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for The Roboutian Heresy

1/25 c3 11WoodenStarfish
The Emperor’s Children are one of my favorite legions, and I’m amazed by the unique story you gave them here.

Btw, did Ostian and Serena survive the war?
1/24 c1 WoodenStarfish
I personally would’ve switched the Iron Fists and Blood Angels in terms of which god they serve. I can see Slaanesh perverting the pain gloves from sources of discipline into masochism, and bloodthirst is totally a Khorne speciality.

But otherwise, I really love this scenario, and think it’s one of the most interesting alt heresies out there.
1/20 c69 Guest
This is the best alternate version of the Heresy.
1/18 c66 Guest
"Murdering a High Lord of Terra sounds fcking ilegal...oh, mi colon just..."
Maximilien "The Lawn" Dredd, last words.
1/16 c62 Guest
Oh, IT was in Titan. I tought IT was with the shadowkeepers, sorry for my previus review.
1/15 c61 Guest
Yeah with the amount of holy relics in that place there is no way that amount of evilness could prosper. There had to be a trick!
1/14 c60 Guest
While the shadowkeepers was excusable at some point. I was gonna be really pissed off if the officio assesinarum was going to have problems with a bunch of chaos marines
1/14 c78 Guest
Tengo un problema y necesito que Ciaphas Caín me lo solucione.
1/14 c59 Guest
Play the havy metal!
1/14 c58 Guest
I love how there was a full pre necron C'tan in the cells and his reaccion of freedom was "nah", killed his releasers and came back to sleep.

You should had added the angel of death and the 11th primarch in the chapter. At least 1 of them is super confirmed to be in the cells.
1/12 c56 Guest
Omegon has suddenly become the most usefull Primarch in the setting.
1/12 c55 Guest
Slanessh did put a lot of effort in this one. Yet im surprissed her brother are still not interfering.
1/11 c54 Guest
The Angel will...fall
1/11 c78 Guest
Este es el mejor FanFiction de Warhammer 40k que he leído en mi vida.
La muerte de Ferik Jurgen fue muy triste:(
1/11 c50 Guest
Voyager 1 would be FAAAAAAAAAR from the Solar System in the 41st millenium!
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