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5/2/2016 c12 3Hulkishpower
This story and its prequel were very moving. Naruto and gaara's friendship made me a bit teary in the first story. I just hope you continue this. Thanks
3/22/2016 c1 Lmao
'M dying and looking forward to reading the other eleven chapters
3/22/2016 c1 HELL YES
Konna kao wo miseru no wa
Honto no suki janai kedo
Boku datte itsumo
Piero mitai ni
Waraeru wake ja nai kara

Ame no hi ni wa nurete
Hareta hi ni wa kawaite
Samui hi ni wa fureteru no wa atarimae darou
Tsugi no hi ni wa wasurete
Kaze no hi ni wa tobou toshite miru
Sonna mon sa

(Yay for Ellegarden!)
3/7/2016 c12 26Fi Suki Saki
If there's going to have sequel, I wish Naruto would learn Summon. Any summon is fine. But i do prefer canon Toad Summon! And Rasengan!
Jiraiya should teach Naruto Rasengan as apology? maybe? for not being there years ago as his Godfather and not helping Kushina? please?!
I actually want Naruto to learn medic too. Since none of Sabaku siblings do medic. Right?


Anyway, it was still Great fic!
Kankuro and Gaara's relationship getting better... :)
Sequel should do Temari with Gaara too!

And Naruto team work together with the leaf teams was Great again!

3/1/2016 c12 rakoun17
it was a very enjoyable ride! hope you continue some day()thank you!
2/4/2016 c12 shyd1
Ahhhhh I love it! I could keeping reading this for several more seasons at least~ ;)
1/29/2016 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Mostly entertaining story. Some laughs, some disappointments - like Naruto and friends leaving mortal enemies alive so they could attack the good guys again, later.
And, a pretty lame "trap" for the big bad that seemed very under-powered and unprepared - letting the bad guy escape with relative ease.

Ending leaves us hanging a bit too much.
Still, this would be passable entertainment of it just continued, reasonably well, for a few more plot resolutions. ;)
12/22/2015 c12 7Crack-jouchan
Eh, that was fun while it lasted. Yeah, Orochimaru is one persistant mofo. Thought he was dead after Itachi got rid of him, but noooo, he came back to life during the war and proceeded to live all the way into the Epilogue and beyond. ...seriously?

Aa, I love Naruto's rather blatant insubordination and yet still somehow being able to get away with it by a mix of circumstances and connections. He stands out a lot in Suna for that, even more so than in Konoha, since prior to the start of the story he'd never interacted with the Kazekage on anything more than a professional capacity, unlike in Konoha where he kind of has a in with the Hokage being his surrogate granddad or something.

I wonder who does Sarutobi want as the fifth. Without Naruto in Leaf, I'm not sure they'll ever be able to convince Tsunade to go back to Konoha.

This was a really interesting series to follow! Thank you for writing it, and tata!
12/22/2015 c11 Crack-jouchan
To be honest, at this point even SasuHina seems more likely than NaruHina. And whoa, Hinata and Neji together took down Kidomaru! Well... They didn't exactly work together persay, but they fought him together.

I feel really sorry for Hinata. Ugh. Poor girl. Without Naruto she doesn't have someone to admire, someone to aspire for, so she hasn't really found a reason to fight.

...Wait, only Sakon and Ukon went after Naruto and Sasuke. Crap, there's still Tayuya left. I suppose it's left to Sai to deal with her.
12/22/2015 c10 Crack-jouchan
Oooh, poor Karin. Finding those bodies like that.

Yeah, with all the fix-it and time travel fics I've been reading, the Sasuke-Orochimaru fight is one of the most annoying (even more than Wave arc) cause you just know how freaking /hopeless/ it is. Yeah.

Also, WHOA! Naruto totally owned Jirobo, and both Kankuro and Naruto owned Kimimaro. The invincible Kimimaro! Awesome!

