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6/10/2020 c1 2Queen of Doom and Despair
don't suppose you could lift that hiatus?
7/21/2018 c7 defying.grxvity
The fact that I knew immediately what “OMO” stands for is slightly scary... yet amazing because I feel so immersed in the Wicked Universe...
10/31/2014 c9 Emy
Hi! Happy Wicked day!
It's special for all Wicked'fans and we are so many!
I'm going to see it when it comes to my countrie (yes, not town, countrie!) but I don't know if Wicked in French could be great. If they'll do, I hope Willemijn Verkaik will play once in!
SO, now, I will read this chapter!

So, that's... you can imagine what I will say, can you?! That's so great! Fiyero and Elphaba are now come back together! WONDERFUL!
Have a good wicked day!
10/30/2014 c9 24TrebledWriter
To the Emerald City!
10/16/2014 c8 Guest
Oh God those two are idiot... Glin it's your fault. He never would have thought about it if you didn't bring it up. I glad Chalexwa is there for Elphie though. Do update soon!
10/16/2014 c8 Frostbite
Glinda and Elphaba aren't friends anymore? They were unlimited.
10/16/2014 c8 Emy
I am interested!
AAAAWWWW I just want to hurt Glinda for her idea and slap Fiyero. How both of them could be so scilly?! Poor Fae. She's going to the Emerald City. Without Glinda. Without Fiyero.
This chapter was good. But I prefered when Elphaba and Zero were together. I felt less bad for her.
Yes, I guessed. Certain English peoples would have to talk a bad english like us in French. But you know, it's like a dream. A strange ideology but it's mine. Great Britain is for me, almost perfect. London is a dream.
I think I've already talked you about that but when I saw Wicked, It was like if the whole magic of the world has been conserved in the theatre. And London is almost like that. Like if the whole magic we haven't got in France had been in this city.

So, here we are. Have a good week and thanks for share it.
Love you!
10/17/2014 c8 TrebledWriter
Ahhhhh THEY'RE LEAVING! Noooooo!

Update soon!
9/29/2014 c7 Guest
How can u end like that! Plz update SOON! I LOVE THIS STORY!
9/22/2014 c7 Emy
Thank you so much for said me "your english is actually not bad", this make my day! Woah, you are learning french? Well, it is a really difficult language. Even french people speak french bad! :D Don't worries, I am pretty sure that you will become very good! When you understand how this language working, you can speak. Or write. Yeah, I think read it is easier than speak. If you need some help for french, I'm here and I can help you! It will be a pleasure. And maybe I could make my english better.
Anyway, I was so happy to find the sequel! I smiled. Where did you know to write like this? It is incredible! All of the feelings are perfectly describe (sorry I would to say "parfaitement décris" but I don't know how say "décris" in english...), we can live the story! We can be in Elphaba's life! It is why you're a wonderful writer! I couldn't say something more, except: thanks for share this with us. It is a real pleasure to find the sequel of your story. I always ask myself what it will be happening!
I told you, and I tell you again: You are a such wonderful writer.
Have a good day, and hope this will be nice for you!
Love you!
9/21/2014 c7 Guest
9/21/2014 c7 spiritwarrior27
Can you please not use the word hippie as a derogatory term? I consider myself a (conservative) hippie, and I don't do drugs. If people use the term hippie with drugs (even though some hippies chose doing drugs) it will create a bad label for all of us, and in this story, it's kind of offensive.
9/21/2014 c7 Guest
I'm a fail at typing reviews... Ok going on from the unfinished one

Chalexwa. They were going to ALMOST smash sense into Elphie but those FUCKING IDIOTS are going to ruin everything. OF COURSE Elphaba isn't going to believe Glinda that they aren't back together. And she's gonna close herself off even more and pretend to be happy for them even though they aren't together. I hope Fiyero could POSSIBLY fix this. Somehow he's the only one who can really fix it. Do update soon!
9/21/2014 c7 Guest
Oh fucking hell... So close to POSSIBLY getting back together with the help of Glinda and Cha
9/21/2014 c7 TrebledWriter
This is gon' be GOOOOD! Hehehe!

Update soon!
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