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5/9 c63 RogerPokemon
I just got back to fanfiction. Dang it’s been awhile and I remember this story was pretty awesome and had to check it. Too bad it didn’t get any new chaos yet but still awesome re-read. Hopefully you will get back this year and nothing bad happen during this crisis.
4/19 c15 R4x4s4
This was the best cross between prototype and mass effect I’ve ever seen, thank you very much for this incredible story.
2/9 c10 jnautking
I'm just going to imagine the coolent breed as ice slimes
2/2 c8 morde24
first off, enjoying the story and I "look forward" to finishing it. Secondly may I recommend a series called the Bobiverse? based off of what you have written it would probably be right up your alley
1/25 c6 6apeljohn
Sparatus as voice of reason? What is this dark sorcery?

Very enjoyable fic, I'm liking the bored immortal / retired badass vibes from Team Blacklight.
1/19 c63 Prime808
It's been quite a few months I just found the story but I'm very interested is there any more coming soon
1/8 c55 Guest
And again. Why did they not order one single evolved to get into contact with the military high command instead of fighting husks? As previously shown Blacklight can communicate in femtosecounds so why not talk to the army on the planet and telling them to not nuke it?
1/8 c50 Guest
Hmm, I am torn about that something like this could have slipped their mind.
They are literally billions, shouldn't they be able to delegate a few individuals to keep track of all things they do and bring it up now and again?
12/8/2020 c57 ehbon172
So I have read further and further into this and watched as the story just became increasingly and increasingly less enjoyable. I struggle to put to words what I am thinking, but I’ll do my best for the sake of maybe helping the author at least understand why I feel this way as I make my exit from a story that I used to love. At the beginning it was about Blacklight and their interactions with the Mass Effect Universe as they tried to join a greater galactic community and unite the people against the Reapers. They were proactive, they tried to get more resources, they experimented and created new ways to fight back, and characters were being built upon. And then they stopped being proactive, they stopped all of those things. The grammar and spelling got worse for the story, and things started making less and less sense as the story itself became less and less about the characters we were rooting for. For dozens of chapters reviewers have been speaking up about how Blacklight seems to have been nerfed and what does the author do? They create a nonsensical pseudoscientific biological monster race (Made by one quack scientist that was for seemingly no reason allowed by Blacklight to experiment on them when Mordin warned them it was happening) that is basically Blacklight but better/scarier and then they gave this race to the Reapers to merge with and become even stronger than before. So now the million Reapers control an army of nearly invincible bio-mechanical fusion beasts that can do everything that Blacklight can do but better plus technology and can’t be consumed by Blacklight at all. The author has seemingly written themselves into a corner, they’ve made an enemy that is literally impossible for the ‘protagonists’ to defeat. Now they’re pushing some new storyline where the Reaper or whatever on the council station is actually something else meant to initiate true synthesis where all organisms become one blah blah blah blah blah. This story has lost all sense of direction, all sense of coherency. Worries were stated by reviewers and subsequently ignored by the writer and now we have a no-win situation, a plot where I don’t really care who comes out on top anymore. There’s no characters to enjoy beyond some Blacklight evolved that occasionally spout memes and go off on weird diatribes about dinosaurs in omakes, but they aren’t really characters... they’re hollow. The only characters I care about are ironically the non-Blacklight ones that actually get screen time for character development, and they are pretty much worthless in the greater narrative of this story. Blacklight itself has become just unrecognizable from what it is in canon or even what it was early on in this story, where as before Blacklight was willing to regrettably absorb the fallen so as to spare them from the Reapers, now they’re shown as having infinite compassion and letting the dead rot instead of using the biomass to... oh, I don’t know, fight back against the death beasts that they’re getting curbstomped by at every opportunity! I’m sure the people of Khar’Shan would understand, it’s better that the dead join Blacklight and assist in saving the living than be tortured for all eternity as they’re broken down by eldritch monsters. But no, Blacklight gives the bare minimum effort in that fight (by their own admission) despite dedicating DOZENS of chapters to trying to reform Khar’Shan and then mind-melds with all the refugees for... what exactly? To make an empty promise about rebuilding Khar’Shan? To ease their grief by invading their minds and forcing them to be calm by shoving their collective knowledge into their head and pretty much invalidating the whole ‘we want them to be indepedent’ thing they were working towards in the beginning of the story? So far Blacklight has lost every single fight that matters, their only real victory coming in the form of taking down one Reaper lab when thousands more continue on unimpeded, hurray. And throughout all of this Blacklight is seemingly doing nothing, they aren’t amassing an army of their own, they aren’t experimenting with trying to become better or gain resistance to new Reaper weapons, they just run around on Omega making jokes and watching movies and just overall twiddling their thumbs when they are an organism that is founded on progression. They’ve become stagnant, the very thing they tried to throw in the faces of the Reapers. To summarize... they’re a billion steps behind their opponent, doing seemingly nothing to rectify that, and the Reapers just continue to get buff after buff after buff thrown their way. They’ve got Ultra-Bloodtox, they’ve become immune to Blacklight, they’ve become more infectious than Blacklight and can even infect and incorporate machines, they’ve got indoctrination, they’ve got huskification, they have no moral principles holding them back and are totally willing and able to obliterate the galaxy, and there are million Reapers plus their bio-mechanical Collector-Geth army. On the other side we have Blacklight who feel like they’re growing weaker by the chapter, whose allies consist of bunch of races who can do diddly-squat against any of that. There are incredibly few things I can even imagine that would stand up to what the Reapers have become, you could legitimately give Blacklight access to magic at this point and they’d still probably lose. Whatever is going to be done, it’s going to require a boatload of buffs to Blacklight to even have a snowball’s chance in hell at victory and that’s being generous. Any time it feels like Blacklight might be reaching the point where they might be able to atleast take out a few Reapers when they invade the author immediately invalidates that by giving the Reapers crazy buffs out of nowhere, and I have just come to the conclusion that this story is no longer the story I loved so much at the beginning.

