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9/8 c191 Silver0117
Nice to see this updated.
9/6 c191 tomayikun31
I’m so happy you finally updated bruhh I really appreciate your good work please I hope to see you update soon!
5/5 c28 HellboyMC
Dude wtf with him snapping at Vivi who made the right call.

Mc is pathetic if he gets jealous of Vivi cuz she made right decision instead of him.

Mc is pretty much unlikable for now ngl and he wants to be King of Pirate but he ain't even that strong, he always need Luffy to save his sorry ass.

He whines too much and is very weak which is pathetic for being Shanks son.

Since story is very old and author was new, I think author may have improved but this chapters makes me wanna kill mc myself.
5/1 c190 JT Phillips
I absolutely loved the it and I’d have to say along side Sanji looking at the woman in the bath house Steve should be there after training, all he could look at is seeing Robin’s naked body. I think it would be hilarious
4/29 c1 dragons.kid93
so is steve getting a harem or single?
4/21 c189 Dark
Ok I over reacted and didn't see you up of a second chapter before. Still you need help you are losing your touch and need help and ideas. I have idea, but no motivation to write because I always depressed and never happy in my worthless live. Saw the new Fairy Tail chapter and was going to ask if you plan to do something with the new women be been introduced to in Golden Owl. Also what going to ever happen, I know you never going to unblock me again, but how are you going to feel happy without someone to do interactive with?
3/18 c121 Guest
I’m glad you’re writhing this fanfic but are you going to go back to write your fairy tail fanfics you know the longer journey and the Heartfilia family because I was hopeing you would finish them your version of the GMG arc of the Heartfilia family was in a cliffhanger and the longer journey was just beginning so would you go back to those story’s please but take your time with this story just keep the other one,s in mind but update them soon
3/2 c189 Darkmachines
So it been over a month... can we talk please?
2/26 c1 Guest
Nami x rukia x bulma x sakura x lucy and robin x orihime x chichi x hinata x erza
2/17 c189 Darkmachines
Well Snake in the end, you won and got what you want. I basically have no friends, alone, broken, sad, and depressed. Only reason I haven't killed myself is my mother. Losing our second dog was hard enough for my family. I sadly just an empty shell of my former self. Broken, depressed, sad and empty. I have no friend and no one to help me anymore. Just a dead person that alive is me.
2/10 c189 25Shunya Toshiki
Nice chapter.

Also about the Film Red, just take your time with that. There's no reason to rush.
1/31 c188 someguyfromSLO
Great story so far
1/11 c188 Guest
Can you please make more chapters of the longer journey couse I have reading your first story of this fanfic and I have been waiting for it to be updated so please go back to that one please thank you
12/15/2022 c188 Guest
Can you get back to rock hard please continue with the story.
12/12/2022 c187 JT Phillips
This is an amazing chapter, and a great story
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