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8/2/2016 c11 big gunch
i dont even know anymore
8/2/2016 c5 big gunch
still dont understand whats going on but i get the feeling that's kind of the point so im cool w it
8/2/2016 c4 big gunch
i have no idea whats going on like at all but im intrigued
janet is bae 3
this almost makes me want to continue my own td fanseason fic and that's like impossible to get me to do so good job
8/1/2016 c20 dualNamefellows
In closing I will say that this was a very enjoyable reread and definitely took my mind off real life and also Internet life. Fuck Internet life.

(also Adrian's still a precious baby that I will protect)
8/1/2016 c19 dualNamefellows
I actually tried deciphering the mess of screaming contestants there. It didn't really work but it sure was funny.

Really though the fuck can I do with an authorverse that isn't trolly random bullshit. I will think of something, mark my words. Just not now.
8/1/2016 c18 dualNamefellows
Well, that escalated quickly.

THE DAYS WHEN HIRTW HAD THAT INCREDIBLY LONG AND STUPID ACRONYM NAME GOD DAMN. Acronyms that make no sense phonetically aren't fun to use in conversation ever though. It's just kinda a sad fact of life.
8/1/2016 c17 dualNamefellows
LEL is back and everyone dies: the moive

8/1/2016 c16 dualNamefellows
And the plot thickens! With the keys! The fuck did the keys do again. That's what I'm going to find out! Isn't this exciting! (Not really, I know what they're for and am just making a big deal out of it for humor.)

ScrowhegMega is dead. The fuck was up with that name anyway? I'll have to ask Maggie. Or not. Idk, man. TD fandom was a scary time for us all.

(I've given half a thought to that bad TMO retcon and all it consists of is me interrupting in the first chapter, then throwing a tantrum and crying as Mal looks on in confusion. That's it. That's the whole story.)
8/1/2016 c15 dualNamefellows
Honestly, rereading this after forgetting most of the plot is really therapeutic. It's like I get to read every joke over and it's just as funny as the first time, and this time there aren't weeks between updates so I actually know what's going on. Plus, I get distracted from the impending doom of school on Tuesday, so that's a plus!

*spams Elsa jokes*
8/1/2016 c14 dualNamefellows
"You Killed My Father (Prepare To Die)" is fitting track music for this. I say that because it's stuck in my head for some reason and that guitar riff melody part of Showtime specifically.

I'm beginning to regret not having the Pencil God as my agent because that would have been hilarious. I'm outsourcing my own agents' jobs with this shit.
8/1/2016 c13 dualNamefellows
That author's note will never fail to make me smile.

(I was just about to say I didn't remember what No Quarter's title was and lo and behold it was mentioned in-story. Self-congratulatory back pat. Now, if only I could remember what the fuck it was ABOUT.)

(memory is the key)
8/1/2016 c12 dualNamefellows
Scarlett types like one of those social justice war veterans. Either an SJW or an anti-SJW. I see no difference in my half-asleep denying own emotional conflict state. Wait what did I just say. Haha, just good old wholesome fun here!

Also. Also who said the "honk" in the middle of that mayhem. It was either Leslie or Max and either option is scary.
8/1/2016 c11 dualNamefellows
8/1/2016 c10 dualNamefellows
My deepest regret is that I will never be able to pull something off like this due to the premise being so original that anything I do will look like copying... Wait.

The Malevolent One rewrites, anyone?

(Jk I don't got time for that shit. It would be an interesting scenario, though.)
8/1/2016 c9 dualNamefellows


Oh and Adrian's dead I guess. And thus begins the shipping of Pairo... Jeter. Okay yeah Leslie's right this is just an awkward ship name that is bad and clunky. Not as bad as "E1/Sky". I understand that Air Horn is fucking awesome and the best ship name we have, I'm just emphasizing the clunkiness.
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