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for Naruto: Dragon's Maw

5/2 c7 starwars204
Excellent chapter this had my laughing throughout this chapter
4/27 c54 Guest
Anyone else hoping for Mai to become a part of Naruto's harem, cause I sure am
4/15 c53 blasterdog
Story is mad dope
3/20 c54 blasterdog
Dope story
3/4 c54 Re Lovely Lover
Well that's screwed up.
3/4 c53 Re Lovely Lover
Ayane was looking over the building plans of the Skytree and said, "The highest public floor is Floor 450 because it is 450 meters up.

What came to mind immediately was, is each floor supposed to only be 1 meter?
3/4 c51 Re Lovely Lover
Donovan wanted to tear his hair out. 'Both Bayman and Christie are unavailable due to their injuries at the hands of the Uzumaki Clan and I have no one else skilled enough to infiltrate the Freedom Survivor at this point.' He took a deep calming breath. 'I'll just have to count Project Alpha as a victory for now.' Victor thought to himself as he sipped on his whiskey. 'Your time will come sooner than you think Fame Douglas.'

- - Any reason he hasnt used his first Kasumi clone to do so?
3/4 c50 Re Lovely Lover
Well now hes gone. I'm guessing Hinata and Maya looked at him while they were there in the earlier chapter but it just wasn't written and they couldnt do anything to heal him?
3/4 c49 Re Lovely Lover
1) To think that blood we took from Uzumaki Kasumi to 'check for illegal drugs' resulted in this.

- - - I facepalmed... why would they allow that when they know the connection to the scumbag cloners?

2) Heres hoping Lisa gets killed right alongside her vile boss. Hopefully not too quickly for either of them.

3) I see in the lost script Kasumi being cloned is canon and I figured as much. I just didnt think it would actually happen with the cloning scare literally just happening right before. It's just dumb to have made the connection yet still just GIVE their blood to them anyway.
3/4 c48 Re Lovely Lover
1) Dont see why Aoi is holding back so much nor allowing herself to get all bruised up so easily against a commando whose not even a ki user or anything.

The kunoichi can strengthen themselves with chakra and send ki users and fiends stumbling and flying with a strike if they try hard enough and depending on the opponent. Not to mention the speed they can kick themselves up to.

Yes there was armor but that means little and she hit her in the head a bunch. Also I say little as not just damaging through it but training to work around it with precise strikes like those to the head.

Having them pierce flies with senbon and shift around at absurd speeds with or without Shunshin yet getting bruised up by normal commandos in a one on one like I said.. just doesnt sound right. Skilled fighter or not the difference should be huge in both strength and skill.

2) They know the company is linked to the cloning too and is now having this tournament trying to bring in powerful fighters? They should he doing their damnedest to make sure they dont spill any blood. And if they do that they are prepped to destroy it in the arena.

3) Love the bit with the Armstrongs.

I may or may not have repeated myself a bit. Idk. I'm barely awake and the sun is rising soon so I think I'll pass out now.
3/4 c46 Re Lovely Lover
Now I assume it's time for Maya and Hinata to look at the poor guys injuries.
3/3 c43 Re Lovely Lover
Skipped the first half of the damned chapter...

Hopefully they fail miserably and dint get the opportunity to clone amy if the girls.
3/3 c41 Re Lovely Lover
1) Hinata quietly set the two paper shurikens on the table. 'If I was a kind person I'd dart these back at that Tooru guy and hit him in the eyeballs….But I think I'll let Naruto-kun have him instead.'

- - Potentially the best part of the chapter as far as amusement goes.

2) I'm guessing the (at night) part was to cause the song lyrics to play out in the readers head? If not, it did so for me.
3/3 c40 Re Lovely Lover
I cant picture them doing all those hand signs with no one noticing in public areas. Like Narutos roommate literally sitting with them talking and somehow oblivious to all the hand movements.

Great chapter though. Graves sounds like she'll be annoying.
3/3 c39 Re Lovely Lover
1) She had a giant Dragon Blade before and I was concerned about getting cut in half." explained Naruto with a shrug.

- - - I'm a bit confused here.

It was said that Naruto jumped OFF Kuramas nose and Kurama returned to the seal.

So rather than transforming himself, Kurama left the seal and went back in.

But the part I pasted says Naruto was afraid to transform earlier in fear of himself being cut in half. Even though it wasnt him but instead Kurama.

Which is it? Can Kurama leave the seal or is he taking on Kuramas form?

2) I'm wondering when his golden form is popping up.

3) I'm really hoping it doesnt actually go the direction of them getting children made without their knowledge. That's a rage inducer on principle even without the thought of what the children would be raised through and to think like. In Narutos position if that happened to me the torture I'd put them through would be nightmarish and long lasting.

They shouldnt be able to get his sperm though. I doubt they'll get any blood from Naruto unless he half asses trying to hold back in the tournament and let's it get spilled. Assuming they join the tournament.

If it requires them to take blood tests or some shit for drugs or something. I dont see them joining unless they swap the blood tests out. They would know better than to just give their blood away. Definitely so after going through that cloning bullshit and knowing a very rich group is chomping at the bit for his dna.

So I'm curious how that'll play out cause they cant be that brain dead all of a sudden.
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