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10/31/2022 c78 5Archaon the Everchosen 1999
Firstly let me say that this revealed floored me and had me reeling. When I got to the revelation on what It is it felt like something of cosmic Horror was approaching and I immediately knew it needed to die. The Yellow king is perhaps the greatest monstrosity to have been birthed in the wake of Light’s End and I do not know if it can even be bested. Even worse you can feel the sheer magnitude of the threat when Corax of all people sends one of his best to slay it at perhaps the most pivotal moment; yet it was in vain.

It had been planning this since… the day it split at the tower of Babble would be the best way to put it. Worse still is the possibility that arises. It fed on the Imperium’s sins and those sins will continue to pill up feeding it even more and without the Emperor himself to counter it.

I’ve been thinking of what word could ascribe to the Yellow king and blasphemy does work, it is a twisted mirror of the master of mankind but Maybe also eternity or inevitability
10/31/2022 c78 17deadpoolhulk

to say my jaw was on the floor repeatedly doesn't come close to expressing the emotions you've put me through you mad terrible genius you.

i mean... wow. just all of this. outstanding.
10/31/2022 c78 10Archcommander Tenebros
I always had a feeling that the Yellow King was an embodiment of the God-Emperor if He was evil, the malevolent counterpart of the Star Child, but to actually SEE this truth confirmed, and to have the Yellow King explain the ramifications was chilling on a whole another level, and a perfect way to wrap up Halloween.

And how ironic that Nykona Sharrowkyn, a champion of the most evil Traitor Legion in the entire Roboutian Heresy, was THIS CLOSE to killing the Yellow King at the moment of his birth, and by extension committing one of the greatest acts of good possible for this universe. How unfortunate for everyone that he failed...

And speaking of evil Traitor Legion, does Corax already know the truth about the Yellow King's true nature? Or is he going to flip his shit when he learns that he was unwittingly and unknowingly serving a malevolent aspect of the very Emperor that he so thoroughly despised?
10/31/2022 c78 Conner Bixby
I smell Tolkien, the Bible, and a lot of caffeine. masterful as always.
10/31/2022 c1 Pingasking200
Maybe cross post this to A03 (Archive of Our Own), it's so good!
10/27/2022 c40 Saint Lazarus
this chapter made me cry man..
10/22/2022 c77 Hunter19941
Love the story finished it in a few days absolutely awesome portrayal of Fabius bile his character is awesome.
Best eagerly await the next update.
10/21/2022 c77 stranrep
Great. Shit is about to get... well, realer. Especially considering final words and WMG section of this fanfic on Tv Tropes.

Thanks for this fanfic, it's much more entertaining than current GW ploitline (although certain primarch fight is really wonderful).
10/17/2022 c77 11John Spangler
Damn, that was a very creepy ending for the Cadian Apocalypse!
10/16/2022 c77 9AraelDranoth
Loved every second of it. Keep up the amazing work!
10/16/2022 c77 17deadpoolhulk
"Vulkan is about the size of a battleship" is the kind of batshit insanity i love this story for so much. I Was xpecting him to be matching up to the biggest TITANS not this. And i'm so happy for it.
that scene with the harlequin was the highlight of the chaptr to me though. i do love those weirdo elf boys
10/15/2022 c77 Puffy Harp Seal
Every chapter you keep surpassing our expectations Zahariel - this was great!
10/15/2022 c77 8Antony444
Wonderful epilogue and ending to the Cadian Apocalypse.
Can't wait for the King in Yellow chapter.
10/4/2022 c76 Sarenwave45
You, Sir, made me gush like little fan boy with the mention that the Salamanders are marching to war with Vulkan leading them, all I ask is that Vulkan doesn’t die please, but if he needs to.. BLOW MY MIND then. Always tuned
9/30/2022 c73 Paakun
You are a worthy lore master. The mirror universe that you wrote is rich. Alternate history of an imperium that might have been!
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