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8/13/2014 c9 ro781727
I'm surprised Steve didn't talk to Usopp about his father Yasopp. The two of them should really talk about their fathers being on the same crew. Steve could also taunt Captain Kuro (not next chapter, but during the fight on the beach) about the fact that Yasopp is on the crew of one of the Four Yonkou while Kuro's bounty is pocket change. I also think the whole village should know the truth about Kuro's villainy after the battle (and that Kuro should be killed off).
8/13/2014 c6 ro781727
Why was Steve so weak?
8/8/2014 c5 ro781727
So Buggy already suspects. I can only imagine Luffy blurting out who Steve's dad is and Steve being unhappy about that.
8/7/2014 c4 ro781727
Glad Luffy didn't blurt out who Steve's dad is to the Marines. They would have arrested him on the spot (savior of the town or not).

Maybe have Luffy blad who Steve's dad is to Buggy when they eventually fight. Keep up the great work.
8/5/2014 c1 ro781727
Steve's an interesting OC. He's gonna have his hands full keeping his co-captain in line.
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