liked your chapters in general. But as a Jaghatai simp, I was wondering if we would relatively hear anything more about him or his legion. Like I remember that questing necromancer trying to bring back Jaghatai. I understand that it takes a lot of time to write these chapters and you are probably busy in general. So, I understand if we don't.
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