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12/12/2022 c187 JT Phillips
This is an amazing chapter, and a great story
12/11/2022 c187 7ArkhamWarden120

Honestly, with a lot of the recent One Piece content, I’m starting to think this was made by someone who knew what was going to happen well in advance.

Both Film Red and the 3 most recent episodes have the potential to be great ground for this to utilise.
Steve and Shanks vs Tot Musica
Rose’s relationship with Uta.
Uta “leaving” without explanation could have been a drive for Steve’s drinking.
Steve and Lil seeing Robin get her own Demon Form, maybe even his reaction to what Black Maria says to Robin while she’s caught in the web.

Honestly, my biggest criticisms with this are pretty small. I wish Steve and Luffy would fight together again, and I hope it starts getting updated more since you’re so close to catching the anime.
9/21/2022 c92 1ShashankBhatt
What the hell did having the MC change? This was one of the most important part in the whole manga uptill now and he couldn't even save Ace. What the hell?
9/13/2022 c18 dragons.kid93
The Great Gold Pirate, Clockwork Island Adventure, Heart of Gold
9/12/2022 c1 otherbarry6
You put an OC into the world of One Piece and gave him the most generic name of all time. This OC already feels kinda generic and boring. Plus forcing your OC into the world is such a lame and cringe inducing thing to do. He's pretty much guaranteed to be a Gary Stu and I haven't even bothered to start reading this yet.
9/10/2022 c186 Guest
I just read your other story the Heartfilia family are you going to write anymore chapters of that story cues I am looking foreword to see wins the grand magic games oh can you also add some lemons in that one please cause the last one you write was just great keep that in mind please thank you
9/6/2022 c186 Guest
I just read this chapter and I’m glad your makeing more of this story but are you going to make anymore chapters of fairy tail the longer journey cause I’m still whiting for more chapters of that story
9/5/2022 c186 Big Fan
Awesome Can’t Wait to see how you do Wano
8/27/2022 c1 Mikazaki09
It’s funny reading this in 2022 and there actually being a daughter of shanks in OP. This author tapped into some magical powers and saw through Oda. I bet if he continued the story, his one piece and Oda’s one piece, as in the treasure one piece, will be quite similar :D
4/29/2022 c91 beta tester beater
The transformation is lit
4/29/2022 c90 beta tester beater
conquerors haki?
1/13/2022 c1 Damian Hendriks
steve is probably the most boring name ever.. together with bob.. also isnt 18 a bit young? since this is ocxrobin?
10/25/2021 c184 windiershark
Can't wait for the next update!
6/13/2021 c184 12ROCuevas
Good work.
6/13/2021 c184 22Shunya Toshiki
Alright, it's about time we see another update from you. And I'm glad it was this story.

Great work on it, keep up the good work.
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