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2/6/2019 c6 Roma
I don't like broken that much...but still it is a really cute fic.
And more so call be crazy or something but i love to see ben in agony and pain.
3/18/2018 c6 6Adrianna Agray
Awesome story: )
8/28/2016 c6 142Chyme for the Rhyme
I like this. It's a nice, simple story that doesn't so much as focus on the mission or 'quest' the two characters have been given, than it does on the underlying cause of the mission going wrong - as well as Ben's tendency to downplay the things he feels. It's not convolted and there's no real earth-shattering revelations here, and I like that the reason behind Ben's pain is a human issue, one that's easy to overlook and mistake for being less serious than it actually is.

But - and I feel kinda guilt admitting this - the real reason I like this fic is because it plays to and fufills several cliches I'm a hopeless sucker for. The repeated bridal/princess carries (though they do have a practical purpose given the circumstances), Rook being overprotective and also...maybe...his feral state when he believes Ben to be a goner. I'm...a little mixed-up about that one, given that the series does it's best to show Revonnahganders as being a species closer to humans than say Rath's, in terms of savagery. But then again Rook does become quite ruthless and cold when things get really, really serious, so it's not really for me to decide if things are possible or not.

I also like the small things, like their conversation about whether snow happens on Revonnah or not, and Ben's attempt to be flirty on a hospital bed because he's, well, Ben. It's very cute.
6/29/2016 c6 horseinmyhead
Awww I swear to god I love this story
5/17/2016 c6 Poker677
Great story.
2/12/2016 c6 8AutumnLeafFall
I loved that ending, it was super sweet.
9/18/2015 c6 Elysian0729
How beautiful! I loved the Broken in this. The world needs more Broken. I love how protective Rook is over Ben.
Oh Rook, do propose to Ben please!
6/4/2015 c6 16freefall-gypsy
hi XD love this story,
also I have an idea but I am not confident enough to write it and have it will turn out as well as it deserves to be can you either write the idea or send the idea out into the ben 10 community for it to be written, the idea is Ben's mother is actually Jennifer (the Doctors Daughter episode from doctor Who) so Ben is actually part Galifreian as well as part whatever Verdona is "Can't spell it" anything else in the story can be however you want it ( the part Galifreian explains how he understands timetravel so well having Timelord blood and all that, the idea came to me after Ben met Paradox)
4/10/2015 c6 Guest
4/10/2015 c5 Guest
4/10/2015 c1 Baloogablue
this is the first time I've even thought of this shipping but I can totally see it now-its actually really good
normally i'm uncomfortable with fanfics shipping characters that aren't canon because I at least feel that they're out of character, but here its so natural
i'm going to be looking for more of these
2/15/2015 c6 Guest
1/3/2015 c6 MistOverMoon
Fantastic story! I really enjoyed reading!
11/14/2014 c6 31The Utterly Fabulous Z
Did Ben have appendicitis? Cause that's what I thought of…
8/18/2014 c6 8valkiria32
que lindo me encanto :D
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