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10/24/2018 c33 Guest
It's a clone of Horus, yeah? If he was good enough to make a human that could turn into an almost-primarch when he received gene seed, and if Sanguinius had access to thousands of clones of Horus, and he has degraded clones openly displayed then it wouldn't be too hard to have a clone of Horus with enough implants and warp-stuff done to him to call the Clonelord "father". It would also be ironic to call him the Eldest, as he was the First Primarch. And I mean what other being but a primarch could be so horrifyingly potent?
10/24/2018 c33 4morion87
As much as I hate that you killed the 3rd, and not the XVth, I do take one thing away from this.

Even if by some insane miracle Fulgrim is alive, then he even he can't rebuild the Legion from the ground up. He's good. But even a Primarch has his limits.

Unless of course there is something on Terra that we don't know about.

As for the short chapter. If there isn't a single Raven Guard in it, then may you be taken by the Apothecaries of the XIXth Legion.

Can't wait for some on the 1st Legion. Especially Cypher and what role he has to play in the Terran Crusade. Considering what he did in 40k cannon, it'll be good.
10/24/2018 c33 8Jays Arravan
A great tragic story and an even greater herald of the end times.

I must ask though. Is the 3rd legion truly dead? Their my favorite AU loyalist legion after AU night lords.
10/23/2018 c33 sonic
I liked the chapter!
10/22/2018 c33 Guest
Damn, is Fulgrim really gone now? I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore. The Emperors Children are dead, Long Live the Third! Let us hope that
10/23/2018 c33 11John Spangler
Holy shit, that was awesome! And totally unexpected, too. Poor Emperor's Children.
10/23/2018 c33 12SirDrakos
Awesome chapter and really cool battle! So many twists and like you said Fabius is such a good villain, so evil yet makes it sound so reasonable - and given the state of the universe. Really nice twist of clone Fulgrim's body twisting him, and as for the Eldest my own thoughts are either its a clone of the Emperor or some form of Primarch hybrid. Overall, a great battle and curious to see where it goes!
10/23/2018 c33 Tobi14
So dies the emperor's children.

Mt guess is the eldest was made in the dark city and is part mandrake.

Great chapter very tragic.
10/22/2018 c33 7Azrael-Von-Gruber
The Eldest... cracking the code of the Emperor ?
Okay i think i know what Bile created... but by all the Gods i hope i'm wrong
10/22/2018 c33 AzureTemplar3535
This was a very well done Tragedy, I even shed a few tears.

The only problem is, are you willing to deal with the consequences ?

You killed off one the First Founding Legions, destroyed a huge part of Imperium forces. This changes the board dramatically, yes the Imperium got a few victory in the last few chapters but in the end they haven't change the board.

Magnus just like Guilliman in canon, just having one Primarch doesn't improve the situation, and Ynnead only changes the board when Ynnead kills off Slaanesh, otherwise Ynnead really changes nothing.

P.S. , I like that the Lear returning to help wipe out the Emperor's Children.
10/21/2018 c12 Aresius King
Hi there Zahariel! Your work is great, and it really stands up to the level of the Dornian Heresy But something is not clear to me - in your canon, the Eye of Terror and Cadia seem to be located in the galactic core, but in 40k canon it lies to the NW, in Segmentum Obscurus. Have you perhaps swapped the positions of the Eye of Terror and the Maelstrom in your stories?
10/3/2018 c32 Baradur
Calixis sector. Looking in the lore where do we find the tyrant star IN THE CALIXIS SECTOR IN THE SEGMENTUM OBSCURUS. The only part that doesn’t make sense is the IFTEHATTSD reference. That’s all the theory I got in me take it as you will
10/3/2018 c32 Guest
This a long shot but what if Aeonids companion was Angron? The dead god was most likely Malal because Aeonid was using chaos powers against chaos, and Malal was the only chaos god that hated chaos. In this chapter it mentioned opening the tomb let loose something that let loose a baleful light killing and corrupting those around it.
In chapter 20 one of the messages had mentioned a black star that burned the soul and twisted the flesh, I’m almost certain that that was the Tyrant star something also related to Malal.
At this point you may be wondering barad what in the Emperors name does this has to do with Angron, well my nosy readers in the same passage/message it mentions a white-clad giant with twin axes holding back the invaders sounds like Angron doesn’t it, but that isn’t the only reason no! in the character concepts chapter I must point you to the world eaters section, more specifically the guardian devourer where it tells of the character searching for Angron across the galaxy before going to segmentum obscurus which(in the warhammer wikia this is where the tyrant star is located) finding some HORRIFYING secret that almost broke their mind where he decided to guard against all seeking to kill Angron and the secret he found. Lastly we have to jump back to chapter 20 to that message, looking at it’s location it said the calixis
9/30/2018 c32 Tobi14
This was spectacular and I can't help but wonder how much of it was his will versus the pull of chaos after all the will of chaos is normally the same as the champion you can't call them slaves if they would do it any way.

All well Guilliman took some loeses but in the end so what it's recoverable.

Hello Zahariel I have a two questions given how the black legion is biles pet projects/long war club can you tell me how the imperials view them?Less first among traitors and more mongrel horde would you say?

Given the black legion did not form cannon way is harmoney still Bile's power base except now the capital of the black legion, given how he is on the run? Serving a role similar to medrengard supplying them with all the heavy armor plus daemon engines and all the other things they need.
8/31/2018 c32 1Das Amerikan
This is, without a doubt, one of the finest works of literature I have ever read. Why you haven't been hired by Black Library yet I do not know. As for my guesses for the three names, the Gravekeeper is quite clearly Ferrus Manus, the dead god I suspect to be Malal, and Aeonid's Companion may be Kaldor Draigo, although I'm not entirely sure.
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