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9/12/2014 c6 8brittany.barbour1
Can't wait for more, when will they realize their significant others aren't so significant?
9/12/2014 c6 ayobami.ojojohnson
Loved it! Keep it coming :)
9/12/2014 c6 kimminightwing
Was it just me ornis she realizing this?! OMG! I'm getting excited but what happened to Oliver & Laurel? I must know :( felt like a short chapter, I was so into it tho! Gaaaah!
9/11/2014 c6 Lililovingreading
I loved it omg i can't wait to read more
This story is so much fun to read!
Laurel is so weird I love how felicity isn't intimidated by laurel and is confidant about her relationship with oliver.
I can't wait for their relationship to evolve as more than friends
9/11/2014 c6 3emilyhotchner-olicity-bethyl
love that the queens are pro olicity :-):-):-) but curious, why is moira's name on oliver's phone mrs. queen, not mom?
9/11/2014 c6 schrooten5
That was so great. So they've both kinda admitted it to themselves. Now can they admit it to anyone else?
9/3/2014 c5 allana403
good job
9/3/2014 c5 Lililovingreading
Loved it!
Were getting there
Olicity is on it's way people lol
9/3/2014 c5 kimminightwing
Why do I feel like Laurel is going to confront Felicity? Anyways! Great chapter! Lol I bet laurel feels like a sidechick haha :)
9/2/2014 c5 postivepiper
get work!
8/16/2014 c4 Guest
Its one if the best olicity story i read thanks
8/12/2014 c4 Sunny2006
Such an awesome story! Love it!
8/12/2014 c4 allana403
loved it. can't wait for the next one
8/12/2014 c4 Guest
O...M...G...ok where to start? Oh yeah WTF?! I feel like yay they're one step closer but O needs to get his * $* together before they actually can be together! I love all the characters, their interactions w/ each other and LOVE this storyline! Please please please update soon! Aarrgghh...the angst the slow burn! ;)
8/12/2014 c4 SMOAKin'HOT
grrrr,,, supid Oliver and his supid Laurel obsession! go, everyone and tell him that Feliccity is the one for him and than i hope he has to work for it :) i really adore this story!
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