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for The Roboutian Heresy

4/14/2023 c78 Krosskothen
Hello! I was wondering if you’d be okay if I read your fanfic Audiobook style on my YouTube channel? Of course all credit and everything goes to you, this is just one of my favorite fanfics and I want to share it with others if possible. If that is okay with you please email me at . Thank you.
4/11/2023 c6 Assassin25e
I am not sure if you have gone over this in later sections but, what replaces the Leman Russ tanks, because now the Space Wolves are traitors, and Leman Russ is gone, so are they now the Magnus tanks or something?
2/24/2023 c19 12WoodenStarfish
I’ve never been a fan of a the alpha legion in canon, so I was pleasantly surprised by all the amazing things you did with them here. You made the coldest legion feel the most human, you fit in an eldar/imperium alliance, and you even made the METAL BOXES guy look badass. Now I wonder what a loyalist Sindri is up to. You definitely concluded the indexes on a high note, and I wish GW would make your story a separate setting with its unique models.

I look forward to reading the rest of the story going forwards.
2/15/2023 c78 2Maternova
After the revelations in this chapter (I strongly advise any new readers to avoid this one, because reasons), there's a certain joke in the Chinese RH community:
The false protector of Mankind: Omegon and his god-making plan
The true protector of Mankind: Raven Guard and their god-killing plot
OTOH, the Ravens apparently don't know their biggest creation through and through, believing Malice could just be chucked at random stuff as a WMD. This is not good. Morvax may have unwittingly messed up all of Corax's plans after "attack Hydra Cordatus for fresh gene-seed".
2/14/2023 c18 12WoodenStarfish
You definitely succeeded in making the Raven Guard horrifying. They saw the true nature of chaos and said “if we can’t beat them, make everyone join them.”
2/11/2023 c17 WoodenStarfish
I really appreciate the thought you put into how the Salamanders sustain themselves and spread their influence to imperial worlds. They are an empire all on their own. Vulkan as a fifth chaos god is an awesome idea.
2/2/2023 c12 WoodenStarfish
I think I like your chaos ultramarines more than the canon loyal ones. They make fantastic villains.
1/30/2023 c10 WoodenStarfish
Love the irony of chaos iron hands replacing the weak flesh with nurgle’s mutations instead of metal. Also, plague titans sound terrifying
1/28/2023 c8 WoodenStarfish
I think your Night Lords are my favorite loyalist legion in the story. They’re very inspiringly noble in this dark tale.
1/27/2023 c7 WoodenStarfish
Something I’ve noticed with your chaos primarchs is that the pacing of their corruption is a lot more gradual than the canon chaos primarchs. I think this is a positive, as many of the canon primarchs (especially Angron) felt like they were designed to be villains from day one and feel one dimensional as a result.

But because you are using canonically noble characters and slowly turning them villainous, their arcs are a lot more engaging for me than the canon traitors.
1/27/2023 c6 WoodenStarfish
I love the idea of werewolf possessed space marines prowling the warp like the Wild Hunt. Same for the ragnorok like myths for the wolf time.

This may be your most creative chapter yet.
1/26/2023 c5 WoodenStarfish
Your take on chaos white scars is fascinating and creative. Makes me wish I could see some of these units on the tabletop.
1/25/2023 c3 WoodenStarfish
The Emperor’s Children are one of my favorite legions, and I’m amazed by the unique story you gave them here.

Btw, did Ostian and Serena survive the war?
1/24/2023 c1 WoodenStarfish
I personally would’ve switched the Iron Fists and Blood Angels in terms of which god they serve. I can see Slaanesh perverting the pain gloves from sources of discipline into masochism, and bloodthirst is totally a Khorne speciality.

But otherwise, I really love this scenario, and think it’s one of the most interesting alt heresies out there.
1/20/2023 c69 Guest
This is the best alternate version of the Heresy.
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