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8/31/2018 c32 1Das Amerikan
This is, without a doubt, one of the finest works of literature I have ever read. Why you haven't been hired by Black Library yet I do not know. As for my guesses for the three names, the Gravekeeper is quite clearly Ferrus Manus, the dead god I suspect to be Malal, and Aeonid's Companion may be Kaldor Draigo, although I'm not entirely sure.
8/19/2018 c16 5Legio Sinica
Hello Zahariel!

First, we would to apologise. As much as this account is part of our plan to bring Chinese Warhammer fanfiction to the international stage, it is also our plan to import international Warhammer fanfiction into the Chinese community. And without asking for your approval, we have already dived headlong into translating the Word Bearers Index before one of us figured that we hadn't contacted you for authorization to do so.

The tricky part is...we're already done with the translation. The current Chinese version (0.8.8) is 33,790 words long (including AN) AND we have most of it posted online already.

With regards to your possible, we are not using the translation to profit. We can PM you the link to the translation if you want to confirm the fact. Before posting, we have specifically chose a dying platform (it is called Tieba) to minimise the chance of anyone pirating the translation to profit from it.

But about the other problem...yes, we are already working on another Index (Raven Guard 0.3, clocking in at 59K). The Raven Guard Index remains unpublished. So, despite this being kind of late, Zahariel, would you give your blessings to the Word Bearers and Raven Guard Index translations?

With these unpleasant issues touched on, we can move on to more pleasant matters. You have a substantial fanbase in China, much to our surprise, considering the language barrier and internet barriers between you and them. As soon as we began posting the translation, there was a reply referring to Lorgar's "last stand" on Khur! We don't know what your reaction to this fact would be, but if you have anything that you want to say to your Chinese fanbase, we could pass the message on to them.

If you are not angry at our actions, then we could always have a chat via PM regarding the translation of the other Indexes. We have noticed that certain (alpha) Indexes (legion) were substantially larger than (spess) others (corgies), though, which is one reason we have only been working on two Indexes only. A rough estimate demonstrates that a full translation of the Roboutian Heresy would be over a million characters long, and that is not something we could do in any reasonable timeframe...

Oh there is one more thing. The first chapter of this work and the Ultramarines Index have been partly translated by persons unknown to us, which is another reason why we chose Tieba as the platform of our choice - the people there are more likely to hear about your work. Our surprise back up there stems from the fact that two fragmentary translations seems to have spawned a considerable fanbase, which is a testament to both your concept design and artful execution!

We would like to thank you for the enjoyment we have had when reading the Roboutian Heresy, and we would also apologise again for not asking for your permission before we published our translation of your work.

"We are one, so we are never alone."

Legio Sinica, till next time.

P.S. The title we used for your work was, if literally translated, "Guilliman's Apocrypha". The Chinese fandom has a habit of calling alt-Heresies Apocrypha, e.g. the Dornian Heresy is the "Dornian Apocrypha", and the Jonsonian Heresy was originally called the "Apocrypha of the Lion King" (the pun is just a coincidence; I would have to ramble about even more to get to how the Chinese fandom refers to the Primarchs). We have no idea when they started referring to alt-Heresies as such, and it has created a strange issue for those trying to introduce non-Heresies such as Nobledark Imperium.
8/17/2018 c32 sonic
I liked the chapter!
8/16/2018 c32 13Dragonofelder
As always, amazing.
8/15/2018 c32 dreddman
I needed this
8/14/2018 c32 12SirDrakos
Goodness me what a chapter! So much to enjoy and love. The clash between Thiel and Guilliman was grand, and the fact that Guilliman's ambition rules he so much it wonderful. I'm curious to see the daemon-primarchs response to Guilliman's return - especially the wonderfully cruel Vulkan. Overall, a wonderful battle and I eagerly await the attack on Chemos. With so many twists you've certainly got me on my toes!
8/10/2018 c32 3RohanVos
Wonderful chapter as always, I truly enjoy a trip down an alternate heresy rabbithole:) Perhaps a fallen eldar god? I look forward to the eventual reveal, I best go back and reread Endgame and search for additional clues :)
8/10/2018 c32 Conquering King
Man, I've gotta say, I think the RH universe is a better setting and has an unquestionably better set of villains. Having the Gillman as the big bad and having an Arch-Traitor still alive to plague the imperium is going to be so much of a better story than Abaddon continually failing his crusades and still appearing competent. With the Rout being actual Viking raiders, having the Salamanders become literal dragon warriors and greedy slavemasters, and having the sons of Corax being masters of genetic body horror and representing the sheer mind numbing horror of chaos, are all far more... interesting and I believe to be better representations of unaligned Chaos Legions than canon Word Bearer fanatics and Iron Warrior tech-warlords, with the Sons of Horus being too generically evil.

