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8/2/2018 c3 12anime-addict-fan
Ah.. the update was on 2014 please let me know you will come back... This is good!
3/29/2016 c3 Chibi Chuuya
The story's great! Please continue
6/22/2015 c3 8jloveyslas
Please write more!
5/12/2015 c3 Curlyfr13s
Please update, this is a really good story
4/5/2015 c3 22D C JoKeR H S
More please! I won't throw the angry kitties at you, btw... I'll just allow my precious Tiger-friends to have a... Talk, with you. w *tail flicks and ears twitch under hat* Even little lazy me never stops writing w
3/24/2015 c3 Takahanedesu98
i reaaaaaally thought there was a new chapter 4 a sec there...im really sad it wasn't... "u"
pls update the story reaaaaaaaal soon!ono
11/22/2014 c2 1xSapphirexRosesxFanx
please UPDATE really soon!
10/12/2014 c2 lightlx
This story is amazing as great as the forest of blood and snow can't wait for the next chapter update soon please :D
10/10/2014 c2 Yumiko Maki
OMG this is like so awesome(and creepy *o_o*) Please update soon!
9/14/2014 c2 7darkstar2010
wow this seems good. next chapter please :D
9/3/2014 c2 sam stewart
Great story please make more to it.
9/2/2014 c2 Takahanedesu98
looking forward to the nex chappie!
Naru was so cute at the end of ch1 xD
8/30/2014 c2 AvidReaderCoffeeDrinker
Awesome! looking forward to more -
8/18/2014 c2 Guest
Hi! I was like, "Oh man, should I read the sequel? The Forest of Blood and Snow was hella creepy. But...I couldn't stop reading it." And that's how I read it. I like it so far! Keep going! (Scares me, though..) :)
8/19/2014 c2 24orlha
ergh, why can't Mai just climb the fence? Or break the gate?
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