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for Came Out of the Darkness

5/29 c6 Dresden13
I always love stories where Snape gets bent over Harry being raised by the Dursleys’.

No way in hell would an abuse victim allow the cycle to be carried out if they could help it
5/27 c8 Gina
so, you can't borrow an idea from a fanfiction author but you can borrow an author's whole world?

Loving the story!
5/3 c61 Anitaxp
Omg! I LOVED your story! I cannot believe I missed it all this time. It was honestly very well written and entertaining. The changes you made from canon added something great to it. I honestly loved it! I hope you remember us at some point in your life and come back to finish it haha. Either way I appreciate you sharing your gift with us! Thank you!
4/25 c1 Analena
I really enjoyed reading this story again for about the nth time but, it seems the likelihood that it will ever be finished is nonexistent. So I will just say that I hope that the author is still alive and kicking nonetheless. And thanks for an amazing story.
3/2 c61 guest
Well, I can kind of see why you abandoned this: it had become largely a running gag with Voldie buried under the jokes and fluff, not a terribly effective way to defeat him. Very funny jokes, true: I'll reread this piece with pleasure, if nothing else to enjoy the coda of Umbridge-thwarting, which is marvelous. It's hard to see, though, how you could continue it as a serious return to the goal of killing the guy.

You did have many interesting concepts here, and unusual takes on several characters who were nicely depicted with engaging qualities that expanded on their rather limited canonical personae. All of it was well done; thanks!
3/2 c53 guest
A very great pity that Kreacher arrived in time to stop Dumbles from taking the ring. I'd have let him, and Stupefied Snape so he couldn't help at all.
3/1 c16 guest
I'm puzzled by the mounting number of dangerous things that the kids let happen that needn't. Most importantly, they knew that Quirrellmort couldn't get the Stone and could have left the obstacle course alone, just letting him languish in front of the Mirror until Dumbles retrieved him.

Also puzzled why HP didn't catch Snape's one-eighty when Dumbles Obliviated him. HP should be on the alert for such things with his past-life recognition of Dumbles's nature.
Absolutely brilliant! I wish it could've been completed.
It was recommended to me. I was sucked in and invested before I realized it was incomplete.
2/22 c61 cadjd720
I have enjoyed reading this story immensely. I really hope this will continue at some point. Has this been completed elsewhere?
2/22 c61 jellybeansqueeky
I just wanted to say that I sincerely hope that you finish this story. It is completely amazing. I love it so much.
2/4 c17 20Lerris
Okay, the strange we have to let canon play out plan is well really really bad. It assumes they have some chance to navigate the same series of coincidences where no one died and no one was seriously affected besides Ginny. (Harry healed, but that kind of possession has to leave a mark.)

A better plan would be to find some plausible information you can give to alert someone you reasonably trust. Snape might even be an option. Writing Bill Weasley once you observe suspect behavior might be another, but trying to repeat the old timeline, well they will be lucky to navigate things so well.
1/31 c61 4Wrighting'GIRL3000
When I found out this hasn’t had an update I started crying because this is so good I’m going to re-read it every single day because that’s how good it is please if you were ever update update this because this deserves to have an ending.
1/6 c61 Ame's world
I really really really would love to read more one day !
Anyway, thanks a lot ️
1/5 c61 Guest
This is an absolute gem! Wonderfully written!
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