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for Pokemon: Moths to a Flame

6/15 c6 JackTheSpades
It goes without saying that a story that hasn't been updated in 10 years probably won't be continued but I still make it a point to leave a review even on long discontinued works.

This was a blast to read.
It's genuinely hard to find violent style Pokemon stories that aren't nutzlock adaptations of sorts. As such, I really enjoyed your take on this much more violent world where it's not just the Pokemon who fight but the trainers as well.
Plus, being Cynthia centric was even better.

So yeah, all in all a really great read!
10/19/2019 c1 3triblood
... so you're gonna update or what?
11/26/2018 c6 TheDistanceBehind
So I went through to the pokemon stories to find which stories had only 79 reviews, and then from there which authors had only one story posted. And then I saw your profile pic, and since this was posted over 3 years ago... Happy 80th review!
7/13/2015 c3 97AquilaTempestas
And you thought I would never review...

Still liking how kickass Cynthia is.

Not quite sure what else to say since this chapter is mostly just Cynthia being a badass, but the story is going well!

3/24/2015 c6 Stickerblade99
Do us a favour get off your ass and continue lol
1/2/2015 c1 Guest
The best story ever please continue it.
1/2/2015 c5 bi
The best thing i've read. This must be continued
1/2/2015 c4 Guest
Pleaee update bro
1/2/2015 c3 Guest
Please update
1/2/2015 c2 Guest
Best story.
1/2/2015 c1 guest
A very unique idea. Can't say like it or not. Unless i read further.
1/2/2015 c1 just a friend
This story is one of the best pokemon story. Gonna read 2
1/2/2015 c6 2Stickermans50
The writing was perfect in this chapter. Nothing wrong with it. It's absolutely flawless (well almost lol) Anyways for Cynthia's last pokemon i would go with Braviary. (I like flying type lol) Punctuation was better, Sentence structure was better and the it all flowed nicely. This is the best chapter, You haven't updated For months now and i hope your writing has grown even better. One more thing the author's notes, Please change them into italic instead of bold. Bold is really hard and straining for the eyes.

LB here i come to read Chapter #06 and #07 because Ace is still not going to update for a while. LMAO. See me in the next chapter bro. LoL.
1/2/2015 c5 Stickermans50
Way better...First of all the chapter is awesome bro and i really loved this one. "Where they friends" It should be "Were they friends ?" The chapter is almost perfect. Ash finally got the mystery revealed lol.

I see you are putting more space in the paragraphs now and that has made reading this chapter a lot of fun and way more easier to follow. You should read your first 4 chapters and then this one, You'll "the hell was wrong with me !"...But then "Oh at least i got better !" Lol. Anyways awesome chapter and i just want to say...

Update soon bro, I know #06 is the last one so please update.
1/2/2015 c4 Stickermans50
Woah an awesome chapter bro. A huge cliffhanger which is good, Attracts the readers. Like me LoL. The punctuation problem is gone and the writing has gotten a lot better. A little more work and it'll be the best one ever. This is the longest chapter you wrote so Congratulations for that bro. The only thing bugging me is there is very little space in the sentences. Other than that Solid fic.

I just hope Cynthia doesn't kill Ash Lol.
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