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1/17/2018 c4 23penandra
Even though you didn't move on with this fabulous story, I'm grateful you left these four chapters up (and that they stand alone). It's a quiet winter's day and I'm browsing through the Bones fandom. Thanks for sharing. Could you be bribed to write one more chapter? I have chocolate.
2/3/2017 c4 111GalaxieGurl
I read this story way back when I didn't understand how to post reviews, so here I am again, doing so, after enjoying again this tale of B&B reliving his past.
2/8/2015 c1 GuiltyPleasure90
Very interested in where this is going!
1/11/2015 c4 JK
I am enjoying this fic. Please add more chapters!
12/29/2014 c4 JBCFlyers19
Wonderful chapter. I'm really enjoying this story.
9/28/2014 c4 20Adelled
Amazing that B&B survived when so many others didn't. The dark line that is death seems to have made them appreciate every moment as it happens. Easy to say. Hard to do.
9/28/2014 c4 293FaithinBones
A sweet chapter. Okay yes I did that on purpose
9/28/2014 c4 Becksbones
That was lovely - always happy for a new chapter. The part about Lance made me cry - still trying to get over the shock but that was a wonderfully well done episode.

9/28/2014 c4 bountypeaches
Its nice to read about Sweets' son- the show really did pull out all the punches.

I loved the finale- Sweets death is sad but I like that the show didn't just have JFD fade away. He was such an integral part to the show for so long. His departure deserved to be a bang instead of a whimper. Plus I don't think Sweets would leave Booth in his time of need while he was suffering from PTSD. Now Sweets is a martyr. I believe this will drive B&B closer than ever.
9/28/2014 c3 bountypeaches
Nice! Parker has always been such an important part of Booth. I like that he came to live with B&B- we may see that yet on the show (especially since they have recast Parker).

I like how you brought in canon with the line that for months Booth only brought Parker around when Hannah was gone. That was the part of the show that never made much sense to me. Because either Booth was spending less time with his son or Hannah was gone every other weekend- in both scenarios it doesn't seem like he was thinking the relationship was serious. I'd like to believe Hannah was just gone a lot :)

I don't understand how a good father like Booth could move in with someone without introducing his son off the bat if he thought she was there to permanently settle down. That's why I think deep down Booth knew the relationship wasn't really going anywhere. He just couldn't allow himself to admit it because he had never dealt with his feelings of rejection from the 100th- if he had to let Hannah go he would have to deal with all that pain. So he stalled on introducing Parker for as long as he could until Parker could sense that he was reluctant to introduce them and then he had no choice because his son was developing an insecurity.

I will admit I don't think Hannah would be resentful of Booth spending time with Parker and going by the show's timeline there probably wasn't much more than a month between meeting Parker and the proposal-and she was either working late (Sits) or out of town (DitM). Hannah was a very independent woman- not needy at all. She knew in all likelihood the relationship wasn't permanent because they wanted things from life- so she made sure not ask him to change anything about his life for her. She even said she didn't want to mess up any of Booth's relationships. She was cool with him hanging out with Brennan despite knowing her feelings for him and that he had feelings for her "in the past" (and she never even called him out on his previous lie). Booth and Hannah may have lived together but it wasn't a single life shared- they didn't know about each other, nor did they really care to. They both admitted to just wanting a good time. Unfortunately for Booth- he is not the kind of guy that can just dump a woman because a better offer became available but after hurting Brennan he was forced into proving the relationship was the real thing. He knew it wasn't and I think that's where a lot of his anger came from.
9/28/2014 c4 emoinva
This is so touching to read about Sweets & Daisey's son so soon after seeing Sweets die in S10 show. I love reading about the quiet times with B&B cause we don't see it on the show. Nice chapter.
9/27/2014 c4 Guest
Lovely, I like that you have added in Sweets son. I thought the premiere was amazing, although obviously sad, and I think season 10 will be brilliant.
9/27/2014 c4 Guest
(i apologise for missing my review of ch 3 - so here's my combined ch's 3&4)
i feel more sad for both booth & parker, (if this type of scenario did happen in season 6, where booth put his son's needs, under those of his very needy & pathetically selfish girlfriend), its saddens me, as booth was emotionally in a bad place, when he came back from Afghanistan, even having hannah around, his personality & morals changed so much, he allowed her way too much influence over the fundamental parts in his life & when looking back, he can seriously say she wasn't even worth it, so it only ended up damaging the close bond of his father/son relationship that he had with his son. on a happier note, i'm thankful he's gotten that strong bond back with parker.
when looking back at his time with the wartime fling, later he'd realised how much he lost by having her around, just to tweak his fragile ego: both his son, time with hank (thinking, if he let his time with his son diminish, i've no doubt he also traded time spending it with her, verses spending it with hank & also time with bren - so sad, but we all learn by those choices, good & bad)
it's a real pity we didn't see this type of situation on the tv series, it was made out to be, hannah being so beneficial & much better for him, but i can actually see these types of situations, may've actually happened, they were just played out behind the scenes maybe?
booth allowing & handing over to hannah so much influence over him, his actions & changing his own strong moral codes, as it always was & still is, the total opposite of bren, being in booths life, she would never have allowed nor dared to become, had she'd been the romantic partner for booth at that time, as she's always put parker's need & time in seeing his father, a first priority, for bren that was the utmost importance & it's clear in this story, her personality traits & morals haven't changed, so bren was then & still is the better partner for booth & his children.
(off my soapbox now, i apologise.)

i'm still loving very much, this quiet time b/w b&b spent going over this box of letters & journal entries, from time gone past.
i love that b&b, have kept up contact with daisy & her son, no doubt sweets would be looking down & be very thankful & proud that daisy & their child aren't alone, they're so loved & included..
it's also great b&b are looking forward, with plans for this trip to see the kids & grandchildren.
thank you so very much for this update - i'm truly loving this story, i beg of you, please, pretty please, continue it. with kind regards caroline.
9/27/2014 c4 jsboneslover
I am SO GLAD that you thought the Season 10 opener was terrific, because I did too. Too many people wish that they had moved Sweets out of town, or out on assignment, but I think that would have been even more frustrating and disingenuous to the story, don't you think? As it is, it is as if we are all mourning a loss together, and while that is occasionally heart-crushing, it is emotionally more satisfying than the alternative. This is a lovely look down the road, when Sweets is still in their heart, but they have the satisfaction of having young Lance in their lives. Thanks for this.
9/27/2014 c4 mendenbar
Are B&B retired at this point? OR will this just be an extended vacation for them? Really appreciated the correlation between Fahran in Booth's past and Lance in Booth's and Brennan's present, even if he is deceased he and his are still family. Lovely addition, thanks for continuing it.
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