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4/15/2015 c9 1olicity-smoak-queen
I just caught up with this story, it's absolutely awesome, yayy Oliver finally recognised his true feelings
4/15/2015 c9 Chaimae
Finallyyyyyyyyy thank you so much for updating us I just hope u keep doing it nice chapter by the way!
4/15/2015 c9 4FicticiousProcrastinator
So, this chapter was really a turning point in the story. The way the Smoak and Queen parents get along is just so adorable. And wow, Thea really is a sneaky little devil. And YAY! You updated!
4/15/2015 c1 1valuz1986
soooo... they're finally seeing it! Please get rid of Laurel... no offense, but I really can't stand her!how can she not see that Oliver' s kiss was just a way for him not to answer her question? Amazing chapter by the way! can't wait for the next one...
4/14/2015 c9 Guest
Love it. I'd love to read more moments between them over the years.
4/14/2015 c9 Guest
Read chapters 1-9 straight. Really loved their friendship and ooh it kinda reminds me of Harvey and Donna for those who're watching suits.

Sooo curious as to what will happen next, if they finally admit their feelings to each other... All thanks to Thea!
4/14/2015 c9 tanishakrish
I just love this
4/14/2015 c9 soph
I just read this, so thankfully I didn't have to wait months for the update. Dude, this story is soo good. I really like it, please please please update soon. Even though you just updated, but seriously? Love it all.
4/14/2015 c9 schrooten5
What's not to like. I missed this story. Thanks for the update. I could've done without him kissing laurel but at least he acknowledged that he didn't feel anything.
4/14/2015 c9 Lonelywicked
Oh my, I feel terrible for Laurel. Everyone in the table talking about Oliver and Felicity's strange friendship.
4/14/2015 c9 belairdesi
I do hope that oliver and Felicity finally talk. They have become so in woven in each other. Can't wait for more
4/14/2015 c9 Lanaa
Can't believe you updated
4/14/2015 c9 Guest
Great chapter! I hope these two finally fess up and be together!
2/22/2015 c8 chaimae
I love this story so much please keeo us posted great job really cant wait for the next chapter and good luck with school stay focus hahaha :)
1/18/2015 c8 4predatorynature
I really hope you continue this
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