Rant complete, I apologize for the ignoble exit from something I enjoyed so much, but I felt like I had to voice my thoughts on the matter. It’s the least I can do to bring justice to the memory of what this story used to be.
12/1/2020 c51 1tsun
well crap.
12/1/2020 c50 tsun
lol to lara croft.
11/29/2020 c63 Xivu
I really love this story. Here comes the "but". But I kinda wish that when it comes 2 the reapers that you would have gone with what their motivation would have been originally. Originally it was going to be revealed that dark energy is creating a ripple effect on the space-time continuum and that this was slowly destroying the universe. The reapers would have been aware of this and since they're immortal they wouldn't wanna see that happen. They build the relays and all that stuff because only organics are capable of fully utilizing dark energy and biotics. They also discovered that biotics were the solution to this problem. Since only organics could use biotics the reapers destroyed civilizations in order to find the race best suited to solve this problem. The proteans and the Asari were close but not quite there. In this scenario the reapers are way more interesting than in cannon since they really lean into that Lovecraft theme that they had in the first 2 games. In this scenario they operate on different morals that us and not on bad logic. They destroy civilisations and commit genocide but they're doing it to try and save the universe from being destroyed. They might even fear the end times. In this scenario we might have have gotten endings where, depending on your choices, the reapers decide that humans are the perfect race once they have more biotics in their population or maybe we would have all been destroyed and would die not knowing if they ever find that perfect race or something other than the ending we got. The reapers doing what they do because "AI" is about as interesting as finding out that Cuthulu only wants to conquer Collerado. We can even see that this was going to be the case for the original ending in ME2. When we go looking for Tali we end up on a planet orbiting a son that's going super nova or something like that and you can find audio logs from Tali saying that the sun was aging way too fast. Jump forward to her loyalty mission and they say that the sun was aging quickly because of dark energy building up. I wanted to point it out because I feel like it could make for a cool spin-off of this fanfic (hint hint) where that is the reapers purpose and blacklight is the perfect race who can save the universe. It could be a short little story baybe a few chapters long where blacklight allies with the reapers. Just a thought. Still love what you've done whit this fic and that you made the reapers motovation make sense. I consider your depiction of the reapers to be 100% cannon to the games.
11/19/2020 c26 ehbon172
Oh man I’m really not liking the shift in quality in the last couple of chapters, everything before that was so good! Now it’s a struggle just to read, both grammatically and just by format. That’s not even including Blacklight bizarrely turning pacifist out of absolutely nowhere, it doesn’t make a single lick of sense for them to spare these scientists. They were more than okay with killing a few terrorists earlier who wanted them gone, these greedy Salarians willing to endanger the entire galaxy with potentially unleashing another rampancy should be no exception. They have a clear cut opportunity to get the info they need to shut down this threat and just... don’t. Why? This doesn’t make any sense.
11/17/2020 c63 Concerned reader
Story's great but a giant lithovore that sweats spiders is strongly in the area of things that are not O.K.
11/15/2020 c12 7i4md347h
After rewatching a clip of the Reaper hyperlaser from YouTube, I question the OPness you instilled in this one or it might be because of my lack of knowledge on the reaper unibeams.

I am using a scene from Mass Effect 3 for reference where Shepard and his crew must dodge a reaper laser while going to summon the giant thresher maw to kill said reaper. So yeah, what's up with that?
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