The aligned traitor legions are also far deeper, in my opinion, than the canon ones. Tzeench's Legion isn't just all sorcerers, they're scheming knights devoted to ushering in an age of Change. The Bloodfather's Legion aren't all just mad berserkers, they're glorious bloody warriors and admirals. Slaanesh's Legion isn't just excess for the sake of excess, they're blood hungry vampiric sons of a deranged godling who sold their souls. The corrupted Iron Hands remaining unified and having Ferrus potentially being still 'mortal' makes them far more interesting than Mortarion's bland reaper Legion. Also the character archetypes you wrote are just proof of that.

The loyal legions also have more depth, and far less foolishness with a thousand different chapters screwing everything up. With the anti slavery World Eaters and the justice of the Night Lords, the Thousand Sons fighting the War of Fate, Mortarion's heirs exterminating xenos, the wrath of the Sons of Horus, and the Iron Warriors literally caging Chaos, the Imperium is in better hands than the one being guarded by dudes literally called Marines Malevolent.

All in all I've been reading and rereading the codex and stories and they're just damned good. The depth and complexity, the stories and characters, and the sheer 'wot' of Thiel, it's just an incredibly good universe you've written.

Tl;dr you wrote better stuff than canon
8/9/2018 c32 4morion87
As awesome as this chapter was, I'm very disappointed that Chemos is only getting a one chapter arc, instead of several chapters of awesome long.

If it's a massive one, that'll help.

Oh and as far as who the Gravekeeper really is. Anyone with a brain knows its Ferrus.
8/9/2018 c32 Captain Titus Invictus
my guess on who the Gravekeeper's identity is Malcador the Sigilate. my reason for my guess? i'm pretty sure Malcador wore a silver ring, and he was the #2 ranked Psyker in the Imperium back in the Fun Old Glory Days of the Great Crusade
8/8/2018 c32 Guest
Perhaps a great old one was the intombed god considering Hastur(the yellow king) is confirmed to exist. As well as this quote “At his house in Ry’leh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”
8/8/2018 c32 Guest
I know i am supposed to say how awesome your work is, but truthfully i doubt anything i say would be accurate enough of a praise. All i can say however is that it's the best thing i have ever read on this site
8/8/2018 c32 DarkFury
First of all...holy crap! I didn't expect to actually have the Sacrificed Son be Aeonid, much less for him to actually put up a serious fight against a demonic primarch! That was awesome!

First of all: The Gravekeeper is super easy to figure out. It is Perturabo! Just kidding, it's Ferrus Manus.

Second: ...I want to think it is Malal, since his whole thing is that he fights against Chaos and in the (retconned) lore he was banished because the other gods found him insufferable. Could be wrong tho, though the Tomb did remind me of that Black Star, even though I think that idea was used for Malice (the Raven Guard version you did).

And finally...I want to say that the companion is Draigo since he sorta appeared in Warhammer Fantasy as a 'silver knight' in the Garden of Nurgle, but that wouldn't work because his story is different here. And Kaleb Daark is too obvious, as the one follower of Malal in canon, before Malal was retconned away. But I'm gonna go with Kaldor Draigo, simply because that would be really weird and awesome at the same time.
8/8/2018 c1 Guest
Pretty sure the thing in the crypt is an elder god, like Cthulhu maybe? In his house at Ry’leh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming
8/8/2018 c32 1Duffman18
I'm loving this story so far. This chapter was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to see more of what I'm guessing is some delightful Malal shenanigans. I was also a huge fan of the character-building you did for Guilliman and Thiel throughout the fight. Especially when Guilliman chose Chaos over the pleading of his own family. Here's also hoping for what I think was Ferrus Manus to have some Nurgle Fun.

The only complaint I have is that, despite being the Time of Endings, Chaos really doesn't seem as threatening as it could be. Roboute Guilliman coming back is certainly a major step up, but every time Chaos unleashes a plan or sends forth its champions they have met with an equally strong, or stronger, Imperial response that has negated or weakened said plan. Magnus coming back on Terathlion, and the death of numerous named champions of chaos, Guilliman returning only to have his homeworld and all his post-awakening plans burned away by Aenoid Thiel, etc. Not to mention Vindicta, the Imperium getting more living saints and anti-chaos powerhouses, etc.

I'm loving the story, and can't wait to see where you take it, but I hope that we get to see more of Chaos successfully building up its forces and becoming the major threat we know them to be.
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