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9/6 c55 Guest
Would you eventually think about doing a NarutoxMajikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls story?
8/4 c55 Multifan
Been a while since this has been updated.

So they got the pieces together, and Kobayashi's days are numbered.

Well they're coming up with a plan of action. At least they agree that the Juhyo clan needs to be dealt with first.

So Mizore decided to eliminate the competition. Only I think her attempt's going to fail and both she and Ashensuno are going to pay the price.

Strangely pragmatic for Ashensuno.

The Shiranui Clan's as hot-headed as Mai is.

Well, so much for Kobayashi and Juhyo clan.

Well, that's one way to deal with a "god".

Why do I get the feeling Mai Shiranui now has a crush on Naruto?

Why do I get the feeling the Juhyo Clan's going to make a return in the future seeking revenge?

Sounds more like Omori's getting a migraine trying to figure out what's going on and is dumping it all on someone else's lap to figure out.

Whenever something like this happens, there's always a major shakedown - getting rid of those who are guilty. Removing the incompetents.

And we see the benefits of having Yuki a member of the Uzumaki clan - Genra's been exposed. I know that those like Genra are needed in the story for plot consideration and to help build them up as major bad guys. But there's a point where they become too big of a problem to be dealt with quietly and quickly. Case in point: Danzo. I'm half convinced Genra's somehow related to Danzo.

Now that's the way to deal with the likes of Genra - hit hard and fast. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as both Genra and Kasumi clone escaped. That's going to come back to haunt them.

I think Kasumi clone's going to go off the rails to be with Naruto.

Great. They deal with one problem, and they find out the first problem created a second problem.
7/5 c55 Imperial warlord
Took me, while to read everything.
100% enjoy and can't wait for next one.
7/1 c1 Imperial warlord
Interesting story.
6/18 c55 7Dreaming of the Phoenix
Looking awesome, keep it up.
6/16 c55 bigdog21
So happy to see an update to this story. This is the first story of your I ever read and it made me a huge fan of your writing. Anyways hope all is well look forward to more. Have a good 1.
6/15 c55 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmm, interesting turn of events that has take place in this story. I look forward to seeing more in the future.
6/10 c55 9Albert da Snake
Wonderful new chapter! I love your style of story telling!
5/30 c55 Commander 117
Great chapter I'm on pins and needles please update this story soon.

On a side note here's an idea for a story ark if your interested

Naruto and his wife's go to a island that was in fact the island were the village hidden in the Whirlpools once stood and they manage to find the sacred vault of the main branch of the royal Uzumaki family with the vault felled to the brim with clan treasures/artifacts such as the royal Uzumaki sealing scroll that contains all of the sealing knowledge of the Uzumaki clan,
the recipe for the special uzu-metal, all of the clan fighting styles , the family tree and the uzukage hat and robes as well as uzu headbands. That said please leave a shout-out about what you think in the next chapter also I got a challenge for you if your interested.
5/30 c55 Juvia Locksar
Nyohohohoho. Finally we will see our loveable ancient babe Nyotengu in the future. She already falling over heel for her Naruto-sama. And Naruto will surrounded by a lot of Kasumis in the near future too. Cant wait the true cat fights between Kasumi, Alpha and Phase 4. DoA 6: The Clones War.
5/30 c55 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
5/29 c55 Autobot-Wolfsketch
It was good to see this had gotten update I was really looking forward to this and once again this chapter was amazing. Very well done chapter and I look forward to the next
5/29 c7 xhope14x
Ok I liked this story at first but now it's kind of turning me away I mean I get it Hinatas not happy about the harem thing but I feel like your making her way out of character I mean yea naruto got hurt but I don't think hinata would go muder crazy bitch mood over it and onther thing i feel like everyone in the story changes moods why to quick you have them go form happy to angry in a coulpe of seconds its a little overwhelming I guess I'll give it a few more chapters and see if it changes if not then I'm just going to drop it.
5/29 c55 246vili
Good to see this story updated.

Yep, the... "fight" between Naruto and Ashensuno was just like I expected it to be.
Ashensuno is by no means weak, he was a top tier ninja even by the standards of shinoby from Naruto's era. But he was facing someone with the power of both Sage Mode AND the most powerful Biju inside him.

Mizore did a piss poor job at finishing Yuki. At least she could have had the grace to kill her quickly instead of leaving her there to bleed out.
Oh well, her loss is the Uzumaki clan's gain.
This poor execution (pun intended) of her plan will surely bite her back in the ass in the future.

It might even end with the Juhyo clan becoming another vassals to the Uzumakis.

Keep up the good work.
5/29 c55 IRedeemed
Oh haven't seen this story in a while. Happy to see it returning, one of my all time favorites. The Alpha situation is really interesting, seems like any second she may just up and leave DOATEC.
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