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6/30/2021 c69 1GuntherRiechwald
A fitting, and altogether, great close to a story. 10/10
6/30/2021 c69 7Steamrollers Solve All
Well it was one hell of a ride. And I'll be honest, for a good chunk of it I was suspecting that Morgana would pull a heroic sacrifice to allow Lion to show up and have a redemption start here and now. I mean it was called the "Angel" War. It felt a bit presumptive to rule out the Dark Angels playing a role in it.

I'll definitely say that, at least for me, you've done a good job making this victory feel costly. The Emperor and Ahriman are dead, Terra was definitely mucked up, and most everyone else who did survive the battles is going to be bearing plenty of scars.

Definitely curious to see where things go from here, and just what Fulgrim's been up to in the meantime.
6/30/2021 c1 Jrambo710
Great chapter !
6/30/2021 c69 9Antony444
It was beautiful. Thank you.
6/28/2021 c19 SaymyName
Btw mate what happened with the Interex did negotiation happen again and they been inducted in the Imperium or are they still independent.
6/20/2021 c68 1Day.jar.view
Hell of a book. Can not wait for the next instalment. I lie, i think i need the time to absorb this masterpiece. I would not recommend binging this, as its a lot to fit in your head, but the overall experience is fantastic. I know the next chapter will blow us out of the water, though throne knows how... well, even that might not know... regardless, i hope i have been clear in my absolute praise of this book. Well worth the time and effort to read.
5/29/2021 c40 1Archetype-Moon
Only at the part where the trio are heading to Olympus Mons but these guys being bros and pulling up on Hereteks with all their chad Primarch energy brought a literal tear to my eye. After the Emperor’s Children, then Cypher and then Lion’s sad existence being actually said aloud as he turns away from Lorgar’s offer, good shit happening for the Loyalist sons is beautiful to read.

End Times are supposed to be bad but it’s moments like the return and especially the reunion of Primarchs that makes me think fondly of them. For all that everything is an over the top shade of grey in 40K, seeing the Legions still hold on to their humanity (the good parts of it anyway) despite being chest deep in the meat grinder of grimdark is inspiring.
5/28/2021 c68 17deadpoolhulk
MAN this was such a cool chapter
when one f the best demons in thesetting is but a footnote you kno shit has well and truly hit the fan
it's glorious
5/27/2021 c32 Martian-Tech-Adept
The grave keeper is Ferrus,
The God is Malal,
The companion is the star child?
5/26/2021 c68 6Ragnarok Ascendant
Oh you motherfucker. I was wondering when Sanguinius would come out to play.

Also, excellent work at screwing with our heads for the opening. It read at first like a Custodes, which I suppose it was intended to.
5/22/2021 c68 11John Spangler
I swear, never before I've seen such a scary portrayal of Sanguinius. Keep it up!
5/22/2021 c68 Van Erik Lucasan
Wow! Turns out Sangui-ey is really one sneaky, self-centered bitch... And a damn brilliant one too!... I have really been suspecting it for a long now... And it still hit me hard between the eyes!... All in all, a damn consummately wrought chapter you have made here! It's great! Way to go Zahariel, keep it up!
5/21/2021 c68 dougcupcake
Damn Sanguinius just played everyone like fools, chilling in how much he planned for this moment. Who’s going to be catalyst to slay the demon I wonder. Hopefully we get to see Lorgar the dispeller of Lies vs Samguinius the Lie embraced and twisted during the final battle for Terra
5/21/2021 c68 9Antony444
Simply sublime...and now I want the next chapter to arrive right now.
Ah damn it...hopefully we won't have too long to wait.
5/15/2021 c67 HipsterKoala
Damn what’s it like to write absolute bangers every single chapter? I literally check for updates daily.
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