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5/15/2021 c2 Rosa
1/6/2020 c1 alex1464
I really love this fic, amazing work! I did not expect the twist with Alyce at all! Now I really wanna know what happens with Kanako being his roommate! What will Mariya do?! And will they keep it a secret from Kanako? I feel like Mariya would get her to live with him again, or kick Alyce out but then Kanako stops him xD I hope you can continue, I would love to know how it will end
9/1/2018 c1 cCEJZ
Veri n1c3Yc7st0riFi
11/30/2017 c1 Guest
Please continue
11/30/2017 c13 Guest
please update
7/2/2017 c13 Kira8
Continúa no te detengas sigue adelante por favor me encanta esta pareja y mas este fic
6/19/2016 c13 Meto14
yaaay summah \:v/ and you post another chapter way a good way to start the day xd anyway soo.. now we have two traps poor kanako...
6/7/2016 c13 James Birdsong
Cool two chapters obviously
5/31/2016 c13 Guest
Is Alyce an angel lol :))
5/29/2016 c13 Guest
Me gusto esperó el siguiente
5/12/2016 c12 animestardolllover
Woow~! Ah i always wait for new updates! Thank you thank you! I love your work so much i cri ;-; thank you, and Godbless! I will continue to be your and your fanfiction's fan! :3 and please continue~! XD
5/8/2016 c12 Geminia Riddle
I called it.
I freaking called it.
When Alyce said she had something in her throat I was like: "Another boy, probably another boy..."
Then it was like: "Definitely another boy. If it's not, I'll burn my book."
Good chapter, I liked the surprise at the end.
5/7/2016 c12 cookie
4/20/2016 c12 Fairy Water
Awwww I enjoy reading your fic so much. I was so sad with this series ending, I hope u can make a better one.

Also congrats for having kitten!
3/29/2016 c12 Guest
I knew there was something about her fishy
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