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5/28 c92 1Dewpoint
I don't know, I can tell that this is your favorite story to update but I can't help but feel like this is also one of your weakest. This chapter kinda illustrated the issue but the I can't help but feel like the plot is all over the place and has way too many focuses to move forward. I mean how long ago did it take to finally make it to the timeskip with chapter 85 and how much as actually happened since then?

RWBY as a show kinda has an overarching issue of having interesting concepts but doing barely anything with them, especially when it comes to characters. Unlike your other stories, you've injected a ton of Naruto characters into the universe and are constantly trying to stay on top of every one of their stories, enough so that you made a set of side stories and 'what-ifs' featuring some of them. The problem is that with the loads and loads of characters in the show, in addition to the ones you added you're trying to write about, the plot, the focus, the progression is all over the place.

I can't help but feel like this fic is too ambitious. Very little regarding the plot was advanced this chapter and considering the focus of the characters shifted from Naruto and Sasuke to Team NKTS to 'the dirty dozen' to way too many characters across the entire setting, I don't see how this ever gets wrapped up cleanly especially knowing that RWBY's own plot points are on the weak side. Naruto easily has the most interesting character arc in this story with Sasuke following behind but the story is constantly diverting from him. At least with the other fics, he's clearly the focus but even if the latest chapter (93 at the time of this review) progressed with telling Naruto's story, there's so much ground to cover in addition to what you are already trying to do.

Best of luck with this one, but I hope strong points of your other fics make their way into this one eventually.
5/23 c82 s.fireslman777
To the guest Below me I am the Guest below you
we it's not something new
when we have seen what orochimaru can do with dead bodies
5/23 c81 s.fireslman777
To the Guste
5/19 c81 Maelstrom Resurrected
To the guest below me.

I'm more interested to see what Orochimaru going to do with Han's corpse considering/if it'll happen in the story.
5/18 c81 Guest
I wished that orochimaru succeeded in capturing naruto
I think it would have been more interesting if orochimaru started experimenting on naruto
5/13 c93 Parks98

Don't really know how to describe this chapter other than that.
5/8 c93 maxtime
Yep this was a horrible story with a lot of unhuman stuff done to the characters and you treat it with tje respect and actitud it deserve. And there was no washy washy stuff Naruto has clearly changed his world view and not necessarily for the better.
Heck i bet there is more to the story then what we know, because things cant go well with this kind of blood thirsty crew, or atuff happen that made then too untrustworthy and stuff went bad, or something else i cant come up with happen.

And the ending yeah, you finally put all the cards on the table regarding Naruto's problem, now the ball is on how you are going to make Oscar solve it.
5/8 c93 6Vongola Ninja
Maybe it's just me but I feel like this FF should have a Viewer FF as well.

By that I mean RWBY Reads Hunting or Bust because chapters like THIS one would definitely hit the Canon cast with some heavy emotions, I mean can you imagine how Team RWBY, JNPR, The teacher's like Ozpin and Glynda would react to seeing/reading this!

Just to be clear Just the RWBY cast not the Naruto cast mainly cause this is in the RWBYVERS so it should probably be viewed just by them in my option.

Hope you consider doing something like that along with them reacting to the HOB Side stories!
5/8 c93 Maelstrom Resurrected
Oh...oh mu god.

This is seriously one of the most intense chapter I've ever read. And I feel like there's more of Naruto's flashback later on in this Volume. But my biggest concern is what Oscar is going to do now that he learned all of this.
a) Leave Naruto?

b) Find some words of wisdom to convince our broken blonde into heading towards Mistral.

c) Naruto leaves Oscar

d) either of the above

Either way, I can't wait to see how this volume ends. And it's gonna probably end with 'Let's just live'.

Til next time!
5/8 c93 Paradoxity
I was expecting some really dark shit but honestly, it was pretty mild. I'm glad though LOL
Good chapter, really want to see Kurostuchi back, peaked my interest.
5/8 c93 iiNeo
Ugh Naruto just needs a hug honestly. And I hope to see kurotsichi down the line.
5/8 c93 4Monster King
5/5 c91 2General Kain of Whirlpools
You couldn't have one "The fuck" echo out from Anko from the distance?

I feel that would have capped it. lmao
5/2 c82 General Kain of Whirlpools
Well, Im disappointed honestly.

You stuck to canon super hard regardless of all the Extra Material you had included into. It feels cheap.

Not only did you so many extra Huntsmen, but they seemingly did nothing to soften the event, but none of the secret order thought it smart to go back to help Ozpin. Especially when they know what the enemy is after.

And Jaune still can't call them but he could reach Ruby? Can you see why I'm frustrated?
4/25 c1 2EJHowell
Fairly-light hearted- you can instantly tell this story was posted before volume 3
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