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10/19/2014 c17 6A E F 80
Very interesting
I'm not sure that the ghost of Ygerne would be so ... full of hatred ? but I keep enjoying your writing and also here, the dark atmosphere

Thanks for all these drabbles ! :)
10/19/2014 c16 A E F 80
Indigo and Merlin ... Now, I am thinking about his scarf ... I really enjoy the writing of this chapter !
"It is only fair that he suffers, though, after all, he created her": This line reminds me Frankenstein's monster ...
10/19/2014 c15 A E F 80
I would not expect purple for Elyan, but why not :)
10/19/2014 c14 A E F 80
Focus on this part in Percival's life is a good idea. Magenta suits him well !
10/19/2014 c13 A E F 80
Brown has never been my favorite colour (like Leon concerning characters), but with this drabble, you manages to make me appreciate it !
10/9/2014 c17 9DiscoloredLady
Man. In all honesty, I wouldn't expect this kind of portrayal of Ygraine. Actually... No, I take that back. Maybe she could. But then, in my head, this would be a little extreme, especially with the matter of the knife and all. But still. A dark thing, this is, and it makes me shiver to imagine such a sweet and lovely woman have such dark thoughts.

Thanks for the absolutely fanTAStic drabbles! I really loved them (especially the Mergana, though they hurt like a million pins were piercing my heart and my eyes), and I really hope to read more from you. Sorry I keep on reviewing and replying to stuff irregularly, but I always do what I must in the end! Better late than never, after all. I'll be looking out for more of your wonderful stories! :D

10/9/2014 c16 DiscoloredLady

First of all, THANK YOU SO SO GOD DAMN MUCH. Actually, I don't know whether or not to love you or hate you for this, because my heart is breaking. Again. Into a million pieces once more. Then into dust. Then into nothing. And now I'm dead. Oh god, oh god, oh god...

Oh, but this was wonderful angst, by the way, setting aside my fangirling rants. Perfect descriptions as to how the old Morgana changed into the new, and it's wonderful how you made Merlin powerless into always ending up into Morgana's arms. I swear to god, they are meant to be together. But then again, Kilgarrah's and Gaius' voices come into the picture and boom. Any sense, gone. Again, you make fantastic descriptions for angst.

Holding my heart in my grasp with my eyes over my shoulder,
10/9/2014 c15 DiscoloredLady
... Well, I don't really pay much attention to Gwen and Elyan and Tom, but this was really nice. You write drama well, don't you? :))
10/9/2014 c14 DiscoloredLady
Tsk, awwww. Percival may not be on my favourites list, but I did find him very interesting. This was perfect, and you made a way for the character to be able to worm his way into the readers' hearts.
10/9/2014 c13 DiscoloredLady
Exactly! Exactly. I also refuse to believe that Leon would blindly follow instructions and orders, even when he believed them to be wrong. I mean, it's in Leon's character to protect the innocent, and if the majority of the Druids are anything, it's innocent. Leon really is down-to-earth and serious, always the protector.

This was good, and I liked how you characterized Leon. Well done.

Brushing off dust from idle minds,
10/9/2014 c12 DiscoloredLady
Agh! If only I didn't know that Eira was a sham, I would have been so, so happy for Gwaine. I always liked reading about Gwaine settling down and all. This would've been so... *sniff* so sweet if only it were true for him. I do believe that Gwaine deserves a lot more than he had earned.

Moving on, I loved how you wrote this chapter. The events you wrote of, them in bed, waking up in the morning, was so sweet. I truly felt how love-stricken Gwaine was, and it was heart-breaking to read with the knowledge that it was all a lie...

Falling prey into a taunt of fraudulent rest,
10/9/2014 c11 DiscoloredLady
I feel for Lancelot. This would explain quite a lot on Lancelot's sober demeanour. He's actually not exactly appealing to me, as he doesn't seem like a very interesting character, but I did really like this. Again, this was an excellent drabble.
10/7/2014 c17 18trustpixiedust
Yes! I love the darkness of it! Dark fics are usually my favorites, I just love the angst and the feelings it invokes. Lovely!
10/7/2014 c17 52Naisa
This was a great final drabble, I think it rounded it all off better than chapter 16's. This is very unlike the Ygraine we know, but at the same time I see her turn to darkness entirely plausible, she has seen her husband do terrible things, blaming others for her death when really it is because of his decision to have a son that she is dead so she may well want to have vengeance. Great work :)
10/6/2014 c17 Nance
Juicy wicked! I knew you would take it beyond what I imagined. This chapter was a treat, like salty-sweet Hallowe'en candy laced with liquorice.
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