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for Into the Realm of Magic

3/19 c3 theonlychou
I truly don't understand why people have characters dropped into a different dimension then immediately start announcing everything about themselves.
3/9 c72 FORGEMaster
It’s nice to see your still writing, though I shouldn’t be surprised to see a persona fic. I’m also very glad you intend to continue with the Into the Realm of Souls idea. I recently came back and reread it after watching the Thousand Year Blood War anime up to where it’s at now. So it’s been interesting. So again nice to hear your still kicking and please don’t burn yourself out.
1/31 c16 Guest
Can Ichigo learn dragon slayer magic from Selene? The Moon Dragon God from the 100 years quest manga?
12/24/2023 c72 Soul Reaper With a Core Drill
storys good but the ending sucked ass, if your not gona post a sequal like you mentioned in the authors note at the end, then at least post an update chapter saying that there is no sequal since you would think that something would be writen for said sequal by now since this story finnished up back in 2016 and it about a week or so till 2024
12/10/2023 c21 jhsilver123
So far I thought you were doing a good job ,I even though Ichigo's power levels were great, but this chapter was awful none of it made sense.
9/29/2023 c21 Guest
The Vasto Lorde Hollowfication only comes out when Ichigo is in his Bankai. If it's his normal Shikai then it's the Hollowfication form he had when Urahara was training him to get his Soul Reaper powers back before going to the Soul Society.
9/29/2023 c21 andrewwhiting96
Ichigo's Hollow form is different if its just his Shikai, the Horned version only comes out with Bankai.
9/13/2023 c3 XYdoggo
Personally, for me, it was such an open, uninspired show of force through reatsu pressure on guild members that ruined everything. Yes they don't behave very appropriately, but this is their home and their family. Ichigo looked at best like a guest who decided to poke his gun at the owners of the house.
9/10/2023 c72 Khnfr
loved this story. I hope you will continue the sequel
8/20/2023 c72 michaelwillars43
Love the story I hope season 2 of this what if story happens can't wait to read more
5/15/2023 c1 Kumengg
This is just a waste of time scaling is just ass makes me want to shoot the author, I just hate it when characters I like are nerfed to this extent. Can't believe I even read this far.
3/6/2023 c72 Mahfuzul Anik
At first I loved your story slowly started to grow on me I
Read 2 chapter a day.I loved the love between the girls and slow passed story is just my thing
(But the end I did not like it I was hart broken .)
please I beg you make a good ending.I love your story but please change the ending. and id you don't want to than please continue the story... Love from Bangladesh...
1/21/2023 c14 DBoblivion
All laxus did was say he was the strongest and to respect mystogans privacy... Sheesh
11/19/2022 c1 Marshal Barachiel
It's nice to reread this fic again, however, I wondered about this. Why isn't anyone trying to make a TV Tropes page for this fic?

If anyone out there reading or rereading this, can ya'll make a TV Tropes page for this fic?
11/7/2022 c53 Guest
Well in Season 6. Brain did get killed.
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