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for Hestia and Her Kindred

3/30/2016 c1 136rebecca-in-blue
What a wonderful story. I really love the depth and character you give to Mademoiselle Gillenormand, who came off as kinda disdaining in The Brick but has so much maturity and compassion here. The opening scene of little Celeste turning to her rosary because every adult in her life is so distant is so touchingly sad, and I think it creates a nice strong tone of quiet loneliness for the rest of the story. Very well-done.

I was a bit surprised in section V to see Celestine wondering where Marius got his serious manner from, because it felt so obvious to me that he has this in common with her. (There's also the parallel of them both losing a parent when they're old enough to really feel the loss, which you wrote so well.) I can't quite tell if it's meant to be obvious to everyone but her.

P.S. Tiny SPaG error in "What are you going to do {to} her?" And in "Marius too was also serious and silent," it gets kinda wordy with both also and too.
8/4/2014 c1 64Deep Forest Green
Glad to see a story about the Gillernomands! Although I believe they were half-sisters, not full sisters. I also wrote a story about them, although it was from the POV of Marius' mother. It's kind of sad how Mlle. Gillenormand feels all trapped and like she has to stay with her father the rest of her life. They way you characterized the Gillenormand sisters reminds me of the Petunia-Lily relationship in Harry Potter - even though Celestine does everything "right", Lucille is just naturally adored by all.

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