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11/25/2022 c27 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c34 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c14 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c18 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c30 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c42 Dasgun
11/23/2022 c10 Guest
I like this.
11/22/2022 c78 Anonymous
If we're talking army lists for the Yellow King, I saw a suggestion on Spacebattles that it could probably win over a lot of the Death Guard, and I have to agree with that. Mortarian himself would have rejected it, but the Death Guard both strongly believe in the Emperor's divinity (and the Yellow King is the god born from the Emperor's darkness, it can prove them right), and they cope with their painful duty by gloriously purging the xenos on a regular basis (which is exactly the action that helped give rise to the Yellow King). I could see it easily converting two or three Great Companies into a King's Guard or something.

Also this was probably my favorite reveal of the entire RH, and it's fascinating to realize that considering the Yellow King manipulated the scattering of the Primarchs and by casting it out we got the RH Emperor vs. the regular Emperor, the decision atop the Tower of Babel is the nail that changed the entire universe.
11/22/2022 c9 Guest
I didnt like the idea of Sanguinius falling for Slanesh instead of Khrone but this was worthy! The Slanesh Angels sound terrifying, the fall of Sanguinius into madness is the saddest thing ever!

The light of the Astronomican is weaking?...oh no, please no.
11/21/2022 c8 Guest
Konrad. 2nd Best Loyalist Primarch with the 2nd best Loyalist Legion. Who is N1? Well, my man Angron of course, i dont even need to read it to know. But i will when i get there.

Its nice to see the Astartes leading to the good moral path. Tough i still have to see the rest.
11/21/2022 c1 Dasgun
11/20/2022 c6 Guest
Canon Magnus laughs in the face of Chaos Leman after he accepted the Rune Priests are Psykers.
11/19/2022 c5 Guest
Even traitors they are coolest Legion...

So Attention seeking mongolian pirates. Forever hunted by the 2 most insidious Legions.

Props to not being fully tainted, not mutated, "decent" method of recruitment, cool color pattern (white and black with a ligthning). And the idea of Chaos Marines just riding Daemons/Deamon Engines to battle is...perfect
11/19/2022 c4 Guest
A Legion traumatized.
A Primarch in coma.
Perturabo tombed in a shitty dreadnoght.
Yep. Thats a loyalist Legion.

They think with logic and reason, thats new.
11/18/2022 c3 Guest
So the Emperor's Children became the Lamenters, Ultramarines, Imperial Fist, Black Templar and Blood Angels of this canon. Nice, since there is no chapters in this canon having all the Legioms going trough some power up and upgrade is necessary. Mainly because the Empirium needs the best of the best in order to survive in this canon since the strongest legions fell to Chaos.

The scars thing is perfect it shows that the EC now dont seek perfection in the exterior but in the interior, with wisdom, values, martial proes and efficiency. 10/10 there.

I know its years later but can we have Rylanor taking the place of Bjorn in this canon as the oldest Astartes? And vice versa?

You were so close to simply make the Dark Eldar non existent in this canon...but you couldnt...and the Dornian Heresy won there.
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