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for The Roboutian Heresy

12/23/2019 c41 thisguy584
To one of the comments below you don’t have to ask because it exists on space battles where the emperor and all the primarchs before the Horus heresy react to this story as an extra to them watching tts and much more hope this helps for I have no idea how to link something in a comment
12/10/2019 c41 Tyr Eriksson
Could you show us how Marcus is processing all the information he gained?
11/27/2019 c41 Tyr Eriksson
Could you make a fic about the Roboutian Heresy Primarchs meeting their other selves. I would really like to see how the good ones react to their evil selves and vice versa.
10/31/2019 c41 sonic
I liked the Interlude!
10/31/2019 c41 Phaeton
Could it be that the warning is actually referencing the destruction of the Emperor's Children, albeit a tad too late and the return of an Angel, probably Sanguinius if the warning's on Baal.
11/1/2019 c15 7ErrorPleaseReload
I love the heroic arrival of the Emperor's Children during the battle for Terra. They are quickly becoming my favorite Legion in this work, simply because despite all the shit they go through, all the doubt cast upon them by everyone, Fulgrim's sons come through and prove their worth.
10/31/2019 c41 4Eltyr
Vampiric masks and a pillar...
maybe I'm seeing references where there are none, buuut...
The Emperor's Bizarre Adventure? lol
10/31/2019 c41 4morion87
Glad you're giving the IXth some love. I can't seem to give them any myself. Not sure how much good Ekaterina's message will do.

They never seem to.
10/31/2019 c41 AzureTemplar3535
Angron will return and slay Sanguinus and destroy the corrupted Blood Angel Legion.
10/31/2019 c41 Mr nod
my guess is sanguinius will consume his own sons, and finally embrace slannesh. As for the message i doubt it will arrive on terra in time for lorgar or omegaon to do anything about it.
10/31/2019 c41 11John Spangler
Talk about cryptic! Well, the angels and the Angel could be Sanguinius and his sons. Or even the Dark Angels and their Primarch. Or anybody else. What a mistery! A fascinating chapter, though, and creepy.
10/24/2019 c40 2Prince of Petersburg
Death is a bless in a way, for someone who has suffered for so long, give so much to mankind, the emperor at least deserve to be relieved of such torment and be free in the end, now we’ll have to see how people deal with the fact that no one sit on golden throne and maybe more importantly how the rest of the galaxy would think of this, mankind for sure but I also wish to see how the Four think of this. Good job as ever, update whenever you can, thank you very much.
10/22/2019 c1 Matt Ward
Yes, Ultras, revere your spiritual liege...
10/19/2019 c13 Master Pipi
Really great story. But I wish mortarion survived. He is my favorite primarch.
10/1/2019 c1 1Alphonso Shiskabob
Duty is heavier than a mountain and death is lighter than a mountain, may you find rest emps
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