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1/22/2017 c16 Hedrigal
Im disappointed there's no reference to Eliphas the Inheritor in this, but overall still a really great chapter and great work overall.
1/3/2017 c16 Spider
Greetings Lord Cypher. It has been awhile.

Sorry for my lack of reviews, but work, holidays and a cold has kept me occupied. But with that out of the way. This has been a great chapter for the Word Bearers. It is very interesting to see what the 17th could have been, had they remained as atheistic crusaders. All in all, a good chapter.

Also May I ask when your next update is coming up? Will it be coming in the following months? I am eager to see what Vulkan becomes in the Roboutian Heresy. Speaking about the RH-Verse, I am wondering if you are going to do any spotlights on characters from 40K in RH, like Mephiston, Asmodai, Kayvaan Shrike, etc

It's because Black Library has been focusing lately on a character from the Space Wolves: Lukas the Trickster, known among the sons of Fenris as the Jackalwolf, among other name.

Lukas is an interesting amongst the Wolves for playing tricks, on friends and foes alike and just causing all kinds of trouble for laughs. Since the Wolves in your RH-Verse turn traitor, is Lukas around, because I kind of see him as either a follower of Chaos undivided or, more likely as I see it, as a follower of Tzeentch.

A Space Wolf as a follower of the Changer of ways would be cool, considering Tricks and pranks take a lot of planning, not to mention Tzeentch's characterisation in the Emperor Text To Speech series. It would really fit.

I thought it would be cool if Lukas in the RH-Verse, as a Tzeentchian Space Wolf had an encounter with a Traitor Dark Angel. Would they fight? or would they be friends and allies, as a twisted echo of the old friendship between the 1st and 6th Legions? Just some food for thought, It's just that Lukas is a very entertaining character. I should also mention he's a member of Ragnar Blackmane's company in Canon 40k, since its the only place where he'll be accepted. But amongst a S.W. Chaos Warband in RH,...well...things can happen.

I will leave the decision to you.

Keep up the writing.

Spider out.
1/2/2017 c16 guest
Why don't you make the salamanders fall because of pride such as the quote goes pride goeth before the fall
1/1/2017 c1 Anon
This is an amazing setting that you've created, and it certainly rivals the original 40k in my mind! Keep it up - especially looking forward to the Raven Guard and Alpha Legion!
12/20/2016 c16 dragonwar2945
When will we see the next chapter of Roboutian Heresy?
12/10/2016 c16 Rhaegrim
This is the best alternate heresy on the whole Internet.
Hell i even made some colour schemes in the Ultimate Apocalypse just to roleplay.

I really want to know what happened to Vulkan in his childhood that changed him into that monstrous brute.

Will there be some more mentions of the unknown primarchs?
We know that they are dead and that one of them was doomed by some genetic flaw.
11/27/2016 c1 3Hong Cong
If there's a legion I am really curious to see, aside from the salamanders in this, it's the Alpha Legion. Since The legions Primarch has such a mysterious origin and how you're going to write the history is something I'm looking forward to
11/18/2016 c16 6Nemris
"There is one thing our species will never lose... Hope."
And the God of hope is really freaking evil.
As you said, The Bearers of the Word in RH are perhaps the most different from canon. The guys who not only had utter belief in the ideals of the Imperial Truth during Great Crusade, but some of the rare few who actually managed to hold on to the word of the Emperor when almost everyone else failed. It is almost beautiful.
Well done, overall very good chapter. The tear jerking moments did not get to me as bad as in some other chapters, but it was still a great read.
Glad to see we got a Death Company equivalent, even if it way different from canon.
What is the Legion heraldry of the Word Bearers? It surely is not the Demonic head surely, but is it still the book? I could see it as a symbol of illumination, even if it is not of religious nature with these guys.
Okay, we have come so far, XVIIth is behind us, only three more to go. Only super interesting ones left. Oh, Vulkan and Salamanders, I have heard so many mentions of them during all these chapters, and they are perhaps my most waited Legion. I love good monsters, and he should really live up to the name if all the hype is to be believed. I only hope that he has sufficiently amount of tragedy with his backstory. Angron and Curze are arguably the worst monsters in canon, and both of them had a pretty fucked up childhoods.
And after The Salamanders... come The Raven Guard... I look forward to them for all other reasons.
Keep up the Good Work.
11/18/2016 c16 2Darkerpaths
Well, little... I don't want to say disappointed because it is such a minor thing and you still amaze me every time you post a chapter.

I do wish you would have let the Word Bearers have a more religious role. But this is about their polar opposites so I understand.

Really liked the bits about the Shadow Crusade. I always love the parts where you write about action, but leave it vague enough for our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

And oh yeah,
Vulkan OP, Zahriel Pls...
11/15/2016 c16 Guest
I seriously hate Vulkan here. He killed not only Konrad Curze, but also Mortarion, two of my favorite Primarchs. I just hope he gets screwed over, because the relic hunt that the Salamanders do must happen here too.
11/14/2016 c16 jorawar
11/14/2016 c16 Wonderful
Always a solid job with you
11/13/2016 c16 8RaptorusMaximus
Yet another great installment. Your chapters on the loyalists in this universe always have one or two moments so epic/inspiring they bring the hit of tears to my eyes. Great job, as always.
Also, as a major Salamanders and Black Dragons fan, I must say that I am both dreading and highly anticipating the next chapter.
Let the gallaxy BURN.
11/13/2016 c16 68Jaenera Targaryen
So Lorgar calls Russ out on his superstition? PURE GOLD :D

Holy shit, Erebus you are one magnificent bastard aren't you?

So the Burning of Monarchia in reverse...

Oh Dantioch, how sad to be forgotten with the rest of the Shadow Crusade. But I do not believe Lorgar forgot, and neither did Perturabo, who was probably told.

The Council of Terra being hostile...I'd like to think that's a generalization. The Mechanicum and the Ordo Hereticus have strong ties with the Word Bearers, and the XVII's primary beef is with the Ecclesiarchy, something the Mechanicum would sympathize with, and to a lesser extent, the Ordo Hereticus. The latter's purview might have expanded over the millennia, but they were originally founded to police the Ecclesiarchy primarily. And of course, the Captain-General of the Custodes would slap down the Council if worse came worse. Rogue, the relationship with them and the XVII is murky TBH, but that's OK. It leaves room for creative development, always a good thing. And them not caring much for Ecclesiarchal displeasure is understandable: the Mechanicum as mentioned favors the XVII, and a good word from the XVII to Mars for a Rogue Trader in need/with reasonable designs is worth more in practical terms than having an Ecclesiarch in your pocket. The Priests of Mars command the Imperium's industry after all, and their leaders are theoretically co-equal to those of the Administratum. Hell, even the Inquisition treads lightly when it comes to potentially offending the Mechanicum.

And lol at the Ecclesiarchy having an even heavier headache over Astartes belief systems thanks to the XVII. Not that they can do much about it, of course.

And then we have the end: Lorgar trapped in the Warp, fighting a constant battle against the Daemons of Chaos much like Magnus. And through it all, he can see the light of Truth shining in the dark, promising salvation at the End Times.
11/13/2016 c16 9Antony444
Good job in the Word Bearers. Loved how they are the champions of the Imperial Truth in this version of the reality.
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