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for Hunting or Bust: The Journey Onward

5/11 c1 KingSparda
Damm I haven't read something so long since the games we play so I'm hesitant as fuck to start this but congrats on ending it I'll read it. Eventually...
4/30 c1 A-mc-J
Haven’t read your story, the size of it is rather intimidating, but noticed that it’s complete. Since I’ve seen it around for a few years now I just wanted to say congrats.
4/11 c101 1FicReader of Desert
Im here for any new chapters)
4/9 c101 Zetven
This story was really an odyssey, everything since the beginning to the very end was incredible, the action, the character development, the moment of fun and the arcs was amazing the way that you made.
I really like how you introduce a lot of naruto characters in the world of rwby, making everyone from somwhere of remmant, and all of them with his own throught and aspirations.

the arcs were really interesting to read, the arc of wilsk was a really good way of show how thing are going to go, them the uchiha arc was brutal, then the nexts arcs, the new white fang and the breach, were very entreteiment about everything about them, the intection, fight and developments, and the Vytal, I can just say that was just awesome, them vol. 4, how everyone are separated and tried to continue after what they have experient and how some of them reunited, the sasuke group with weiss was very emotional and them the last chapter with naruto and RNJR, I really cried.

The way of every character interact was really entreteiment, from the protagonists to the antagonists, I was a bit skeptical about kiba and tenten being the second duo (in the start i think that better ideas was like lee, shikamaru, neji or haku) but they become really interesting, but my favorites are without doude naruto and sasuke, how they start being enemys to become brothers without the same blood, and how you develop them, but dude, vol. 4 it was almost like, lets development naruto making him experiment the worst thing that I can imangine, becoming to a happy guy to someone that do not trust in the people and is prepared to abandond them to his luck, but inside still a good person,his journey with oscar was incredible, I like this oscar it seem that is more prepared than the original.

This definitible become my favorite rwby x naruto crossover, and I will continue with the other part when come out.
4/6 c101 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This was a good start to the next part of the story and it's continuation so Naruto is going to find out what happened to them and Ruby and her group are about to find out what happened to him This is definitely gotta be something interesting looking forward to the next chapter.
4/4 c101 i.amdizzy2
Yes , what a story my friend . I thought it was done ..but now I can’t wait for it to continue , hopefully you do something with naruto and Blake . But great story nonetheless and thank you for making it .
4/3 c101 Guest
nice chapter!

take care
4/2 c101 1NNathann
Awesome chapter! Can’t wait for the next update and when everyone realizes that Naruto was a slave, especially Sasuke and Kiba’s reactions to him being alive!

This is one of my favorite stories and I don’t know if I commented here before but I just wanna say that I love this story and your writing! I’ll definitely read it till it completely ends!
4/2 c101 Lunardragon22
Im so glad that your still continuing this and made a new chapter. It seems like alot of the great
stories i've been reading have just been put on hiatus due to author inactivity but this story
is still going so i'm happy can't wait for next chapter!
4/2 c101 Natalie Jarrett
Ok now I’m excited for what you have install for the next part
4/2 c101 SlyFox9
This chapter may have been short, but it was so nice that Naruto was able to reunite with some of his friends. Now I wonder how everyone will react to Oscar being Ozpin’s new reincarnation. Anyway has everyone heard of the new RWBY anime adaptation coming up soon. I hope that it would surpass the original work.
4/2 c101 HamClad
Thanks for the chapter!
4/2 c101 Maelstrom Resurrected
LolThe Call

~Hear my plea to the fallen~
~Leave me to be with the broken~
~One last time before I go~
~Hold the last burning ember~
~Let us never surrender~
~May we rise unto the call~
~For the glory and the fall~
~For the beat and the broken~
~For the lost and forsaken~
~Let us never surrender~
~May we rise unto the call~
~For the beat and the broken~
~For the lost and forsaken~
~Let us never surrender~
~For the glory and the fall~
~For the beat and the broken~
~For the lost and forsaken~
~Let us never surrender~
~Now we rise unto the callFor the beat and the brokenChains that we are breaking~
~Fate that we are awaiting~
~We will rise unto the callRise unto the callFor the glory and the fall~
4/2 c101 Maelstrom Resurrected
If this was on April fools, then I would've felt something piling in my guts before it exploded right out of my body like methane or whatever it was.
I sucks at jokes. Sue me.
Anyway, looking forward to this month's premiere!
4/2 c101 calderoneric758
You bitch April fools was yesterday and you leave us with this... your horrible man but glad to see the story back on track
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