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6/9/2020 c54 Brunna
Continue your good job
11/30/2019 c54 Rachael
OMG! I was sooo excited that Ziva has finically returned, but it sucks that you don’t get to see her reunite with Tony and Tali and that she was only in for 2 episodes. Anyway yeah really annoyed that we didn’t see a Tiva reunion - that would be sooo cuuuttttee- I legit cried wen we found out Ziva was dead and at Tony’s reaction to it (sooo sad). However sooo glad she’s not dead, just wished they had a Tiva reunion and goooodsd workkk on the story. It’s really good
11/23/2019 c54 Debbie
Great chapter. Like the new storyline of Adam and Malachi. Looking forward to see where you are going with this.
11/17/2019 c54 14beatrix.acs
This is a nice read for a lazy Sunday with tea in my hand...

Either way - I do understand Ziva but I also understand Tony. They both have a point and whatever the final outcome eventually is, I am excited to see where it goes.

That mysterious man who is apparently trying to do everything to get Ziva back needs a professional help. I don't really think he could twist the reality in such a way so he would regain her trust and be happy with him. But hey, weirdos and crazies do think so, I'm just here, questioning him like "how the hell do you think this is gonna work for real, man?"
Interesting to see another fight for power within Mossad ranks but it's not unusual - politics is politics.

OH MY, I LOVED THAT SCENE IN THE RESTROOMS! Not only for them, of course, but damn - Larry... Poor guy but I like him :D :D Hilarious part.

I have to agree with Liat - I love Coyote Ugly. It's not the best movie ever but sometimes, I just need to see these kind of movies. And "Can't fight the Moonlight" has been my favourite song for ages.

"Meow" - lol... :D I laughed. Loudly. Sorry, it was funny. Either way, I hope the agents are alright and the rat will pay for what he did.

Can't wait to read more!
11/16/2019 c54 17DS2010
Got to love Ziva helping Tony out.
I hope Mal and Adam are okay.
11/16/2019 c53 Guest
Was not expecting Tony to resign from NCIS... so sad
9/14/2019 c54 panchaescalona
Noooo Please keep writing, is so good.
9/13/2019 c54 Pauliecat1173
I understand you have been upset by this interview that Cote de Pablo gave but you do realize that that's an old interview from back when she first left the show and the endless speculations of what happened to the character of Ziva. She was just giving her impression of what she felt the writer's had done and it has nothing to do with the current storyline going on right now where Ziva came back and is quite alive...
9/12/2019 c54 brvillareal
Please reconsider continuing your story. it is definitely a favorite that I keep reading over and over from the beginning.
9/12/2019 c54 2awastedream
i know it doesn’t look hope you for now but we did knee micheal wasn’t really coming back cause he is busy with his own show we did knew there was a possibility of tony or tali not knowing she is alive though it might not the case either—i don’t think what she said is enough to kill hopes and make us give up the show runners does know how much people loves tiva i don’t think they’re going to end them cause if they were going to i do not believe they would give them a daughter in the first place i do honestly believe we can still be hopeful they might be keeping tiva and tali for the future episodes that we do know they won’t give us them easily and before milking more and more! i just hope you wouldn’t give up writing this cause this fic does makes me happy
9/12/2019 c54 587WW
I've just discovered this story and loved it!
Please post the ending to this story, i want to see their happy ending. Even if it doesn't come on the show that's the beauty of fanfiction it can be whatever we choose it to be.
They're back together but i want to know how they revealed to their friends they were back together, their wedding, if they got pregnant and now that Tony is choosing to resign for NCIS instead of going to San Diego. What's up with that?
9/12/2019 c54 Safara Bellamy
Please continue your story, it is creative and interesting, I have enjoyed reading your version of Tony and Ziva. I feel like it would be a shame to leave it unfinished. And from the article it just sounds like speculation, nothing seems definite, and you never know there could still be a chance we could see a small version of Tiva happy ending. Please don’t stop writing your story.
9/12/2019 c54 kfink77
From what I read in the TV Guide interview after it said dot dot dot it said to be continued. She will be back for at least two more episodes and possibly more. It didn’t say Tiva was over. Keeping us guessing to tune in. She’s going to be doing an interview next Friday maybe she’ll make things more clear. I think if Tiva was going to happen they’ll keep it a secret like they did her appearance at the end of S16.
9/12/2019 c54 1ZippyLove09
May I ask what interview you are referring to? I can’t find any recent interviews in which TIVA is declared over.
I’m disappointed this fic is ending :(
9/6/2019 c53 Debbie
This is a great story. Do not give it up. This is why it is called fan fiction you can write the story anyway you want. Looking forward to the next chapter.
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