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for Into the Realm of Magic

2/23 c1 Seud
Kind of bland. I just got done reading the prequel of “A Discordant Note”, amazing story by the way, and that was a lot better in drawing in peoples interest to the story.

The way you write is uh... decent? Maybe average would be the better term? If you ever feel that you want to remaster this story I would go read the above mentioned prequel and sequel. I’ve certainly been given lots of inspiration from them.

You have the patience and drive to write a story this long, so it would be a waste not to improve this story, and hopefully any other stories you make, so as to not waste those two qualities.
2/7 c72 Kirito Liger
Where is the next series we need it
1/31 c44 demigod55
zz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzz z zzzz zz zzzzzzs. vvvzz
1/27 c36 Gundam039
ok but I love the interactions of Ichigo and Zangetsu like he is straight out callin this MF out for bein dense
1/8 c67 MBS41
We need the next sequel Into the realm of magic 2 and 3.
1/7 c22 Guest
Why the fuck isn’t he using bankai
1/7 c14 naterholt
Wow way to force ichigo to show his memories and force the plot along. There is no way in hell that he would just let people fuck around with magic and see inside his head. no rational person would do this. BAD PLOT.
1/2 c43 NarutoDXD-6996
1/1 c5 NarutoDXD-6996
Cuz Natsu wants a big bro ichigo, that's why he put the guild mark in the same place as his and color too!
12/27/2020 c21 AbyssalVoidLord
The fact that you are limiting his strength on a whim, messing up with the settings is just pure dumb. You are limiting what you can work with just to make yourself more comfortable...
12/25/2020 c13 Guest
When are you going make new one I want ichigo has a fullbringer shikai and bankai in season 2 like tournament arc and stuff and the final arc of fairy tail I want him to have a true shikai and bankai
12/25/2020 c13 Guest
12/19/2020 c72 Guest
I can't wait for the sequel! Will Fairy Tail still remember Ichigo? Will they land in the World of the Living, the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo?! How will they react when Ichigo doesn't remember them?!
12/19/2020 c63 Guest
I think you should have Ichigo go back home but with a twist Natsu and Happy tag along for the Thousand year Blood War arc!
12/19/2020 c62 Guest
Ichigo isn't that pervy.
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