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for Came Out of the Darkness

6/17 c61 9alliekiwi
Such a fantastic epic story.
6/16 c61 bigdaddyal46
Please please come back and finish the story
6/3 c33 20Magemaster
Two things. 1) I love how you write the Malfoy family dynamics. Lucius and Narcissa are so incredibly well written and delightful. 2) The relationships between the kids are great and complex without being convoluted or needlessly dramatic.
6/3 c24 Magemaster
Every time I read this chapter, I wonder how no one acknowledges that there is an extra student in Harry's year. No matter what though, I love coming back and reading this story again and again.
5/26 c61 1JustAGirlInACoffeeShop
So much fun to read! Come back and finish it :)
5/25 c42 ElizabethMarieBennett
I really do love this story.
5/15 c1 ElementelWhip
I’m sad that this was abandoned and can only hope one day you continue. Love it!
5/2 c61 MotekElm
fun way to end. and not a terrible place to abandon a story, but I do wish there was more. it was great
5/2 c60 MotekElm
viva la revolucion
5/1 c58 MotekElm
the food in this story are so White, Southern, American
5/1 c53 MotekElm
5/1 c52 MotekElm
5/1 c35 MotekElm
princess bride was a chef's kiss choice
4/30 c30 MotekElm
4/30 c53 Cecily Mitchell
I always cry at the death of Kreacher.
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