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for Poker Night at the Potters

4/10/2015 c1 neither here nor ethere
I picked this story to review in the Quidditch FanFic League Tag, because I was curious to see how all of these characters were going to interact. And then I saw your prompt - a fluffy fic using the Resurrection Stone - and I was impressed, because I just wouldn't myself be able to conjure anything readable out of that. But this is, pleasantly so. I appreciate that you tackle a poker game but write it logically; I can follow the game. It also gives you a fair amount of latitude to have fun - this group of men don't have to be close mates to enjoy the game. I also appreciate how Potter's wealth makes things interesting; it's not about blood status as it is how much he brought to play with. Thanks for writing it!
8/6/2014 c1 Guest
Yep, ideal poker night. I mean, I know snape deserves the resurrection stone, but that's a BIG move.
8/5/2014 c1 28duj
LOL, best use I've ever heard for that lump of rock.
8/4/2014 c1 Guest
A vere different what if story !

The Crimson Mage.

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