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for The Prophecy of Four

1/13/2019 c12 1ShadowFireHime-Sama
I LOATH hojo
3/4/2018 c12 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

7/1/2016 c12 titanhoshi583
6/27/2016 c5 23MorganicOrganic
Love the hetalia inserts mate! Glad to see another lover of the nations! Who'd you say is your favourite? I have to say mines England(though I'm a bit biased being England) followed by the rest of the Kirkland family!
6/25/2016 c12 2PerdidoKitsune
its really good i hope you get the motivation to update soon cuz i want to know wat comes next
5/31/2016 c12 kurotenshi-08
Glad to see that this story is back, the chapter was completely crazy but that's the fun part of this story. I can't wait to read more.
4/1/2016 c11 draco7347
3/5/2016 c5 jack
3/5/2016 c3 Jacke
2/25/2016 c11 1roobug21301
get back when you can :)
10/1/2015 c10 Guest
10/1/2015 c9 Guest
At least Hojo is officially too batshit to do too much damage on his own right now? Seriously. It would be just their luck that he manages to by accident, but it really can't approach what he's capable of screwing up when he's functionally sane enough to plot properly.

(And Yay Hermione's not one of the false friends! Once she grows up a little she mostly rocks.)
10/1/2015 c8 Guest
I'm not sure yet who Seamus is but he will most definitely have an affinity for Fire Materia if they find any. *cackles* (Actually, on that note, now I kind of want someone to connect him to Genesis just because Fireballs, though Reno and Rude liked blowing things up too. xD Maybe a mentorship to cultivate the raw talent?)
10/1/2015 c7 Guest
I love that Zack got sent back because everyone capable of or willing to handle him was also sent back and absolutely no one left in the Lifestream was willing to even try to manage him. XD Poor Puppy! XD

*gigglefit* The triplets want to run to even Cloud if they can because right now their stuck with Hojo and he's too creepy for even them! XD I like how well-spoken they are, too.
10/1/2015 c5 Guest
I feel bad for most if not all of them.

The tidbits referencing the Hetalia Nations added a few smiles!
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