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4/9/2020 c45 Hill of the Hank
The master returns! These interludes have whetted my appetite; keep up the excellent work!
4/6/2020 c45 8highvalour
Two demons and two war bands down, four of each to go. The damned come for Terra.

Out of curiosity, is the Host a Raven Guard splinter? They are mentioned as wearing all black armour and I don't see Johnson allowing a bunch of his troops to just up and leave - especially if they'll eventually serve another Dark God.

Anyway, thanks for writing this
4/6/2020 c45 11John Spangler
I love these interludes!
4/5/2020 c44 Guest
Good to see the slumbering blood god doing well, awesome work!
4/5/2020 c44 8highvalour
The Angel War will be incredible, Six 'mortal' warbands and Six Greater Daemon's on attacking at the same time. It'll be something else... A true sequel to the Siege.

And as for the thirteenth interlude, does it perchance relate to that lovely little sample from the Angel War up on SpaceBattle - The one about a champion with a perfect face, mutilated body and a legend truly ETERNAL?

Anyway, loved the update. Thanks for writing this and looking forward to what comes next.
4/5/2020 c44 6Ragnarok Ascendant
Thirteen chapters of Chaos.
I see what you're doing.
4/5/2020 c44 11John Spangler
Someone call Abraham Van Helsing!
4/4/2020 c43 John Spangler
Really nice!
4/3/2020 c42 3RohanVos
Thank you for the update, and a nice side tangent with a noble party that I knew was not going to end well. Here is hoping that you and your are doing well in this interesting time.
4/3/2020 c42 3Questoris
I can sum up this chapter in two words:

Well, shit.
4/3/2020 c42 11John Spangler
You can't even begin to imagine how happy I was to read this interlude. It was very good and creepy, well worth the wait. Thanks for writing!
3/3/2020 c40 Hill of the Hank
I also think that the Guardian is hinting at the fall of the Space Marine legions and the rise of the Emperor/Sanguinus, can't tell which one.
3/3/2020 c41 Hill of the Hank
I've been with your series from the very beginning, and I love what you've done with the place! This is definitely one of the top 5 stories on FanFiction, across all categories. The quality of this series is second to none, and I would not be able to list all the things in particular that I like about it; I would run out of room! Keep up the good work!
2/11/2020 c15 2Abstract Ideas
I must admit, I'm slightly disappointed that Aximund didn't deliver to Sigismund the same last words Sigismund gave to Abbadon before he died.

"You will die as your weakling father died. Soulless. Honorless. Weeping. Ashamed."

I can even think of one made specifically for Sigismund.

"You will fail as your worthless father failed. Soulless. Honorless. Hopeless. Abandoned."
12/23/2019 c9 thisguy584
Also its nice to see that Nassir Amit stays loyal since he without a doubt had the most control of the red thirst out of his fellow blood angels so him falling to the temptations of slaanesh would be impossible since he doesn’t have any real desires due to a sense of honesty that could rival canon Rogal Dorn
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