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12/27/2022 c37 Guest
cuando actualizas esta historia
12/28/2022 c37 4Fishbreed
I salute this man for his great story, i will either wait for his return or for someone to continue his legacy.
12/18/2022 c1 kharlsonn123
Wait is the omoke(extra), really happend in the story or just what might happen?
12/6/2022 c2 Guest
Is ichigo going be op or weak to strong
11/2/2022 c4 Guest
i see the author has weaponised autism, my iq has been lowered by attempting to comprehend this idiocracy
11/3/2022 c37 codywhite162
Really enjoyed reading this story and hope you come back to it again at some point! Love to see it continue
9/8/2022 c16 aresmarsfrank06
What chapters does uliquora appear
8/12/2022 c37 Guest
When he come back '~'
6/17/2022 c14 kingkian098
that first omake of this fg chapater killed me, absolutely love it, keep up the great work
6/6/2022 c15 Guest
Trash mc trash fanfic trash author stop writing you don't have any talent you fucking trash shit!
6/3/2022 c37 Jose4Andres7
Will you continue with the story?
6/3/2022 c7 Jaredharmsworth
5/6/2022 c33 Ophis-The-Infinite-Dragon-God
So now there's two additions to canon who literally just watch Issei save the day, who is the mc again? :/
5/6/2022 c30 Ophis-The-Infinite-Dragon-God
So another girl that was set up to be MC's waifu again pawned off on Issei and yet another battle that has a random oc cockroach villain in order to keep canon exactly the same. :/
5/6/2022 c20 Ophis-The-Infinite-Dragon-God
Nemesis and those rogue fragments seem so pointless, such a forced oc cartoonishly evil villain just to force the mc to fight other battles resulting in the main canon remaining the same; seems really lazy tbh as there's been very little change from canon resulting in Issei still being more of an mc than Ichigo is, in fact Ichigo is even acting as a wing man for his harem campaign by 'fixing' the girls for him to swoop in and take afterwards while Ichigo remains a complete passive dense virgin.

This novel has such a good premise so it's kinda sad that it's ended up that way.
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