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11/3 c22 catonmic33
Great work, though a little hasty on the end. But I can understand how you would want to "get over and done with it".
While I try to read different kind of fictions with different scenarii and different ideas that shake the canon versions, I admit I have trouble considering the Volturi as the good guys here. I'm not judging on the whole 'human blood is the natural food source' vampire deal, as I understand it. But, as a human being, I can accept that Hayden, another human being, believes and behaves and acts as he does in this story. In real life, he would be considered a sociopath, acomplice to mass murderers.
I know it's all fictional, but I enjoy trying my brain over the ethical and moral ideas of vampirism and humanism intertwinned.
That being said, as no one's going to read this review, good evening.
11/3 c13 catonmic33
I cannot believe you did not underline how Jasper feels all the emotions of his victims ! It is the best ever reason to try and feed from animal blood. If Carlisle hadn't started that diet on his own, Jasper should have done it on his own. As an empath, he NEEDS to avoid killing people.
Also, I may be a great fan of Harry, but in this fiction, I hate how too powerful and cold and un-humane he his. He might not be a vampire yet, but that's not so obvious with the way he behaves...
Still. I am already hooked on this story so I will keep reading :) Thanks
8/19 c22 Roostertheking
Hahahaaaa... Funny fic... Enjoyed it
8/11 c22 Kushka
Interesting story
8/4 c22 Idetta
Best fic I've read. Wonderfully done. Love it.
6/26 c22 The God of Animals
Now this. This I like. Great Fic! I totally didn’t binge read the whole thing today.
4/15 c14 Matt
Who the heck is this "Carslie" that you keep mentioning? I don't know anyone by that name in Twilight or Harry Potter. The closest I can come is Carlisle, but it's not even close to the same.
4/15 c12 Matt
I'm getting completely fed up with your made-up word "seerer". Not a word. Doesn't exist. If you're talking about Alice, as in someone who has visions of the future, the word for such a person would be a seer or possibly seeress if you're referring to a female. Again, seerer is not a word and never has been iso STOP USING IT!
4/15 c10 Matt
The head of a school is the principal, not a principle. Your inability to spell is getting really annoying.
4/15 c10 Matt
seerer? Carslie? Are you just making these words up as you go along? Try reading what you've written sometime to see if it actually makes sense before you put it online.
4/15 c9 Matt
Are you dyslexic? It's Denali, not Delani. It makes a difference.
4/15 c7 Matt
"reigning himself in"
it's reining - like the reins of a horse. The other reign, with a G, is exclusive to royalty. The reign of a king or queen is the years that they are on the throne.
4/15 c5 Matt
It's not per say - it's latin, per se. If you're going to use a saying, at least spell it correctly.
4/16 c3 1Fairy King Oberon
Aww, Neville is one of my favorites. I get why it had to happen but it's still sad.
2/28 c14 17Loveless Demon
Why am I not surprised that those two are related?
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