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for Son of Sparda DxD

15h c18 Jim
F for the story
11/24 c2 stormthekidcf
It's at any world where are dante debt always follow you hahaha
11/8 c18 Aren Gisly
TFTC! Please come back!
10/19 c12 segwayjon99
with a vengeance!
10/19 c12 segwayjon99
the return of the why boner
10/17 c3 segwayjon99
wacky woohoo pizza man does it again
10/17 c1 segwayjon99
so dmc 2 dante.

10/13 c12 Vile King
Something irked me how it portreys devil and demon differently but often use it interchangeably. Like despite how Sona and Rias called demon as some primordial beings and myths
Yet church faction used term demon hunters in their ranks which definitely hunt stray devils instead of the demon rias prescribed.
Then here, rias used demonic energy which would be meant she is a demon since she contained demon energy.
I didn't mind for Dante to be classed as devils since in DMC demons are the mob small guys and devil are the big bosses thus Dante has Devil Trigger
8/14 c18 sickboy398
Damn Nevan ... I'm speechless or was I pfthahahahahaha
5/24 c1 BattleBrotherHorus
Alright I’m dropping it here because it hasn’t improved and Dante is wildly out of character to the point that you may as well have written an OC. Dante is never characterized as a hot dog or ever referenced as one at any point throughout the different games or other material that is canon to the DMC series. I’d suggest a reboot where you replace Dante with an OC or make Dante act like Dante.
5/8 c18 Crimson1997
I'm really hooked on your fanfic... When will you come back? I miss this fanfic... Thanks for starting this masterpiece ~Bows~ I hope you return soon.
4/6 c16 3TheCyanNinja
Who tf is Gilver? lol
4/6 c4 TheCyanNinja
"Boyo is Welsh for Boy" LOL what bullshit
3/21 c1 Gerginscy
So so.
3/3 c18 FrowningVulcan
Please finish the story it's too good
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