Though yeah... Poison is a good idea to use against him. He's impervious to crushing or stabbing whatever other stuff, but poison directly affects the bloodstream. With his weakened state, it'd probably affect him even more. It's a really good idea. Why did I never think of it before?

Actually, poison seems pretty underused in Naruto. We have Sasori, but that's all. ...I guess it's not too awesome without fire, rocks and punches flying around eh?
12/22/2015 c8 Crack-jouchan
Wowwww. Heh, I suppose Naruto would feel the need to get stronger because of that. He ain't like us, he doesn't know how much trouble has been averted because of him.

The Chiyo mentoring Kankuro thing was something I didn't expect! Poor Kankuro, hehe. He might have gotten through to her, but after that prep talk she ain't gotta let him off so easily.

So Hinata didn't pass... But I suppose because she was the pseudo-heiress, she got genin rank after all. Hmm... A team with Sasuke, Sai and Hinata eh? That's interesting! And Neji's coming, so Naruto can beat the arrogance out of him that way too. Hehe. This will be fun.
12/22/2015 c7 Crack-jouchan
WHAAAAT?! Chuunin Exams in Hidden Sand? What did they discuss to make this decision? Is it to throw off Orochimaru's plans? Whoa, whoa! This is unprecedented. Wow. Chuunin Exams in Sand.

Also, I'm probably not the only one laughing at the fact that everyone back at Sand in the know are running around trying to fix things not knowing that Naruto already made everything alright.
12/22/2015 c6 Crack-jouchan
Ahahahaha! Naruto's heritage helps him here! Figures Jiraiya wouldn't let him go somewhere dangerous, not after all that's happened and how much he failed Kushina and Naruto (even if the kid doesn't know it).

And these two... Ahahaha! Rasa is so much like Kankuro, so I suppose it makes sense that when he fights with Naruto it's almost the same too! Still, it's downright hilarious to see the Kazekage receive such a talking down from one of his shinobi, and the Kazekage arguing back at him like he's not... well, the /Kazekage/. Oh, Naruto.

And he averted the war! Would ya look at that! Hohohoho! Naruto, you are awesome! In a way, he single-handedly prevented it, because if it wasn't for him, Rasa'd be dead at Orochimaru's hands as in canon. The sheer awesomeness of preventing potential war between Leaf and Sand is just... Wow. This isn't even a ripple anymore, it's a splash in the water!
12/22/2015 c4 Crack-jouchan
U-uh oh. Well... It'd be boring, I suppose if things ended that easily. Kimimaro and Jirobo eh? Hmm... Interesting. Atleast there's Kakashi though. He'll be of help, hopefully in Kimimaro, cause canonically noone beat him; he simply died of his illness.

Naruto doesn't have a trump card, but his personality is still pretty intact! That's actually the greatest weapon in his arsenal, really. Oh, and he's really creative. That helps, too.
12/22/2015 c3 Crack-jouchan
Ahahaha! Even under different circumstances, Sasuke and Naruto get off the wrong foot. I suppose that is to be expected - their personalities are simply like that.

I like how Naruto told off those kids! 'Think for yourself!' Yeah, way too many people don't do that.

It's kind of awesome, that when he finally lashes out at Gaara's mistreatment, he lashes out at the right person and the person mostly responsible, the Kazekage (even if he doesn't know it). If it really was any random jounin it'd be dust in the wind, but the Kazekage himself... That's a different story.

He's already starting to think differently, regarding the 'Shinobi are just tools to the village' thing. They become tools because of love. To hell with having no emotions, the act of being a shinobi is already the greatest show of emotion one can display. It is the determination to protect the things you love no matter what.

And Sasuke... Did he just acknowledge Naruto as a /friend/? Wow, that's fast. And he actually wants to confront him in a, 'hey-what's-your-name' manner, not a 'I-wanna-beat-your-face' manner. Cool. Kakashi would probably have a heartattack when he hears of 'Uzumaki', though...
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