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5/15/2021 c66 20evtrax
Little note on my last comment, I don't count Fadix as part of the hexarchy because he was a double agent.

Could not post this on chapter 67 because fanfiction only allows one review per chapter.
5/15/2021 c67 evtrax
I was rereading the angel war, and I realized that the canon high Lords that die are all part of the hexarchy. Baldo slyst, Merelda Pereth, and Aveliza Drachmar were all part of the rebellion against the returning lord Guilliman in canon. And given the thoughts of Aveliza Drachmar it is probably for the best that they die.

Also the master of the Astronomican did die in canon before the hexarchy.

I just thought it was a fascinating little detail.
5/14/2021 c67 17deadpoolhulk
damn but this was good, i'm an Alpha legion fanboy so this chapter made me VERY happy :D
5/6/2021 c67 11John Spangler
This is a truly epic ending for the Angel War!
5/5/2021 c67 9Antony444
Superb...and evil cliffhanger, as always.
Now I'm going to want the next chapter yesterday...and of course it isn't there.
Ah, well. Good work, and continue this excellent story.
5/5/2021 c67 3RohanVos
Ah the end times, where every victory is hollow. Wonderful chapter yet again, and I eagerly await your next installment.
4/20/2021 c66 17deadpoolhulk
OK SO i just binge read this absolute beast of a story over the last couple weeks and... wow. There is so much to this i adore, every single chapter has built upon the last in a way i'm stunned you can pull off with so much of cannon twisted to a new verse.
you're a friggin inspiration dude. SO good!
4/12/2021 c39 blz2021
This chapter has such a unique magic to it. I can not stop reading it, and it warms my heart that there are people in this world with the imagination to make things like this.
3/26/2021 c1 You
I think I should call the police for how much you just fucked my mind jesus christ.
3/24/2021 c66 7Steamrollers Solve All
Not gonna lie, for quite a few of the last couple of chapters I was like "okay, Chaos is due for winning one of the battles" and in some cases they came pretty close. But at the same time there was a sense of "we got some genuine heroes looking out for the Imperium here. They're at least not going to go down like chumps."

Unlike everyone else, the Arbites get pretty thoroughly castigated by Magnus's opening narration and there really wasn't a proper "hero" among them. So yeah I went going "pretty sure these guys are being set up so we don't feel too bad when they lose."

Not that they were getting thrown under the bus entirely. I mean Aveliza got to at least blueball Ishidur's sense of satisfaction about the whole thing.

Three chapters to go, and it's been one hell of a ride.
3/21/2021 c66 The one
Finally an Imperium defeat, was not expecting to be the judges, but ell now the Angel's War became far more interesting. Wonder if the Violator's are Slaneesh triumph card.
3/19/2021 c66 Van Erik Lucasan
Cheers to you Zahariel! Yet again you have crafted a most compellingly exciting story here, keep it up!
3/19/2021 c66 11John Spangler
Poor Judges.
3/18/2021 c66 dougcupcake
Finally caught up on this epic tale, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Who would thought that just the simple spoken “Liar” would be my one of my fav quotes. As the Angel War is coming to fruition, i wonder how terrible of cataclysm the the black crusade coming to break the Iron Cages will inflict. Also you mentioned Ciaphas is on Cadian right? I hope he becomes a living saint out of irony.
3/18/2021 c66 Odumilcar
Also noticed that this is 66th chapter with 6666 words too. Great!
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