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7/6/2020 c47 Tobi14
Hmm what a appropriate symbol to destroy for a sinless to hate the backbone of imperial laws, the fear of assassins.
7/6/2020 c46 Tobi14
Well like slannesh gave someone a cloak of perfect disguise for that false saint.
Ironic that Curze is one of the most favored primarchs here.
I can't but think of what cadian chaos worshiper said as this war starts, that the men knew that the faces of angels was not a fair one.

One thing is that is becoming clear this is not some massive chaos invasion but a shock and awe strike operation.
7/6/2020 c45 Tobi14
Hmm I would say these are a space wolf warband.
7/6/2020 c44 Tobi14
What happened here looks a lot like the Slumbering Blood God concept for the Blood Angels.

The sheer scale of Just As Planned, including taking advantage of Magnus' lack of experience powering and controlling the Astronomican and Golden Throne alike...

...unbelievable as it might sound, Slaanesh actually beat Tzeentch at It's own game.
7/6/2020 c43 Tobi14
Well if he is anything like the warlord he is based off then this is going be bloody, it took dozens of chapters and an entire titan legion to bring down that wayward son of Gulliman and he had a lot less marines.

Besides while a few thousand second born are impressive force their far from the only that''s attacking as while Chaos is insane no tank or really any other support is going to make it a short fight unless the idea is for them to link up with some cultist hordes.

Also the name of the roman who destroyed the Praetorian guard.
7/6/2020 c42 Tobi14
Humanities most populated world is going to become a buffet of epic proportions.
7/6/2020 c41 Tobi14
Looks like the ninth legion is returning to where they were born and where they will be remade.
7/6/2020 c40 Tobi14
Wow I never expected this the emperor is dead it seems inconceivable for well everyone.
Everything ever sacrificed in his name, the alpha legions efforts all of it a failure, not that is was not meaningless but still..i'm stunned.

I guess humanity really has to confront the nightmares of the universe on their own now. No God to save them not even Corax no something like him could ever imagine the concept of self sacrifice not in name of Chaos.

Everything in this chapter the horrors of humanity and how no soul could seemingly bear walking the path of their own even the brightest could not bear the weight they tried making gods, exterminating humanity,became monsters, brought the death of countless because they could not stand on the road.

The twisted way the Emperor represents humanities innocence and how it was tied to the eldar and chaos from the start as just prey.

Your a crazy writer Zahariel I never could of predicted this.

Zahariel said:
'I see the broken half-angels, hunting for their stolen sister and the crow that took her.'

A wave of cold spread from the levitating warrior, and ice formed on the armor of the Grey Knights. The warding sigils carved into the walls flared, and Geronitan heard the familiar sound of snapping bones from within Hyperion's body.

'I see the great jaw, closing on the circle of stars, bringing hideous death and rebirth.'

'I see the children of paradox, returning from the dark to rebuild their empire.'

Beneath his hood, Hyperion's left eye exploded, and Geronitan felt some of it hit his armor. Blood poured from the ruined orbit, but the Prognosticar continued speaking :

'I see the wings of the foulest traitor, stretching to carry him to his heart's desire …'
Click to shrink...
The black legion searching for Mesuline Fabius daughter and the prince of Crows.
The wolfs king return the board nothing left of the man little as he was left now a Monster so far from Man as the void.
Not sure best guess xenos like Rangaundan.
Sanguinius the lowest of the low finally getting his wish for a Horus to love him and finally become the Champion of Ruin he was meant to be and She who thirsts Heir.

Yeah I mean even the Alpha legion believed it would work how can they fit their own impossible standards? It's very rare for those in the imperium to have faith in each other because of fear of chaos.
The comparison to humanity and frightened children clinging to the Fire against the dark is pretty apt.
7/6/2020 c38 Tobi14
Hmm these quotes show the angels of ruin will have a great impact on the long war.
6/17/2020 c54 4morion87
I'll say it now. You are batshit insane with how the next chapter will be. Even Chaos is jealous of this insanity.

Games-Workshop made it work to a degree. Not sure how you will. But I can't wait either way.
6/7/2020 c1 Conner Bixby
Have you considered having people play out some of the battles of the fic? It would be even better if you could find people that have not read the relevant chapter. Like take the Siege of Triatholan. Give the invading and defending armies bonus conditions and see where they use them. Give em just enough context. Say you tell the defender they can sacrifice 3 of the most powerful pyskers in their army to gain a boon from Magnus. If they do it then the wardens awaken, and the ref drops 3 Warden titans on tbe field. Imagine the choas! All Hail Zahariel! All Hail Tzeen-*BLAM*
6/2/2020 c16 vic4rondain
Sweet! It warms my heart to see Lorgar being the complete opposite of his canon self!
5/31/2020 c9 Warga
Look how they massacred my boy
5/21/2020 c54 1GuntherRiechwald
I tell you what, those tendrils sound utterly horrible. The whole of this beginning if the Angel War is just horrifying to imagine
5/21/2020 c54 11John Spangler
The Sol system is going to be a slaughterhouse!
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