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for Flame's Desire

6/13 c32 Meow Orbit
Ooooooh, Lucy’s mostly caught up with what’s happening now! Enjoy your break!
6/12 c32 happy966
6/12 c32 FairyTailxFanGirl
At least he finally kinda voiced how he was feeling! haha... but that ending! you're gonna keep me up at night, waiting, haha.
6/12 c32 xennia-x
OMGGGG i love this fanfic so much TT
5/26 c31 Camanime
Great story! Please dont give up on it!
5/18 c31 Meow Orbit
Ohhhh, Natsu’s not quite all there right now? It makes me wonder what’s in control if it’s not pure Natsu. Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/21 c31 FairyTailxFanGirl
Well that kiss came and went so fast, haha...
4/18 c31 Guest
Immaculate writing as usual! Thank you for sharing your ideas and story with us, with the world, I'm serious, this is one of the best things I've read and couldn't be more thankful!
4/19 c31 5TaraPasty
Love it! What a closer to the chapter!
4/17 c31 3825Doll
Great update! Loving that the sun and moon story is coming back around!
4/14 c30 Stubenhocker
Its been a long time! I’m back and you’re back, yeey! I love the chapters I’ve read. The plot thickens and simmer. Natsu as a prince, can’t wait to know what happened he seems traumatized. Lucy and Jellal was cute and good for her, she’s not alone. Can’t wait for the next chapter, Lucy come comfort Natsu and I really hope Gajeel gets kicked in the balls.
4/6 c30 Camanime
Love this story! Please keep it going :)
3/28 c30 xennia-x
the plot thickens! this is so good! and happy birthday~ i hope you have a wonderful dayyy
3/28 c30 1Jozanimelover
Oh my goodness this story has my heart. Happy birthday!
3/23 c29 Lovetoreadff
Good morning. Just wanted to say that i am enjoying reading this story. You have done an incredible job in world building and weaving this tapestry for the reader. I am really excited to see what will happen with Gajeel and where the story is leading to with Acnologia. It is a mystery on what you have planned with Jellal and the Celestials. I really like how thoughtful and well written the story is. You focus so well on the narrative that you want the reader to follow. THank you for sharing your work. I cant wait to see what you have planned in the future.
All the best.
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